After 800,000 Handsets Sold in South Korea, Samsung Presents the Snow White Galaxy S



No it isn’t a Disney-themed variant of the popular smartphone currently on a tear in South Korea. After only 55 days the Samsung Galaxy S has topped 800,000 units sold, an impressive figure made even more impressive when considering that makes the S the best selling handset in South Korea ever. Though Samsung really doesn’t need to worry about the original product getting stale on shelves, they have gone ahead and unveiled the Snow White Galaxy S. It appears to be similar to the ‘Galaxy S Blanco’ that showed up for Spanish carrier the Phone House, though that model looks to have a white face plate while the Snow White version appears to only get the white treatment on the battery cover.

And if it is only the battery cover that seems like the sort of modification that could be achieved by, well, purchasing a new battery cover. Of course the white back is sure to be exclusive and much sought after if iProducts are any indication of consumer desire for tranquil, pure, white aesthetics.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Hey Phandroid. Something seems to be wrong with your tip us and contact page. I got some news for you guys, but wasn’t able to report it :\

  2. You know that looks really nice, but I have the urge to have something engraved or something on the back of that. White is nice but so much of it calls to me to fill in the blank.

  3. Galaxy S phones are terrible. Since the iPhone 3g has a white and black back, so does the galaxy. Their hardware and softawre reak of iPhone. No rel android phan would get a piece of shet galaxy s. I bet you then next gen galaxy s will be iPhone 4 esque

  4. Good for Sammy…

  5. keller ok here’s a mytouch for you

  6. Really, Keller if I’m not mistaken samsung is a manufacturer, you know, the people that actually make phones. The processor in the galaxy s was copied by Apple, well actually another company that apple bought and put their name on. Apple doesn’t make shit they pay people to do that, the only problem is that there are so many designs and so few companies that actually make them, but samsung happens to be one of the few that builds their product from the ground up and this phone is a beast maybe if you were’nt so much of an iPhone hater and more of an Android supporter you would see that!

  7. keller’s a db

  8. @ari, nty ill take an evo or the glacier. or droid 2.

    @ geek lulz, blow me

  9. keller.. it’s getting old kiddo. Theres a reason why the SGS beat the iphone4


    Good going Sammy. Keep up the great work!

  10. Keller… lol. evo over a galaxy s? tells me much about your knowledge or lack thereof. all your comments are moot. :) get your fanboy ass outta here and come back when you actually know what you’re talking about Helen

  11. Keller is an ass clown.

  12. @thecresta don’t forget a twat muffin. i cant believe he said what he did about Galaxy S phones, lol. i dont have one, nor will I get one, but its clearly a great phone.

  13. I have a Galaxy S…well Vibrant, but same thing anyway. They are generally good phones. However, one thing I’ve noticed with Samsung phones is the software sucks balls. I gotta say, I’ve never seen so many glitches, lockups, freezes, and bugs on a phone before. I had the Gravity as well back in the day, and it had major software bugs too. I don’t understand why Samsung can’t get the software right. The phone is very durable, has a CRAZY AWESOME screen, has a beautiful look to it, and is packed with all kinds of features. It has really good hardware components as well. But for some damn reason, the Vibrant just has WAY too many bugs. I never had this many bugs with my G1. The G1 was a solid phone with great software. Maybe most of the bugs will be worked out of the Samsung Vibrant in the next software update. If not I will be extrememly dissapointed.

  14. @keller…thanks for proving my initial post!

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