Polaroid Bringing Bluetooth Printing to Android



What’s the quickest way from cell phone camera to printed picture? Polaroid’s answer is Bluetooth, which is exactly the route the once glorious instant photo company is taking to reclaim some ground that was stolen away during the digital camera renaissance. The PoGo printer will wirelessly link up to your Android handset and produce zero ink prints at a 3×4″ size in under a minute.


The device retailing for around $100 and it’s accompanying app will also allow users to add text and other effects to photos before printing. That app is available right now in the Market but the actual printer won’t be hitting shelves until around the end of the year. Polaroid has been grabbing some retro cred lately with a new line of Lady GaGa endorsed cameras, and what better way to ride that swell than by capitalizing on the burgeoning smartphone market.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. sweet glad i didnt get the old polaroid

  2. oh dear how behind the times are you.
    i bought my pogo from misco web site for 20 quid last december.

    its brilliant and doesnt require any app as it will receive any pic from any phone that can bluetooth to it….thats a big fat no for iphone but for everyone else including android its a massive yes

  3. Sounds like something I would def. be interested in.

  4. I wonder if the app will work with the existing Pogo

  5. thanks for the heads up on the Pogo, I might just buy that :-D

    Prefer the size of the prints from this one though, but not the price.

  6. I Am Interested In Seeing How Much The Paper It Utlizes, Before I Get Too Excited.

  7. I’m guessing the only upgrade is a change in print size from 2″x3″ to 3″x4″ Currently $40 on amazon (2×3.) I don’t know if I would pay $60 for an upgrade.

  8. I print to my Epson Artisan from my Droid all the time. Either straight from Bluetooth or with cypra app over wifi.

  9. HP has an app to print direct to wireless HP printers. works great.

  10. Been using my Bluetooth PoGo for a while too, keep it in the car.

    Quality of zink is poor though.

  11. Kevin mentions this one is 3×4″ which is a new bigger PoGo. The original one is a 2×3″ printer.

    The source page is blocked for me at work but here is a good write-up from Pocket-Lint….×4-instant-print-photos

  12. I can’t find the app that the article claims is now available.

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