DISH Network Runs a Google TV Survey, Discovers Users Willing to Pay $300


DISH Network – the popular satellite TV provider trying to give DirecTV a run for their money – surveyed their customers about their upcoming launch of Google TV services to get an idea of what customers would be willing to pay for the features that come along with Google TV (which you can find detailed here). Their findings? Their customers are willing to pay up to $300 for a Google TV-enabled set-top box.

Other findings? They will supposedly be the only provider to offer full integration of Google TV with their existing set-top boxes and accompanying software, bringing together a more seamless experience than we’ve heard about coming from the likes of Logitech and their Revue companion STB. They will also probably charge just $199-$229 for their own box with a $5 monthly fee to cover the rest of the costs (probably on some sort of timed agreement).


I would hope that the equipment would be considered yours to keep after some time as it’s not common for a TV provider to charge for the actual STB (as they have the intention of getting it back should you ever cancel service). Their survey also hinted at the possibility of a Blu-Ray player with Google TV built-in.

We can never walk away with these types of survey expecting everything we see come to fruition, but it’s still nice to get an idea of what they’re thinking about doing in this exciting new space that should hopefully be taking off seen. What would you like to see out of a cable or satellite provider offering Google  TV?

[Head on to AndroidGuys – the source – for the rest of the survey screens.]

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  1. I took the survey and also looked on forums like and… The consensus on there is FAR from your claim that they found that people are willing to pay $300.00 plus a fee for the service. Everyone on there (whether they took the survey or not) were outraged that dish was going to make its customers pay for a service that will be free for anyone else on any other carrier (as long as they buy a TV with it built in, the logitech box, or otherwise). Specifically upset were people that just paid for a $200 upgrade to their new 922 box that has Slingbox built in. Dish is crazy if they think these people (which are probably the same customers that care about google TV) are going to be willing to shell out another $300 for essentially and add-on google TV box. And I dont know what “full-integration” means, but if you watch the videos on google’s and logitech’s website, the features they mention seem pretty dang cool and dont mention anything about dish network. If Dish truly is claiming that their customers are willing to pay, it sounds fishy to me… perhaps someone is fibbing on its findings!

  2. Why should I pay for something that Dish/Google will end up making money off of when they turn around and sell my browsing and viewing habits to third party companies. At the most this should cost $99 unless you have a Google account and then it should be free.

  3. just canceled my $185 a month dishnetwork service (basically all channels) with a VIP 722 and VIP 622 to go to Uverse… so far I am not looking back. No way I would pay for this upgrade if i dont get to keep it.

  4. Just out of curiosity, what is uverse? Im using Dish Network and my bill is a little on the high side. Theres no way Im paying another couple hundred for something else too.

  5. The whole point of this would be to eliminate Dish, not as an addition to it. Dish has already raised my rates on me since I’m out of contract, yet they offered nothing more in return for more money.

  6. It’s called netflix folks. $20 a month and I get 3 dvds at a time and all the stuff I want on streaming. Sure tv shows might not be available till summer, but I am not paying to watch commercials.

  7. Netflix, Hulu+, and a Home Theater PC and I’ll never pay for Satellite or cable TV again. What I do want is windows media center GoogleTV integration. (or hell just give me Google TV as an app for PC and I’ll integrate it myself.)

  8. @Tom. Uverse is AT&T’s television service. i currently have it and i love it. if only they handled their phone service as well. it’s relatively inexpensive, provides DVR functionality, etc. etc. they just need to enable the hard drives on all the boxes(every box has a hard drive but only the “parent” box is enabled unless you do a little “modding”)so that any of them can rewind/pause live TV.

  9. I think Dishnetwork surveyed their own customers or stock holders..

    I plan on dumping dish for uverse here soon when i move also.

  10. Why the heck do you guys use U-Verse? I tried it and thought it had a pretty interface, but after about 2 weeks, I hated it. 1.) It could only handle one HD channel at a time (if recording an HD show….you could only watch in SD). 2.) You could only use DVR features from the master box (except playback) 3.) Search results sucked: for example, finding actual football games among the hundreds of shows about football was a pain in the butt. In dish, you can select sports/football as a category and it always puts the actual games above the sports shows. If you have cable, U-Verse is an improvement, but I’ve tried every TV provider (except DirectTV), and I’m sticking with Dish.

  11. Dish is the worst! My wife switched us from Directv last year against my wishes in order to save money. They claimed a better service with more features but what I received was a substandard dvr that was so poorly designed it takes 8 steps to program a show (2 steps with Directv), doesn’t differentiate between shows with similar names, and the box doesn’t work with my universal remote (logtitech). The customer service is horrible as they have no interest in helping or making the customer happy once a contract is set. I am going back to Directv even if it cost more. Don’t trust dish, they are liars and cheats.

  12. Wackkk why not direct tv

  13. @hank, must have been some time ago, DVR features are usable from any box now. sadly with the exception of pausing/rewinding live TV. search, schedule and record all work though.

    i think they could use some improvement, but over all they are the best service i’ve had. dish, comcast and Uverse.

  14. I do NOT beleive these results are a count of what the survey REALLY concluded.. This is just Dish and Googles wishful thinking. No one, I know that has Dish, is willing to SPEND $300 and a monthly fee
    ..Are they out of their minds ?
    I can’t help but think these results are bogus and as I said wishful thinking on Dish and Googles part..
    Goodluck getting that kind of money out of us..

  15. I love Google/Android, but am not willing to pay extra for a box. I need it built into my existing cable box, tv, blu ray, etc.

  16. I am baffled why people are trying to hype this kind of service when the nation’s economy is still struggling to recover with record high employments. I do not believe one bit that the average American family are willing to shove out an additional $300 on top of what we are paying.

    Car payments
    Utilities (water, electric, gas, etc..)
    Gas and toll for car or transport pass for riders
    Groceries/Eating out (lunch/dinner)
    Mobile and smartphone data plans
    Insurance (auto, life, home/rent)
    Credit bills
    Tuition loans
    Property Taxes
    Holiday expenses
    Entertainment expenses (vacation, movies, night out, sports events, etc …)

    Some of the above may or may not apply to the average Americans, but I am sure most can relate. Unless, the average Americans are wealthy, I doubt we have that much income at our disposal.

  17. I already paid $300 for my Blu-ray player… it’s called a PS3.

  18. If you ever look at dish contract in the middle they have to right to change programming, pricing at anytime. They just droped an ESPN Classic channel, I have had for 8 years and now they want an up grade fee. But I am still stuck with their contract only untel it runs out, they suck.

  19. It’s back to the Networks for me. I have the News, a line-up of new programing, and it’s Football season! Aside from the fact that my old flatsceen TV weights a ton, the digital converter I bought on the cheap with my $20 coupon from Uncle Sam works great. The old VCR still plays all the old favorite movies we wanted enough to buy & can’t sell now – so, I’m looking forward to watching the autumn leaves turn, reading a book & all the other stuff that gives me alot more satisfaction than vegging out in front of the boob tube. And it’s free…and I’m subscribing to the WSJ & the local paper to read at breakfast after walking the dog & before I go to work. Besides, I can always go on-line if I really have to get back on a computer after the 9-5. Ya know? Am I alone out here?

  20. I have directv mostly for the nfl package. I have a ps3 for blu-ray and netflix and I have a media center pc for internet and hulu. They all are hooked up to my hd tv. Tell me again why I would need Google TV.

  21. Uverse is great. Switched from Directv. Not going back.

    @Hank. You must have a crappy phone line or in your place or the box outside. I can watch 2 HD & 1 SD at the same time & the same w/ recording. I also have never had any problems w/ searching for shows. AS for pauseing live tv. Just press record, go into recorded tv, click your show & start over. Now you can pause. Then just delete when its over. Easy!

    @Lactose. I agree. That was the main reason I went PS3 over Xbox when it came out. That & no red ring of death. I am just waiting for a developer to really take advantage of the Bluray capability for the game. That would blow Xbox way out of the water.

  22. let me know if you guys want to try out directv….i’ve got the hookup.

  23. Ha, not common for the company to charge for the actual STB. Take a visit to the UK then. Both major digital providers charge for STB’s. Or at least they offer one free but charge for the others, like ones with recording functionality.

  24. Even as a dish network employee when I look at that price of 300.00, I know that can be a little steep in price. But if the Revue is ordered through Dish Network you get 120.00 off the price, so you pay 179.00 for the Revue and that is with no commitment. If you chose to add the integration fee into that which allows two way communication between the dish receiver and the revue, it does have a 4.00 monthly fee. It def does have a lot of added benefits to it though. You can always check out the latest info at -Joe

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