Jun 17th, 2010

In keeping with the same style as Android phones, the peripherals and TV sets for Google’s take on internet TV will receive the “with Google TV” branding rather than be named Google TV outright. The first companion box that will hit the market is developed by Logitech and features their Harmony technology for controlling all of your home entertainment devices. Keeping with the theme that Google TV will combine the best of music, video, and internet entertainment the box will be known as the the Logitech Revue, a nod to the revues of the early 20th century that featured a combination of music, dance, and sketches.


Still no word on specific availability or pricing, but the Logitech Revue should launch in the fall along with Sony’s Google TV sets and Blu-Ray player. The Logitech box will be the way to go for many who already have a complete entertainment setup and don’t want to invest in a new TV or HD video player.

[via Logitech]

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