TweetDeck Beta For Android More Popular Than iPad, New Version Brings More Features


TweetDeck for Android was released as a public beta last week and has already surpassed the amount of traffic than they’ve seen on the iPad since the three months it’s been out, according to them: that’s significant seeing as this app is not yet in the market. With that, TweetDeck isn’t just sleeping at the wheel, they’ve been working hard on improving the beta (which is still very much a beta) and have released a new version.


The latest brings a new column settings page that will allow you to set notification options (update frequency, LED, sound, and vibration) for individual columns. They’ve also taken advantage of Android’s built-in sharing options and have also added support.

What can we look forward to in the future? Support for Android 1.6, a widget, better support for multiple Twitter accounts, and columns for individual services for people not a fan of the unified timelines. Finally, video uploading will be seeing the light of day. None of these features have a set window as to when we’ll see them, but just seeing that they’re in the pipeline should be enough to satisfy you. TweetDeck is really shaping up compared to just a week ago, and if development continues as rapidly as it has been, then it won’t be long before some of the other premier Twitter clients in the market have another strong competitor to worry about.

[Find the .APK file here, courtesy of TweetDeck via AndroidCentral]

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  1. lol Drake’s head IS pretty big.

  2. tweetdeck is such a cool app

  3. The app is pretty cool, but also rather useless until they actually support multiple twitter accounts. Currently you can post to multiple accounts, but you only see updates from one.

  4. Oranges, meet Apples.

  5. @KarlPoe

    Just to keep up the visibility on our end here are SOME of the features we’ll be adding in upcoming builds as we approach 1.0 launch:

    * widget
    * 1.6 support
    * video upload
    * better support for multiple twitter accounts
    * native service columns (Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare)

    It looks like this app might be worth checking out when it hits the market..

  6. That excerpt was taken from the TweetDeck blog article by the way…

  7. @Rozza C, I have no doubt it’s coming. Just talking about existing app.

    Can’t wait for a final release!

  8. I downloaded (not in my pants) and immediately shrunk the text size! I love that you can do that now!

  9. Its pretty much nearly replaced my twidroid. I’ve been waiting for tweetdeck for android since i had the g1

  10. @KarlPoe to see updates for any of your twitter accounts, navigate to that account, and add the columns you want. This feature has been available since beta one.

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