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vevoI wasn’t personally familiar with online video site VEVO until they started demolishing the pageviews through some sort of partnership with YouTube. A partnership indeed, as VEVO is actually a joint effort put forth by Google/Youtube and Universal to create a portal dedicated to music.

The site has quickly risen to attract much fanfare, surely do in part to the site’s results being listed in YouTube, but all that great content doesn’t hurt either. In June, VEVO added Sony Music to the partnership, they’ve already got EMI, and Warner is said to be reconsidering the opportunity.

As the “Hulu for Music”, VEVO continues to push forward, not only online but on mobile as well. In an announcement this week, VEVO comes to the iPhone and iPod touch, but it’s in the notes that our own interests are fulfilled:

PS.  We are also working on VEVO for iPad and wanted to take the time to make it extra special so we hope to bring it to you as soon as possible. VEVO for Android and other mobile platforms are also in the works so stay tuned

They list AT&T as the “exclusive” provider of the application, but I’m guessing that’s simply because they only released iPhone/iPod versions and guess what? You can only get those at AT&T. I severely doubt VEVO will be exclusive on any specific carrier come Android.

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  1. VEVO’s only stealing view on Youtube.

  2. Weird looking android phone being used to illustrate the article.

  3. @Cpt. K Maybe it’s the iDroid :D

  4. Vevo is very annoying. I hate it!

  5. sooooo….. vevo is a joint effort by google, youtube and universal to provide content for apple products? bad form. “we want to make it extra special for the ipad” oh yeah android will get a version too… WTF!

    im not really interested in this so i don’t personally care where it goes, but it seems to be a very “interesting” move on googles part to give so much love to apple while neglecting their own devices.

  6. Its been available through skyfire for months.

  7. @john the lesser

    100% agreed. So tired of Android taking a back seat to iOS…ESPECIALLY from Google!!!!!!!!!

    That should have read, “we want to make it extra special for Android”

  8. To be fair, there already is a version for iOS, they just want to make one especially for the big high res screen of the tampon.

  9. CPT.K – omg hahahaha I was crying from laughing so hard!

    Hmmmmm… quality control??? Editor’s??? hahaha

  10. 9. Cool.

    You are one sad mofo.

  11. Thats got to be the first time i saw the iPhone with 3g and full bars

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