HTC Desire HD (Ace) and Desire Z (Vision) in Vodafone Germany’s Inventory System


Two HTC phones we’ve been hearing more and more about lately – the HTC Ace and the HTC Vision – might be getting a revelation pretty soon as the two devices have shown up in Vodafone Germany’s inventory system as the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z, respectively. The Desire HD would look a lot like the HTC Legend with its aluminum unibody design and – according to the BestBoyZ’s (translated) wording – will include features of the HD2 and Desire (we’re assuming they mean HTC Sense [software] and a Snapdragon processor at the least [hardware], for now).


T-Mobile’s rumored to get the HTC Vision – otherwise known as the QWERTY-equipped high-end T-Mobile G1 Blaze – as their first HSPA+ handset later this summer. As far as this new “Desire Z”? We’ll just have to wait and see if it ever leaves Germany and makes its way to other regions whenever details begin to flow out.

[BestBoyz (translated)] [Thanks, Patrick!]

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  1. i want the ace. :( come on tmobile, get that, not the vision!

  2. Ill be pissed if its a Vodafone exclusive.

  3. cant wait to see the ace

  4. hmmm desire hd and mytouch 3g hd could they be same phone?? being I have not seen pics of the Desire HD it is possible?

  5. I can’t wait for the vision on Tmobile. If it had a 5 row keyboard, it would be almost perfect. The only other issue with it, is the impending release of dual core arm processors. I am curious exactly how this will affect performance and battery life. For me form follows function. In fact Form trails function by miles. If HTC re-released the G1 with updated guts, I would be happy with it.

  6. Isnt the HTC Desire Z the vision one they just show ???

  7. which one is the gsm version of evo ?

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