Android Robot Toys From DeadZebra [UNBOXING]


Call it a toy, collectible or action figure, but if you call these awesome Android figurines a “doll” you’ll get robot smacked back to iLand. Our friends at DeadZebra.com were nice enough to send us a bunch of free collectibles from their recently opened store.

Last time these were available they sold out in a jiffy, so if you want to grab these I wouldn’t wait long. Take a look at their Android section and you’ll see they’ve got:

  • Green Bot ($7.25)
  • White Bot ($6.25)
  • Random Bot ($7.25)
  • 4 Pack of Random Bots ($28.60)
  • Complete Set of 16 ($112)
  • And a T-Shirt which is the only item I don’t absolutely love

As I mention in the video, we’ll likely give these away at our first Phandroid LIVE event. Details forthcoming (fingers crossed). And just to re-emphasize my point from the vid, where the heck is the Blue Phandroid Bot? Maybe in the next edition!


If you know an Android-lover, why not be forward thinking and grab these as a stocking stuffer? Or get them the complete set and you’ll be able to cash in a lot of favors in the long run!

Rob Jackson
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  1. i want one SO BAD!

  2. This is like Android porn. You go to ebay and see people selling cases of 16 for hundreds of dollars now. Makes me think I’ll never have a chance to actually own these since the collecting nerds are already driving prices through the roof.

  3. love the blooper at the end… don’t know if it was intentional. :)

  4. I have the little green one. :) He sits on my Cablebox atm, but in a week or two he’ll be hanging out with my Droid Inc. :D

  5. another option is UrbanOutfitters
    they’ve sold these, or similar figures, in the past

  6. I can’t believe you didn’t think to look on the front of the box to see what the one you opened was – at 1 minute 35 secs for instance.

    Also, I’m rocking out with 4 of these: 2 green ones, a DIY droid, and a random (that will remain forever un-opened).

  7. Systray overload!

    But seriously folks, these are a little expensive even at face value.

  8. Uh. This is a little late. They’re already sold out…

  9. Already sold out, BTW. http://goo.gl/m6xS

  10. I got a box when they first came out. There are 12 different designs (13 if you want to count the DIY blank one) but 16 come in a box. You’re almost guaranteed to get a whole set, save for the Chase figures. The rarest ones are a HAL Android, Space Invader-esque one, and a super rare rusty statue one.

  11. I’ll take the open one off your hands for ya ;)

  12. I’ve been wanting a little Android mascot to put on my desk for a long time, but had never searched to see if anyone even made one. When I saw these come out, I jumped at the chance, but almost every time I refreshed the page, they remained sold out. I got lucky one night at home, as I refreshed the page and got a message saying the site was down for maintenance. About 15-20 minutes later I remembered to refresh again, and there they were, all back in stock again. I had setup an account on the site earlier that day, so I quickly logged in, threw a green one in my cart, and successfully completed checkout. SCORE!!! Got it in the mail some 2-3 days later. This thing is as cute as could be, and looks perfect on my desk. Totally worth the $9.32 I paid after shipping.

  13. SOLD OUT! Damn… missed it again.

  14. according to deadzebras faq there wont be anymore of series 1. I purchased a case and received them yesterday.

  15. I got a gray one with green head and an albino one. I wanted the suit and tie since I have to wear one every day and it was going to be on my desk at work.

  16. @SteveE Maybe you can trade them like pokemans.

  17. Yep, Series 1 will no longer be sold…though I’m not sure it was actually sold in the first place…

    Seriously, those suckers were gone within minutes of being posted up on the store.

  18. I didn’t realize the site was so hot. I knew when they were going on sale, but they seemed not to be. Checked again the next day, and ordered three regular green Androids. Now I’m reading about them being sold out, people losing them out of their shopping carts because they didn’t check out quickly enough, etc. Wow. I only opened one of them as a mascot. I may just leave the other two sealed…

  19. O how I would love to get my hands on what looks to be the glow in the dark one. It has the hazard sign on the back. Totally legit.

  20. It was very hard to snag these, but I got a 4pack of randoms + 2 DIY’s

    Being artistically challenged, it’s going to be tough to customize the DIYs

    Still waiting for my order to arrive though, im in canada so shipping must be slow

  21. Yeah, these are pretty sweet. I bought a plain green one on eBay a couple months ago for the same price I just bought a random 4-pack two nights ago. But as the above have said, it wasn’t easy. I had to watch the maker’s twitter just to get a hint when he might put more back in stock. He randomly released his remaining stock over the course of the past week to allow others to have a shot at them. When they came back into stock this last time, the 4-packs and cases were sold out in the 1-2 minutes it took me to complete my order. Here’s a shot of my solid green one: http://bit.ly/ajTrcj

  22. Just got my DIY on Monday, can’t wait to paint it!

    plus got an awesome little sticker from deadzebra along with it..

  23. Really? These sellout? hmmm

  24. I’ve got 32 of them sitting right next to me. Love em.

  25. gone….

  26. I bought 3 of the green ones a few days ago and should receive them in the mail tomorrow.

    Also, according to what I read on the site, and I may have misinterpreted it, but it just says that they’re sold out again. I read nothing about them not getting any more in…. let’s hope! I’m buying the case next time…..

  27. i looked everyday, multiple times since the day they came out … nothing :( sighs

  28. I want to order the 4 pack but they’re always sold out.

  29. Every time someone buys an iPhone, a kitten dies.
    Please, think of the kittens.

  30. Right from the FAQ:

    Q: Well, what now? I still need some Androids!

    R: Well, good news! Standard Green Androids will be available on a regular basis starting this Fall, and we’ll definitely have some more Do It Yourself Androids back as well… along with some new and exciting things we can’t tell you about yet!

  31. Don’t give these guys publicity they are already courting it with their stupid random drip supply of units (“So everyone gets a chance to get one”) presumably only if they are tied to their desk generating traffic for the website.

    There’s a serious under supply and they’re not exactly reasonably priced either.

    Someone needs to mass produce copies of these out of china and sell them on the cheap so this con artist is cut out of the market.

  32. I haz 3 Rusty, 2 APK and 1 Invader, if you want to buy em…let me know, plus I have 2 cases also ;)

  33. @Cpt. K

    Wow. I am completely dumbfounded by your comments. Are you really that upset you can’t get a vinyl toy? Or did you not read the comment above yours that said, they are going to mass produce the Standard Green & DIY Androids and have another Series in the works? To top it off you completely missed the mark on why they made these. They were made for the growing genre of limited edition vinyl figures created by artists specifically for an art-collecting adult audience. Keywords there being “limited edition” and “art-collecting adult audience.”

    So how about you support Phandroid and try to win one here and stop complaining.

  34. Send me one of the DIY droids and I will paint it to the Phandroid colors for you :)

  35. Completely sold out already ._.

  36. why are they selling them on ebay for 40-60 with buy it now for something that only retails for $7.50 I LOVE the mini Andrew Bell worker but I refuse to pay more than $20 for it.

  37. Well, I’m reading about them being sold out, people losing them out of their shopping carts because they didn’t check out quickly enough, etc.

  38. I tried and tried to get some, but no luck :(

    I have an albino cheap knock-off from China, lol. He’s got “Android” written across his belly. I want a legit one…

  39. I actually got the chase one (space invaders) and was really wanting the reactor one… I’d be more than happy to trade if anyone was willing to.

  40. Okay everybody listen up! If you’re going to do a video unboxing, BUY A GODDAMNED TRIPOD!!!!!!!!!

    That is all.


  41. Can they walk, talk, jump?
    Do they do anything?
    Can you program them?
    I can save a picture of one and use it as desktop wallpaper; for free!
    …no, I was not a Beanie Baby fan either.

  42. I got a case of 16 last week, and got 10 DIY’s yesterday right before they completely sold out. Going to customize the DIY’s!

  43. @chad it Looks like your Android has a big woody ;)

  44. I hate you, I tried for a long time to get a box and failed! Had to settle for a few off ebay :(

  45. I want a case bad but I’d never pay those rip-off prices on Ebay.

  46. i hate that these are always ‘out-of-stock’. why can’t a excited fan get one (or two…or three) when clearly there is a huge consumer demand. maybe i could believe this from other companies but google licenses this merchandise. production = epic fail.

  47. @Josh… haha, indeed it does. :P

  48. I totally missed the part about the standard green Androids still being available from time to time. I really didn’t crowd anyone out, then, as I had no interest in the other designs.

  49. I managed to grab a green one some how… i should of tried for the 4 pack i think… these things look awesome on a desk next to my Incredible.

  50. I did a search on google for “Android Toy” and there is a site selling the green guys for a decent price ! I cant wait to get it in !

  51. As a follow-up to my last comment, I got really lucky with my 4-pack! http://bit.ly/bbBicF



    PayPal Verified hurry before there all gone

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