Trillian For Android Now In Public Beta


Trillian-for-AndroidIf you’re still searching for the perfect singular entity that can handle all your messaging needs, take a look at Trillian for Android which has just reached public beta. Directly from Trillian’s site:

Trillian for Android is ready for public beta testing! Learn more about this exciting new release of Trillian and grab your early beta copy here:

Over the coming weeks we will be fixing bugs and crashes, working to heavily optimize speed and performance, and finalizing our ’service’ infrastructure to improve the reliability of background notifications. Beta testers should expect a few bumps and crashes along the way as we begin our full test on all of the many possible Android devices! As with the BlackBerry edition, Trillian for Android is a time-limited beta and will expire between releases. You will need to be running the latest version at all times to stay connected. Stay tuned to our blog for future updates, and thanks for using Trillian.

So go ahead and download it… then let us know how you like it!

[Thanks pneumatic!]

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  1. About time! I’ve been excited about this for quite a long while now!

  2. So far I like it better then IM+..Doesn’t look too bad so far..thanks for the heads up.

  3. Sorry to say. But eBuddy looks better. Not trying to be mean. But this is kinda lame for something we’ve been waiting weeks on.

  4. When I try to send a pic with it over aim it force closes, and I don’t like how dark everything is. Good to know they’re working on bringing new and hopefully better IM apps to the market. eBuddy is barely cutting it.

  5. Its kind a good and im pretty new with it…but it wont let me connect to yahoo messenger acc. Can u fix it?? Thanks.

  6. Hi,

    Andy here from Cerulean Studios. We’re going to be working hard the next few weeks on improving stability. Please be sure to submit any crash dumps to us so we can fix them quickly!

  7. gave it a try for few minutes, surprisingly this is an excellent app but since im into chat services i uninstalled this but definitely a must-get for anyone who does

  8. Fuck yes finally. Here’s hoping it doesn’t suck as much as Meebo’s app.

  9. How hard does it hit battery life?

  10. Was using eBuddy before this. Think the Trillian UI looks better and makes better use of the screensize by cutting it down to the bare minimum. Not run into any problems yet.

    Would be nice to have an icon in the notification bar when it is running.

  11. No LED notifications? Skip.

  12. This runs great on my Incredible running Skyraider 2.5 Vanilla. Force closed one time, but has been solid overall. Hope they come out with a Office Communicator plugin for Android on this and it would be perfect!

  13. FYI – I hated giving up on Trillian since I really like there Windows app but just got tired of waiting. I am looking forward to giving this a try now though. Alternatively, I have been quite happy w/ Nimbuzz. Sort of a downer w/ that is only one GTalk account can be config’d at a time.

  14. Is there a trick to installing it (Droid Incredible). Downloaded the apk file and trying to install with “apps installer”. Getting “There is a problem parsing the package”. Thoughts?

  15. It is just unusable for my Milestone, it forces close after go to 2nd plane.

  16. I like it but my phone is blowing up non stop!!!! So far really cool.

  17. faily stable. All my contacts actually showed up named instead of numbered as in IM+ and others. Trillian was the best for PC, hope they implement some kind of junk request filter .. damn spammers :)

  18. Can you go into chats with AIM on this?

  19. Wtb Pidgin for Android please. Pidgin wins all.

  20. Does it allow chat logging? As thats the only thing I want from my IM apps.

  21. Well found this out by facebook
    now i got it and i was happy till i found 2 bugs
    One: Chat msgs come out like 30 minutes after when it was made or you have to sign out and sign back in
    and TwO: I tried chatting with a friend and touched multiple times but i couldn’t chat with him/her

    and a suggestion : Other than fixing these bugs, have a trilian icon on notification bar for easier access

  22. Trillian astra is beautiful, but this app is so hideously ugly. The iPhone version looks fine, so what do we get the crappy looking one?

  23. This integrates perfectly with my Astra account, it is really nice. Hopefully it doesn’t kill the battery, and will not have the typical disconnection problems that plague IM apps when they are not in hte foreground. We will see. But I like the interface. This will replace IM+ for sure once it’s released out of beta.


  24. Does it have windows live Messenger

  25. Please disregard the question. I saw windows Live Messenger(WLM) I almost missed it.

  26. Nice. An option to never sign off would be nice. Also, icon in the status bar would be a good addition as well. Liking it better than eBuddy so far. I had only one issue with eBuddy; one friend that has her IMs forwarded to her phone NEVER shows up online. Not so with meebo or Trillian.

  27. I can get logged in but it doesn’t appear to update anything. Says I am online but shows a placeholder face and doesn’t seem to do anything. When I try anything the app just crashes…

  28. Are you adding GroupWise Messenger to this!? If so, I would pay $$$ For this!

  29. I also very much want to see GroupWise Messenger (GWIM) support! I’d also be willing to pay for the client if it supported GWIM. I work for a company with many android users who would very much love your product if it had GWIM support. Very much needed!

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