Aug 20th, 2010

Verizon’s apparently going to be offering Motorola Droid 2s to folks whose phones are rendered inoperable by way of chance. This isn’t to be confused with an insurance claim (like one you might take up with their insurance partner Asurion): you can’t just happen to throw your phone off of a bridge and storm into Big Red’s store asking for a new one. If your Droid is bunked beyond repair (we hear some phones have “bricked” through the upgrade process to Android 2.2) and it’s not your fault, then let them know and see if you can’t wrestle a Droid 2 from their hands.


This is based on reports from two of Droid-Life‘s readers – Phil and Tyler – with one getting a Droid 2 in place of the Eris and the other getting it in place of his original Droid. Your mileage may definitely vary so don’t get too excited until the Verizon employee tells you they’re about to bust a Droid 2 out on you… then you’re free to hop over the counter and kiss them rather violently (yes, kissing someone can get violent given the proper circumstance.)

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