Aug 16th, 2010

downtimeThis past weekend was incredibly chaotic in terms of site downtime, bugs, errors and more. The forums have been abuzz about various issues and problems and we promised to update you today. Unfortunately I’m unable to provide a complete response until some of the dust settles, but I wanted to take a moment and address the situation.

On Friday the 13th (are you kidding me?), the Android Forums server experienced a hiccup that proved fatal: the drive was corrupted. We restored the site from our most recent backup which was from the previous day. As a result, we lost thousands of posts and experienced a timewarp resulting in the loss of new accounts and premium memberships as well.

The uptime/downtime over the past 6 months has been extremely rocky and in many ways I would consider them growing pains- you folks love you some Android! We do too, and that’s why over the last few days we’ve been taking some pretty drastic measures to improve the site’s performance in the long-term. Much of the downtime and bugs you see now are due to some sweeping changes we’ve made and details we’re still ironing out. I can’t provide the full story right now, but will follow up later in the week with a more definitive explanation.

Apologies for the small gap in fulfilling your Phandroid fix and for any irritation this caused to all the awesome members of our forums. Trust me when I say we’re working hard to go above and beyond your expectations. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff in the pipeline and your patience is greatly appreciated. We also think it will be greatly rewarded. But hey, mission number one is to make sure you can load the sites quickly and reliably and whenever you want, right?

We’re on top of it… trust me. And stay tuned later this week and over the next couple months for some awesome announcements and improvements! Keep your comments and feedback coming, both positive and negative- if they don’t make us feel warm and fuzzy they usually help us improve!