AT&T’s Xperia X10 Now Available


Last week, it was revealed that AT&T would be bringing Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 to their store shelves to provide another option to their steady-growing lineup of Android-based products, and that officially went down yesterday. For $149.99 and a two-year contract with them, you can grab up the device that is still considered high-end up against many of the latest product launches from other manufacturers.


It sports a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, an 8-megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, a 4-inch LCD display, and Android 1.6 with Sony’s MediaScape/TimeScape interface running on top of it. It’s said that we should be expecting the upgrade to Android 2.1 sometime this quarter. Until then, why not say hello to some of the users already conversing in the Xperia X10 section at AndroidForums.com? I’m sure they’ll be happy to welcome new members to the X10 family.

[via AT&T]

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  1. Cutting edge device right here!

  2. Wow that’s early. I hope AT&T customers enjoy their 1.6 device.

  3. @Matt LMAO

  4. Really? 1.6???? Is there a cassette player on the back of this thing too? No wonder Sony has lost market share in everything they do!

  5. You’ve got to be kidding me. Still considered a high end device? Would you consider a computer to be “high-end” if it was still running Windows XP? If you want it to be “high-end” then at least have it run a “high-end” OS.

  6. @James

    Yeah I’ll consider a windows xp pc as high end if it is an Anthlon 64 FX or Pentium 4 Extreme edition that has a PCI express slot to handle a high end video card.

  7. LOL! A little too late. Captivate and with the rumors of Froyo on the Streak on release I don’t even see a reason to have this device in inventory at all.

  8. Most customers are pretty dumb. They have no idea. They just look at the designs, and if it looks good, why not eh?

  9. This should have come out 9 months ago…should have had Froyo by now.

  10. James that was a pretty bad analogy when you consider how many downgraded to XP because vista sucked so much.

  11. 90% of you don’t even know the difference between 1.6/20/2.1/2.2 without going to the website and looking for the release notes.

    This is the part of Android users that make them as bad as iPhone people. OMG I WANT X VERSION OR IT SUCKS, BUT I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY!

  12. I could not have put it better lol… Well done.

  13. @ lol: and some of us are intelligent enough to know that beta, 1.1, and 1.5 came before 1.6. Its all GNU Linux anyways. hop in the command-line and get busy and stop complaining. If you cant do it, write a program to do it.

  14. So, is this a good phone or what?

  15. Yet another reason why I think it was a bad idea to jump so fast from 2.2 to 3.0 …. The assumption is, that the 1.x versions of Android are crap, and the 2.x versions are so much better.. This will absolutely drive people unnecessarily crazy when it turns out they can not have a 3.x version on their phone.. Phones that came with 1.6 work just fine, and do what they are supposed to do. What is going to happens is, that 2 months after the 3.0 release everyone with a 2.x release will feel that their phone is obsolete.. and that damn, I only have that crappy 2.2 OS

  16. Dennis:

    Hate to break it to you, but 1.x versions of Android are crap. There’s a reason why Android exploded once the Motorola Droid with Android 2.0 was released. The feeling was that Android had finally matured into an OS worthy of the Google name and broad consumer roll out.

    Add to the fact that there are apps only compatible with 2.0+ and you’ll see why people want to have the latest/greatest.


    Speak for yourself, maybe YOU don’t know what the difference is, but informed consumers do.

  17. Back to the article. Sony has been a joke when it comes to the Xperia line. The X1 was a joke, hyped forever then released and turned out to be garbage. Now the X10 much awaited and much hyped for over 1 year and they’re just releasing it and with an outdated version of Android yet running a 1GHz processor.

  18. I would rather throw another $50 bucks for the captivate! Best android phone outthere today!
    After you root and enable nonmarket apps it is defitinitely the best!

    Tv out mirror
    Most powerful GPU
    Super Amoled screen and soon to be updated Froyo

  19. @Jango I agree its to bad the software is the crappiest its Samsung had stock Android than I would consider it a true upgrade from my Nexus One. I know you can use ADW or Launcher Pro but I have never bought a Android with a UI skin because when you do they think you like the way they messed up the Android OS.

  20. It’s a nice looking for phone but the OS definitely sucks. It’s like buying a mercedes but its old deisel engine and new body. ATT are loosers anyway in wirless.

  21. @derrickISONLINE
    Have you used a phone with 1.6 on it ? .. The hardware has changed, and things are better.. yes upgrading the OS to take advantage is great.. but that does not make 1.6 crap.. Your view that it is crap, is exactly my point.

  22. @Dennis
    with the amount of apps that do not work – nothing below 2.1 is acceptable for release on a new High End phone
    not only that the amount of polish that comes from 1.6 to 2.1 is HUGE

    Stop making excuses for Sony being incompetent and not being able to roll out and update for their own hardware in less than 6 months….

  23. @Dennis and yes I have used android since 1.5 – I used 1.6 for almost 6 months……

    I will never look back – am currently using 2.1(stable)/2.2(experimental)

  24. Seriously people are actually defending this phone coming with 1.6 like there aren’t huge improvements going to 2.1?

    This would somewhere be in the lines of buying a pc with windows 3.1 instead of XP..

  25. The thing is, the UI on this 1.6 phone looks a lot more interesting than android 2.2

  26. Im from Canada and we have a very limited choice, so I got the Xperia, its supposed to get upgrated to 2.1 or 2.2 at the end of the 3Q or in the 4Q at the latest, but I do kinda wished i would have just driven to the States (I live an hr from the boarder) and got a Evo :(, so now im stuck on a 3yr contract, oh well, still beats the Iphone.

  27. I consider it to be a high end device. I mean, sure the software might be old but the hardware itself is decent. Would you consider an i7 computer to be a piece of crap because it runs Win95?

  28. @derrickISONLINE: The X10 was announced in November. It has most definitely NOT been a year. Plus it’s been out in Europe/Asia/Japan for a little while now.

    I think a lot of people here forget that most people don’t care about versions, UNLESS someone says it’s something that matters. Japan is an excellent example, it has HTC Magic, HTC Desire and the X10. The X10 is the only one that’s even on the sales charts of the three, even though it’s “outdated”.

    Oh, and to whoever said android “exploded” around 2.XX release; Yes, but that’s due to two things: Marketing and continuous growing awareness in consumers.

    I’d personally prefer it had 2.1, because I want 16Mill colors and Google Earth, but I know it’s coming in not too long, so I’ll deal.

  29. Fuck it NOT getting X10 with 1.6. AT&T still screwing us AT&T phone owners. AT&T really pissing me off here.


    you have the captivate – good phone there ;)

  31. @dennis I am perfectly happy using 2.1 on my device even though 2.2 is out as well my high end phone I still use eclair due to better GAL and development is just getting to the point where it is usable as a daily rom with froyo

    the interface is garbage as well

    the only “cool” factor is the timescape because mediascape is a load and worse than the stock 2.1 player – let alone the 2.2 music mod on the market by eliot stocker!

    timescape is “neat” but not worth the rest of the phone…

    put adw or launcher pro on the captivate and the same on the x10 and there is little difference in UI but the captivate is much faster and for modders – well the x10 isnt worth the time – trust me Ive rooted them and you get nothing but stock rooted roms… no CM or anything good like that..:)

  32. Well i just bouth my first “smart phone” a Xpedia10 and reading you blog now i do not know what to do . I am really confused. I want a good camara,vidio gps,same texting,a big screen,and toucheble screen.

  33. You guys don’t get my point. I’m not saying that a computer with a super high end processor and motherboard and everything else can’t be considered a “high end” computer but if a manufacturer is selling a computer that has similar features as the competition cannot claim they are equal to the competition when the competition is running the most current and up to date software while they are running an outdated operating system that is 2 generations old. Whether an Android phone is running 1.6 or 2.2 is a major factor in determining whether the phone should be considered “high end.” That is my basic point.

  34. This will suck kinda like a Garminphone-wo support.1.5/6 is not acceptable, but whatever to the following diehards, it blows. Wait & watch.

  35. 1.6 on their high end phone but 2.1 on phones like the flipout… Seems lazy when bottom market android phones are looking for flash and sony is still waiting for 2.0

  36. i have problem with my.xperia x10, i can off it while am charging it so please i need help or support.thankz

  37. No multi touch due to hardware restrictions…. so regardless of nice hardware features and android versions(even when it gets upgraded to 2.1), it hasnt been made to handle it. its got a 8.1 mp camera and a nice screen but other design flaws keep them from reaching their full potential. I really like sony ericsson and i was looking forward to this phone but they cut a few corners in the wrong spots.

  38. I have had this phone for a few months (Since April) on T-mobile (USA), I think it’s an excellent phone (just look at the specs). The 1.6 is a customized Sony UX interface and has many of the elements that 2.1 has already. (2.1 coming soon anyway)

  39. Hey, even with 1.6 Android, this thing is still the top selling Android smart phone in Canada and a few other countries in Europe and South America. I don’t get it!
    Personally, I will wait until they upgrade to 2.1 or higher and HD video before buying since I am still “stuck” with the iphone 3G. Don’t want to change to the iphone 4 because of RF reception issues but here is a comparison of the current X10 and 1phone 4 if anyone is interested:

  40. With Sony’s overlay, you’ll never see Android 1.6. I remember everyone on these boards jizzing themselves over Timescape. Now it’s here and it’s crap? Hmmm.

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