Something O2 UK’s Desire Customers Don’t Want to Hear: FroYo in 6-8 Weeks?


If you thought the 3-4 weeks that other carriers had been pegged with for upgrades to Android 2.2 on various phones was a long wait, just wait until you hear this one: O2 UK doesn’t expect to have the HTC Desire’s FroYo upgrade out and about for at least another 6-8 weeks, according to sources of TalkAndroid‘s. Let’s all just be patient with this one, ‘mk? We can play a nice game of chess to pass the time.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. o2 Ireland said “realistically it will be another 2 or 3 months before it’s [froyo] released”. And all because they want to add their splash screen!

  2. In the thread for Desire froyo on the O2 customers forums, one staff member has stated “aiming for the beggining of september”. Which is about 3-4 weeks.

  3. O2 sucks. And why do carriers provide the updates anyways? HTC releases them here in Europe (sorry UK).

  4. Ah, the joy of root.

    I don’t get why this is taking so long, or for that matter why they took so long to get the phone out in the first place — before rooting and debranding, my O2 Desire only had a wallpaper on it.

    And as I’ve said before, the benefits of Froyo are not huge — what I was really holding out for was the ability to save applications to the SD card, but because the built-in Froyo version of this is so abysmally executed I still have extremely low phone space on my Froyo Desire and will be using A2SD+ as soon as I can be bothered.

  5. Can’t say I really feel any pity for them. I’m sporting an original MyTouch 3G. From early november 09 til mid june this year all we had were rumors and hearsay from every one but T-mobile as to whether we were ever going to get anything past 1.6. Now that we finally got an official answer the only ETA we get is “soon” followed by two more months of silence.

    That’s it. 10 months since we got 1.6 and the only “official” info is a one page article in a magazine. But, hey, at least we are getting an update “soon”, whenever that is.

  6. 6-8 weeks is still a lot better compared to “we don’t have information”, Motorola answer for all Milestone users.

  7. 6-8 weeks that’s all, try waiting months. I’ve been waiting months just to get 2.1 I’m stuck on 1.5 and I am still waiting.

  8. oh yeah, I have the Motorola Cliq. Love the phone just wish Motorola and T-mobile would upgrade me to 2.1 already. Even though everyone else is getting to 2.2 already & by end of year. I don’t think they will give us 2.2 upgrade but if they then we probably won’t get it until end of 2011 the way the treat us.

  9. Time to root your Desire’s boys and girls!

    LeeDroid 1.8 works brilliantly, and one click root with unREVOked.

  10. debrand,and download froyo.have just done it,all went well
    and i am not an expert! used a gold card tool, and did some
    homework first.leave yourself enough time,and enjoy!

  11. it makes the apple scene look tempting. i know that won’t be popluar here but my birds iphone is supported for the two years of her contract. my milestone (only released approx 9 months ago) may never be updated again.

  12. it always makes sence to go unlocked.All this contract shit is just slavery as far as am concerned. I’ll always avoid contract phones as much as i can. I’ve had my froyo for a couple of weeks now.

  13. Apparently Google are trying to work on a way of issuing updates by bypassing the carriers because it’s becoming a huge problem and quite an obvious negative point for Android when compared to iOS.

    I’d like to see all manufacturers ban carriers from installing modified versions of the OS all together to be honest.

  14. @ Bob
    Absobloodylutely! The brand monkeys will argue “it’s about ensuring the end user experience reinforces the relationship with the carrier brand at every touch point, blah blah blah…”. In truth, with ever greater choice in devices and carriers, savvy users will increasingly go with the option allowing them to use their hardware in the way they choose, not as dictated by the carrier. Of course, your average guy (or girl) in the street really doesn’t give a toss; whether that will change as smartphone take up increases, remains to be seen.

  15. I don’t understand why others haven’t got the update yet. I’m with O2 and have had 2.2 for at least 3 weeks OTA.

  16. you probably have the update on your phone because its not branded you tard. o2 havent released their specific ROM yet to branded phones.

  17. @fozz
    Happy to be ‘retarded’ if it means I get ‘advanced’ support with OTA downloads! Incidentally my desire IS a locked O2 phone.

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