Aug 13th, 2010

Members of the press have been invited to “see what HTC has dreamt up” this September 15th in the great city of London, England. We figured it wouldn’t be too long before at least one of these devices received some official unveiling love after all of the leaks we’ve seen from their camp as of late.


So what could the device be? The event’s in Europe, so naturally we assume it won’t be anything we expect to land over on our side of the world (if we’re going by name alone). That leaves one huge possibility in the HTC Desire HD and a slim possibility in the still-kicking HTC Vision. These are the same phones rumored to be America’s counterparts in T-Mobile’s “Project Emerald” in the form of the MyTouch 3G HD and the T-Mobile G1 Blaze, respectively.

Other than that, what else could it be? The only American alternative we can think of would be that QWERTY-enabled 4-inch device headed for Verizon – the fact that it’s a world phone could explain an announcement in that part of the world. That is still unlikely at this point, however, as we don’t expect that phone to makes its way to the surface until early 2011.

We’re waiting, HTC.

[Update] Completely forgot about the possibility of this being a Windows Phone 7 device. That would be a bummer for us Android fans, no?

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