Once Again, Verizon’s Offering Early Upgrades to the Droid 2


If your contract expires sometime before the end of the year (including New Year’s eve) and you’ve been eying the Motorola Droid 2, you’re in luck: Verizon’s offering the device at the normal upgrade price for anyone with less than half a year left on their current contract.


While this still doesn’t include most original Droid owners, you can’t be mad at them for wanting to get everyone they can stepped up to the latest and greatest Big Red has to offer in the smartphone category (We know many Blackberry users are just about due for an upgrade. Don’t be afraid to join the dark side: we have cupcakes, donuts, eclair, and even some frozen yogurt for you. I hear those gingerbread cookies are being baked as we speak, too.)

[via PhoneScoop]

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  1. come on BB users…you know you want this

  2. I switched and have had my droid 2 for less than 24 hours. Still getting used to it all. So far I like it.

  3. Big deal, any smartphone user with a contract ending on 12/31/2010 would be eligible for NE2 in 18 days, and has been eligible for Annual Upgrade for the past 8 1/2 months. Not to mention the fact that my contract doesn’t end for another 13 months, and they let me upgrade from the Touch Pro2 to the Droid 2 (took 3 calls to customer service). Should be here any minute.

  4. My wife had to pay a $20 early upgrade fee for the Droid-X. So beware of that. You also are forgoing your “new every two” credit which is $30, so that’s a $50 swing.

  5. I bought the original droid (OD? Droid Prime?) the weekend it came out. I have about ten months left before my “new every two” comes through. By then, I fully expect Droid Three (The Tres), running 3.0, to be available.

  6. Original Droid owner here with a one year contract. I went and checked out the Droid 2 yesterday…

    Much lighter then the original droid, has a metalic type finish that looks kind of fake but acceptable, fast (benchmarked around 1300 using quadrant), don’t like the moto skin they have on it, keyboard layout and usability is improved, screen was about the same as original.

    Overall a good option for first time buyers, but not enough to get me to upgrade (especially when running bb).

  7. Yes, Verizon always allows upgrades after 20 months for a 2 year contract and 10 months for a 1 year contract… so those who had 2 year contracts are getting it about 2 weeks early, not much of an early upgrade… if they’re doing it for those on a 1 year contract, i guess its more significant as they could get it up to 4 months early rather then 2… you give up your NE2 credit with these offers… which is $50 for me…

  8. How does this work? If you have 4 months left, and do this early upgrade, is your contract 2 years, or 2 years and 4 months?

  9. Sucks if you got the original droid on the day it came out on a 2 year contract, still not eligible for any of the now 3 phones with 1 ghz processor.. sucks.. oh well guess ill have to wait for the tegra 2 ghz processor phones lol

  10. I called verizon and the rep told me I was eligible for any smart phone upgrade. I bought the Droid on day 1. I also have a two year contract. Not sure why. He said my number qualifies. (???)

  11. they should allow early update to D1 ownwerrss!!! they did us dirty taking this phone out al quick lol

  12. here is the breakdown…
    2 year contracts can upgrade at 20 months. if the minute plan itself is $59 or more, you have a NE2 credit of $30-$100 depending on some factors. you also can upgrade at 12 months for a fee of $20.
    secondary lines on family share plans DO NOT qualify for early upgrades or NE2 credits (except when special sales like this one are offered.)

    if you upgrade early, you re-sign a contract, so your new contract is 24 months. the old contract is gone. if you have any questions, please PM me. i work for verizon. i’m not going to say in what capacity, but i do. also, dont bother trying to get leaked info, because it’s not gonna happen. ;) but I can say that i got a droid 2 to use about a month and a half ago, and i’m pretty impressed. 2.2 is great.

  13. I got my original Droid in November 2009 with a 1 year contract. I am eligible to upgrade Sept 10 2010. This same early upgrade offer was made when the X came out but Verizon would not allow me to upgrade to the X till sept 10 so beware of this early upgrade offer. They wanted full retail before Sep 10. Now I am wondering if I should wait till January and see if the iphone appears on big red.

  14. I got my eris back in Jan and have had nothing but problems I called customer service theyre replacing my phone with the X

  15. I bought the original moto droid in December of 2009 out of contract, my new upgrade is not due till late January 2011 (converted BB storm user). I am wondering if it is smarter to wait for the LTE phones to come out, or see if I can qualify for a Droid 2, or X early or if not then at the time of my upgrade. What is the best thing for me to do? Wait for the LTE’s or Upgrade to a Droid 2 or X?

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