Google Removes Nazi and Hitler Theme From the Android Market


It’s no secret, now, that from time to time, Google will remove an application from the Android market (mainly only if it violates the terms to which the developer agreed before he set up his market account or if they find the app is malicious or dangerous). An analyst taking a break through his busy number-crunching day went for a stroll in the Android market one day and – to his disgust – found Hitler themes when he searched the word “Jewish”.


According to the analyst – Michael Gartenberg of Altimeter Group – Google contacted him after he publicly thrashed about the app and agreed that it was “upsetting and violates TOS.” The violation? Obscenity, but I can’t judge that having never installed or used the themes for myself. Obscenity is very subjective, and while I’m sure a majority of folks in this world aren’t exactly gunning to become president of Hitler’s fan club, can you really consider images of the man and the logo he once donned “obscene”? We see it everywhere now, and it just so happens to be in the Android market, as well.

This particular case has an interesting twist, though, where searching the word “Jewish” could lead an unsuspecting Jewish user to the hurtful logo that’s been cursed by their ancestors for decades. Could it invoke psychological distress? Absolutely. But if we consider the definition of the word “obscene”, does the app really convey obscenity in such a way that Google would see fit to remove it without hesitation? Perhaps a slap on the wrist until the developer removes instances of the word “Jewish” from its description would suffice as that’s what’s bringing the app up in search terms in the first place.

If there were hateful words or images in tow, then yes: I’d agree with Google in a heartbeat. But then again, I haven’t seen these themes myself, so only those who had the displeasure of installing it (not many, according to recent market data) – and Google – can truly judge this instance. I’m not pro-Nazi, as much as my commentary might make me out to seem (and I like Google’s judgment, if we’re considering only this case), but I’d just like a bit more consistency in the Android market when it comes to these sorts of things (there are certain other “flags” and content in the market that I’m sure a few other groups don’t take kindly to). Fair is only fair until the top of the food chain doesn’t agree with you, in case any other developer still needs a clear warning.

If there’s one thing anyone can’t deny about the “walled garden” Apple polices, it’s that they at least make it clear what you can and can’t do and will take action before the first user calls foul. At the end of the day, I’m just wishing Google would stop trying to emulate a completely hands-off approach when it’s clear that a higher degree of regulation and consistency to enforce those regulations are needed (and desired, depending on who you are).

[via PCMag]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I am OK with this.

  2. the Jewish people are a Race of people, and that hitler sign is basically similar to a racial slur, so yea it is offensive. just the sign itself is.

  3. Offensive would be a better definition.

  4. It’s like pornography: you know what it is when you see it. If you want that stuff you can always go outside the market and you don’t need to jailbreak.

  5. …Good? I mean how is this news? lol

  6. “Obscenity is very subjective, and while I’m sure a majority of folks in this world aren’t exactly gunning to become president of Hitler’s fan club, can you really consider images of the man and the logo he once donned “obscene”? We see it everywhere now[…]”

    Where do you hang out where you see these symbols, “everywhere”? I certainly don’t see them “everywhere”.

  7. I strongly disagree with Google on this.

    Free speech is free speech. You have to take the good with the bad. Free speech can’t be just things that no one finds objectionable. Otherwise, someone might decide what you say should be censored…

  8. @Daniel I meant in books, media, television, the internet, etc.

  9. These images are hateful, regardless of your opinion. And yes, obscene as a result. I don’t see a problem with Googles classification.

  10. “Obscenity is very subjective, and while I’m sure a majority of folks in this world aren’t exactly gunning to become president of Hitler’s fan club, can you really consider images of the man and the logo he once donned “obscene”?”

    What?? The answer is of course YES! It doesn’t matter that it should be “free speech” or whatever. That symbol, on that flag…They murdered over 6 millions of people.
    I think Google did the right thing.

  11. I’m Jewish and I strongly disagree with Google as well.

    Free speech is free speech.

    Clearly this was not obscene.

  12. I think this app warrants enough reason to be removed. Maybe obscene is not the right word but offensive is.

  13. @Haggie

    Freedom of speech is a protection from the GOVERNMENT censoring your speech, not a private company. Google has every right to pull this from their market place, just like they would have the right to remove a KKK theme, or graphic sex themes.

  14. You’d think if the creator is smart enough to make the theme, he’d be past the whole Nazi thing, but oh well.


  16. I guess I spent too many characters on the “obscenity” part of the whole thing: my argument – if you want the short and sweet version – is that Google needs to stay consistent with their judgment and they need to enforce stricter policies in regards to the Market because I’m sure these themes weren’t (and aren’t) the only offensive downloads to be had.

  17. I don’t get this post. The swastika has been denounced by pretty much the entire human race. It’s a repugnant symbol that represents the worst of the human condition. Where do you see it everywhere? In movies, games? In pretty much all of those the Nazi’s are the bad guys and die in the end. There are some conversations that do not need a devil’s advocate position. This is one. Any tool that would want this is a hateful person. Period. There is no casual use of the swastika.

    I thought people overreacted to the downfall meme contest, but idunno maybe you are a little clueless when it comes to these things.

  18. @Haggie free speech doesn’t apply here. When you agree with the TOS of a company you play by their rules.

    And I agree with James the sign is similar to a racial slur and its offensive/obscene to them.

    The developer clearly had malicious intent when he put the words Jewish in the description so Jews can find it.

  19. Last time I checked there is still a little thing called freedom of speech/expression in this country. Shame on you Google for bending over to the Zionist agenda. I’m offended by the Star of David, lets see if Google removes that from the Market.

  20. @Quentyn point taken and your right but I think you picked the wrong app to make your point sorry. haha

  21. Seriously? You’re on the fence on this? Developers sign an agreement with Google to distribute their apps in the Market. Part of it says they won’t upload apps that include “promotions of hate or incitement of violence.” If a Nazi app isn’t a promotion of hate, I don’t know what is.

  22. An open Android Market doesn’t have to mean there are zero standards at all. Considering that anyone (who isn’t on an AT&T branded Android) can sideload apps, I think Google is right to screen out hate speech and malware at the very least. And perhaps some of the “developers” who load thousands of $1 apps that do nothing but show you a few pictures of a celebrity.

  23. I’m not clueless on these things @ryan (17). I know how the swastika is regarded (or disregarded, more appropriately) by the vast majority of the world. It’s a symbol, at the end of the day, and I don’t know which history book you were taught from, but mine never taught me that Hitler and his Nazi movement created the symbol. Sure, they popularized it, but it’s been around much longer, used by many different cultures, and for many different reasons.

    Yes, this market entry was specifically about the Swastika Hitler wore and adored, but please re-read the commentary. It’s not about the logo itself, nor the meaning behind it.

    I normally hate posting politically-sensitive commentary for any publication, but it was more to drive home the fact that Google is not showing consistency here. I’ve clearly failed.

  24. But here’s the thing. There are also Che Guevara apps on the market and he was also a sick killer of thousands and thousands of people.
    “Executions? Certainly we execute! And we will continue executing as long as it is necessary! This is a war to the death against the revolution’s enemies!” Che Guevara 1964.

  25. @Beresker Go fuck yourself you retarded degenerate.

  26. when i was in korea the swastika was on nearly every map i looked at. it denoted the location of bhudist temples. if i am not mistaken that is where the thing originaly came from. i only bring this up because so many people say that it, in and of it’self is offensive. my question would be “what about context?”

    obviously, in this situation it is offensive, i dont know if i would go so far as to say obscene, but that’s another matter. would it be equally offensive in a bhuddist app?

  27. OK, read the TOS. This is clearly covered and within Google’s right to remove:

    Developers should not upload or otherwise make available applications or any other materials that display (via text, images, video or other media) or link to:

    promotions of hate or incitement of violence.

    If you think the swastika and Nazi flag isn’t a promotion of hate, you are pretty ignorant.

    This is why you have sideloading. Google has no responsibility to host this stuff.

  28. @Ari-Free That’s one of the examples I was referring to. There are many more that may not be blatantly offensive or obscene, but I’m sure their content would bring about some bad memories (or hurtful feelings, at the least) for the groups that are associated with the other end of the stick. Those should be taken down too on Google’s reasoning, no?
    The description for this Nazi theme clearly singled out the Jewish race, and I agree with Google’s stance there, but what’ll happen if the description is updated? Will Google re-allow it? This is the issue I’m wondering about.

  29. @John (26) That’s what I’m trying to point out to Ryan (17). The swastika itself is not just associated with the Nazi regime and Hitler. In this context, yes, but what wrong is it to display the symbol itself? Would Google re-allow the theme – which was seemingly nothing but a bunch of swastika flags everywhere – after the description’s been updated?

  30. that’s clearly a Nazi swastika with the red white and black flag

  31. (I should also point out that there are Che apps on Apple’s app store. But no Adobe Flash)

  32. @Quentin i doubt it. while the swastika it’self has other roots, the flag patterns and color schemes are clearly intended to represent nazi germany. in the righthand screenshot there are two icons that bear the “iron cross”(i believe that’s the correct term) the top left icon and far right second down. another staple of nazi symbolism(still used by motorcycle “clubs” today).

    while i agree that the swastika it’self may not be a communication of hatred and genocide, in this case it is clearly placed at the center of such a display. again taking into account the context of the colors, patterns and other symbols present.

    my only hesitance to stand behind the decision to remove the app under “hate speach” would be where else it could lead. would a “support prop 8” app be hate speach? would it be hate speach to produce an app encouraging immigrants to the US to learn english? as clear a case as this is, and as much as i agree personally, i would have to wonder, who is patrolling for hate speach(lets face it, that’s what makes this ‘obscene’) and what are the standards?
    i dont like the idea of thought police and as much as there are certain thoughts i would like to see abolished, i think there are better ways.

  33. The argument that the swastika existed before hitler is getting old. The Nazi flag is clearly different from the traditional symbol. I seriously doubt anyone who uses this as a religious symbol, (where it is reversed) is confused about which is which.

    I get that what you were trying to talk about was googles policy, but it comes across as playing devils advocate. You even felt the need to say “I’m not pro-Nazi, as much as my commentary might make me out to seem” so you knew what you were walking into. Finally it is obscene. That word is not reserved for T&A.

  34. So what is the difference between google’s app market and apple’s app store if this continues? Apple prescreens and google screens after it is posted? I hope google does not continue down this road.

    Seriously people. If you really are offended, JUST DON’T DOWNLOAD. Is it really that hard? Do you want every book, magazine, website, encyclopedia, etc destroyed if the content is something you find offensive? If you are that easily offended either grow up or move to China where everything is censored for your fragile little eyes!!

  35. I’m ok with this, or at least it seems like a normal decision.

    Same thing with Facebook not allowing such groups on. It’s their perogative, and I’m sure Google is trying to avoid regulation for “hurtful” speech or whatever.

  36. Frankenstein’s monster. Rules and regulations have to be imposed or quality will greatly suffer. Google created it and Google needs to monitor it. The last thing Google and most of the Android users want is to be associated with negative groups pushing their negative agenda.

    I believe in time this will all be worked out, for the moment Google is experiencing growing pains as they try to find safe ground on how far market control needs to be. Freedom isn’t free and censorship isn’t always clear cut in definition and scope. I totally agree that fairness in decision making needs to occur though. All rules need to apply to everyone equally, and be clearly defined.

  37. It’s probably generally accepted as offensive.
    It certainly offended me. But I don’t agree with Google’s action to take it down. Plenty of things offend me. I can easily choose not to download it. Next thing you know, Google will join forced with the chinese government to censor the world’s internet traffic.

  38. Using of nazi symbols is a crime in a lot of european countries including Germany. So yes, google should remove this app.

  39. If I had found this and Google refused to remove it, I would get rid of my N1 and all that I have associated with Google. I can’t believe this author even raised the question. Its hate, obscene, offensive and much more.

  40. “If there’s one thing anyone can’t deny about the “walled garden” Apple polices, it’s that they at least make it clear what you can and can’t do”

    Er, no, Apple’s failure to be consistent and clear is one of the most common knocks against its App Store policy.

  41. Ace,

    Just because something is offensive doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t allow people to say it.

  42. OK, everyone. Lets’s wind it down to the concise points:

    -Freedom of Speech is not an issue. No Bill of Rights pertains to a private company. Only the Federal Government. You don’t really have the right to free speech in America. The government doesn’t have the right to censor what you say. Period.
    -This does appear to violate the developer agreement against not inciting hate or violence. The symbol in conjunction with the color schemes is clearly remarking on Nazi-ism. Add to that the “jewish” search, and you can clearly see the connection.
    -Google can be more consistent, but it does follow their established pattern. They received a complaint (which anyone can make via the market), they reviewed, they took action.

    Case closed

  43. The 卍 (ban) kanji in Japanese has some old Buddhist connection that I don’t know much about.
    The problem is that the colours and patterns are clearly Nazi symbols.

    My opinion on this actual matter is more of a “no comment”. If I was to see it in the market I would just ignore it and move on.
    I can’t say I was offended at all because it is just a picture that I can ignore. Then again, I don’t think anything really offends me.

  44. Free speech does not mean that google has to allow it in the market. That’s why android is flexible and open. If you want to download this garbage you can do so from somewhere else. I see no problem with this action by google.

    That said, the Swastika is a very old symbol that had an old history long before the Nazi’s appropriated it. if there was an app showing swastikas, say, as used by Buddhists, Kuna Indians or even christian tradition, I don’t think there would be anything to complain about or that google should remove.

  45. The symbol of the 3rd Reich is not a racial slur. Showing their flag is the same as showing the flag of the United States of America. Or any flag for that matter.

  46. As a [half] Jew(or even just as a generally intelligent person), this app would offend me.

    As a software developer,however, the immediate removal doesn’t sit right with me. Everybody is offended by *something*, and it’s a slippery slope from removing Nazi images to removing porn to removing a simply controversial viewpoint that someone doesn’t like.

    I chose Android because Google respects it’s users and allows us to choose the applications and contents that we install on our phones. If this is the beginning of app policing based only on content, this is a sad day for the platform.

    If google really wants to clean the market, they should start with developers like “Jazz Jackrabbit” and “Playstation”. Not only are their *names* infringing on IP that belongs to others, their app catalogs are nothing more than bejeweled clones and memory games with the jewels replaced by characters they clearly don’t have the rights to use. It wouldn’t even be so annoying except they flood the market with about 40 new apps(or updates) a night.

    ..and then there’s the guy who uploads pirated ebooks like Harry Potter and Twilight and puts a banner ad in the middle of every page.

    ..and google is worried about some people having their feelings hurt? change the channel.

  47. How do people get stuck on this freedom of speech thing?
    You want freedom of speech go stand on a street corner.

    If your in a business, on a forum, whatever. you don’t have freedom of speech. that person has he full right to edit or throw you out if they don’t like what you said.

    If this contained historical images then that’s one thing. but to glorify the third reich in a theme is another.
    What if one decided to emblaze their phone, and market theme, with wallpaper of the corpses of their victims? would that be over the line.

  48. Oh stop posting bullshit you know nothing about.

    Swastika might have even been a symbol of love in some cultures, it doesn’t matter anymore since it has been used by psychopaths who have slaughtered millions of Jews, Poles and other nationalities in their deathcamps, on the city streets and during that senseless war.

    If someone is retarded enough to have it on his phone he should be excluded from the society.


    Try visiting Oswiecim Museum in Poland – kinda changes most people point of view.

    What are we discussing anyway?!

    PS. In many countries of EU swastika is a symbol banned by the law – for a GOOD REASON.

    EOT on my end.

  49. To all those crying “free speech”, you really should read the first amendment.

    Since Google is not Congress, they don’t have to give a stage for any speech that they don’t like.

    If you don’t like it, well, don’t use their products. I don’t like how Apple and Sony behave, so neither of those companies get any money from me (this includes Sony’s movie and record studios).

    Google is a company, and they need people to want to use their services. Many (possibly most) people would not want to see this in their application store (especially when you realize that Google was making money off of every copy sold). In Germany, these applications would actually be illegal. Removing these apps probably does more good than harm over all, when you consider it from their point of view.

  50. Wow, all this telling people what they can and can’t have/do kinda makes me want to find and install it now.

  51. eric you don’t have to use the market. Someone can make their own alternative market or just offer downloads from their website. For example, let’s say I want to make an app that makes fun of some politician. I would not want to put it on the market because even if google approves it: 1) I do not want to be dependent on their grace and mercy and 2) who wants the risk of having the app rated down to oblivion by the fans on the other side? I can just put it on my website and pass the link around

  52. @Charlie The difference between the Google App Market and the Apple App Store will be minimal. The difference between Android and iOS will still quite large for one simple reason. Android allows someone else to open up their own store if they don’t like the policies. It’s that simple. Best Buy isn’t required to carry any type of electronics or computer they don’t want to. That’s fine as long as I always have the option to go to Fry’s.

  53. @ Ace Curry, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    “zionist agenda” that’s a good one.

  54. I dunno why people are still arguing about this…

    did anyone read what Eric wrote? (his first post?):

    “OK, read the TOS. This is clearly covered and within Google’s right to remove: Developers should not upload or otherwise make available applications or any other materials that display (via text, images, video or other media) or link to:promotions of hate or incitement of violence.”

    enough said.

  55. Way to go Google!

  56. Okay… here’s the deal.

    1. Judaism is NOT a race, but rather a religion.
    2. The swastika is offensive. PERIOD!
    3. This is America, the land of the free, and if an idiot wants to put up swastikas, so be it.
    4. Display a swastika publicly and I might just follow you home and teach you a lesson on what the swastika means to me. Trust that you will not be as happy with it as you thought you were.

  57. Good that Google had removed this, good that Google knows everyone who had it… ‘cummon wikileaks, publish all the names ‘n emails!!!

    Ah the joy of an all-powerful corporation that knows everything about what users do… Google must know the details of everyone who downloaded this filth. Now I wonder if someone will publish…

    My Dad spent most of the war as a “guest” of Mr Hitler in Germany & Poland. My Dad was pretty right-wing but I know what he’d think of the scum that published and/or downloaded this filth..

  58. I think that this was a clear violation of Google’s TOS, however I agree that it should be available for sideloading, for those so inclined. I don’t agree with it, but I also don’t like censorship.

  59. I totally agree with Google removing the app, because it violates the TOS agreement. You cannot please or avoid offending everyone. Having a TOS agreement is loads better than combing through every app that comes up. This is not violating free speech, but the app is violating Google’s TOS. It is a fine line to walk in Google’s case. I am not sure if the description is changed that Google would re-allow the app. One thing Google needs is better filtering in their market. The only way to find good apps is searching the internet for reviews because filtering through the loads of useless apps such as ‘hot girl pictures’ is not fun.

  60. It should come down to the definition of the TOS. A swastika by itself isn’t offensive, if it is to you then you need to do some research and learn that its a very old symbol with a RELIGOUS background. But, in the manner it was used for the sake of the app, to commemorate or celebrate nazis and the nazi mentality in general is clearly offensive and chould be considered obscene. Murder is and always has been obsce, racism and hate should not be commemorated or celebrated. The end.

  61. I’m not really too fussed on the removal. People will be offended and people won’t. Though to be honest I’d rather see all static wallpaper removed for clogging the market with junk.

    What really confuses me is the image of neo-Nazis and/or white supremacists pulling out their Android phones complete with swastika wallpaper. I’d just laugh if I saw that.

  62. I do not question Google’s action on this, yes I stand with the majority. People always use freedom of speech as an excuse or for the wrong reasons, and it makes me sick. The fact of the matter anything that is related to Nazi is hateful, evil and tasteless, unless of course one is a Nazi sympathizer. Google created Android for the greater good and of course to generate a shit load of revenue for them. If you do not like how Google run its business or “wall of garden” then you have the rights to take your business elsewhere, Symbian, BlackBerry, iOS, WinMo or whatever. I do not think Google deserved any negative criticism for this action.

  63. @James the Jewish people are not a race. It is a religion. Indian is a race. Chinese is a race. Caucasian is a race. If the Jewish people are considered a race, then so are the Catholics, which nobody considers a race.

    I’m not saying I’m antisemitic, because I’m not, but it’s not true that they are a race, and the swastika is not a racial slur. It’s been used throughout different cultures meaning many different things. For example, the Egyptians used it heavily in their hieroglyphics. The only reason it is considered to be bad is because Hitler used it to symbolize his reign and the Third Reich.

    This use of it, however, is a promotion of hate, and I agree with Google’s decision to remove it. Nobody should be able to promote hate of a certain religion, and even though there is such a thing as freedom of speech, there have to be limitations. If there weren’t, you could consider killing someone in the name of a certain belief freedom of speech, because you are promoting something. It just doesn’t make sense not to have the limitations.

  64. Offensive yes, Obscene no. Even offensive speech should be allowed. Heck even Obscene speech. If you do not like it do not install it.

  65. My great-Grandma’s entire family died in the holocaust. I find this very offensive. Also, why was he looking up “jewish”? just asking.

  66. I suggest that everybody google (or bing) this:

    “Michael Gartenberg” apple

    …and then cotemplate on the coincidence of this dude finding some hitler stuff on the Android Market and screaming about it on some blog instead of flagging it as offensive on the market which is very easy to do.

  67. FUCK hitler, nazis, skin heads, and KKK

  68. “upsetting” is a personal based upon bias. This is HISTORY dammit, and if we ignore the past, it will return. We cannot make it all go away like the Germans have tried and failed, this is part of our past and we need to be reminded of it. No one will complain when we have a US Cavalry themed app, because no one cares what was done to the Native tribes of America.
    Get a grip people, and Google stay out of my apps.

  69. This article does a lot more harm to the Android community then anything else with its fear mongering that google is handling things wrong.

    Google acted in its rights. This was content used in context making it a violation of googles terms of service. This was NOT swastikas used to do with anything to do with budhist. Don’t be a fool and don’t make this a theory debate.

    Google has been very clear on what is will and will not allow. Perhaps there has been a few missed apps. We are at 100,000 registered apps now, expecting google to be perfect is asking to much. And apple has indeed made the very same mistakes with “pasties” apps that were first aloud, and then removed.

    Google has never claimed to have a compleatly hands off market. There claim is to try and stay as hands off as they can while enforcing the market rules where it is needed. There method of running the market allows for more common sense and this is better then the “word lawyered” method that the writer of this article seems to think is needed.

    Come on people, grow up. This is not college, Google is doing the right thing.. let them do it. You want to debate about theology go do it on the apple forum.

  70. It violates the TOS, it goes, end of story. Also, Germany has banned any Nazi imagery save for historical accuracy in documentaries/artwork. I would have a very hard time seeing this being accepted in Germany, so it would make sense for the remainder of the world to follow suit and not allow it.

  71. This was a hard call for Google, even if I disagree with it philosophically. One aspect of freedom that does not exist is the freedom from being ticked off by the bad behavior of others. That’s not what freedom is. Freedom and liberty are intrinsically messy processes by design. Protecting your freedom precisely means you have to protect the freedom of what some would deem crazy and radical people. So long as no one is harmed (and no one can be harmed by pictures or words in any meaningful way no matter what you might FEEL) you have to accept the existence of stuff like this.

    Granted, it’s Google’s marketplace and they have every right to police their little garden. Just don’t count this as some big “win” for the rest of us who don’t hate. People who foster and foment hate are going to continue to do so, because that’s simply how some people are.

    Me? I’d rather what they do be wide out in the open, so I can keep an eye on them and ridicule them publicly. It keeps the playing field more level this way. :)

  72. Google has the right to take out any application that does not fit their ecosystem. Every business has morals and values and obviously this would put Google in bad light and affect their business. This application with the swastika color schemed ‘pro Nazi’ is a failed past and so Google made a reasonable choice to take it off. Apple and Google have the right to censor’s their business. If you don’t agree with it, then find another OS to carry your philosophy of free speech. I think they would make the rational/reasonable choice not to have carry this symbol of heavy burden. It’s a downer for a reason and to associate with ignorance is something money companies steer away from.

  73. I agree with most that freedom of speech matters, but who the hell cares, this benefits no one.

    There are times when you need to stfu and think about it in realistic ways, this isn’t a big deal, I’d probably like it removed even though I’d advocate free speech on most any subject.

  74. I am israeli and Jewish and this is extremely offensive, due to the fact that my whole family was murdered in germany!!

    By the way, google founders are jewish, so they would be extremely offensive by that

  75. Just one thing to say.

    While i am no racist, i do feel we are far too sensitive to the jewish and black people as a whole.

    I am full blooded American Indian.

    And i am forced to deal with on an everyday basis things that are horribly offensive to me and my people.

    The Washington Redskins for one. The Word redskin is ths same to my people as the “N” word is to the black race. Or the swastika is top the jew.

    We have no Detroit Tar Babies or New York Kikes..

    Yet there is a professional sports team named after that horrible and well known derogatory term ..

    I guess because we are still considered less that relevant this don’t factor into the racist thing..

    Far more Native Americans were killed during the INVASION of this country (and it WAS an invasion! You don’t DISCOVER a country with millions of people already in it. you INVADE it) than were killed in all the German death camps..

    Again not saying it was not horrible what happened to them, but please lets share some of this racial sensitivity among the other races. The Jew and the black were not the only people to have had horrible things done to them. But the way things are you would think so…

    I guess the job they started a few hundred years ago is almost complete. We as a race of people are all but forgotten!.

  76. @Ace Curry, I guess I hurt the little Faggots feelings. GET OVER IT ASSHOLE!!

  77. Good for Google.


  79. people get offended for the darndest reasons, im offended by people who are easily offended by anything. tolerance and its inversive shockers are a yin and a yang to everyday life and people will live how THEY want/. if you see something offensive, look past it and move on. i do agree that things should be catagorized accordingly

  80. Dear Phandroid, you should really consider deleting this article. It makes you sound culturally insensitive, and the comments are a clusterfuck of people with opinions that don’t need to be in contact with each other on your website about said opinions.

  81. these are nazi themes, have nothing to do with Buddhism etc. yes there’s “free speech” in the us and certain other countries but its google’s house and you’re playing in it. they have a right and responsibility to keep some kind of control/direction over the marketplace. its a mess right now with all sorts of garbage. right off the bat they should make more categories.

  82. that being said: obviously anyone who installs these themes on their phone and displays them is looking for attention and trying to start trouble. they are either completely insensitive or hateful. probably both. we all know millions of jews were killed in the holocaust. many holocaust deniers lower the numbers of the dead but still believe there were killings. and i don’t want to hear the argument that it’s a slippery slope and tomorrow my ideas could be offensive, yada yada. i’d like to hope we are collectively mature enough to realize this is one case where i think we can all agree it’s blatantly offensive. unless you’re a nazi.

  83. There’s a law in many European countries that prohibited the act of pro-nazi.
    Paulo Di Canio, an Italian footballer born in Rome, once got banned for a few matches for doing what he called “a Roman salute”, which resembles Nazi’s sieg-heil.

    Is that the reason behind this? I mean, it violates the law of so many countries and Google just don’t wanna risk a lawsuit?

  84. “If there’s one thing anyone can’t deny about the “walled garden” Apple polices, it’s that they at least make it clear what you can and can’t do and will take action before the first user calls foul.”

    Because they haven’t accepted a boob jiggle app then removed it, then reinstated it then removed it. Or changed their mind about apps not written on Macs at all?

    Ironic we’re talking about Nazi apps and the positives of extreme censoring in the same article.

  85. Berserkr- So let me get this straight. You are Jew hating Gay Basher? If you read the posts in the thread, there are some well articulated thoughts. You sir are a ridiculously poor excuse for a douche-bag.

    Oh I know articulated is more that 3 syllables so you can google that.

  86. Jewish Paranoia once again. The only genocides nowadays are israelis (fact) and their ilegal occupation so please take all david stars out of my sight. Jews are not the victims anymore, so please stop crying over and over again about your movie industry holocaust.
    I really think nothing should be censored, but now that nazis are being censored why not apply the same censorship to israelis that are doing to palestinians the same thing nazis did to them. And not only to palestinians, to the whole world but disobeying the UN that represents all the rest. Israelis with their forceful occupation of the Jordan river are making the dead sea descend 1 meter every year, so yes, Israel is producing an ecological disaster as well. Israel is the biggest enemy to human race as I see it here in europe.

  87. I can not believe jews are so critic to the Nazi regime and now act in the same way to Palestinians. Shame on you Israelis. Teach with example. If you keep on like that you will end up splitting waters again and again and again as you have done many times during history. Try to make friends with the rest of the world for once.

  88. Jewish Paranoia once again my friends. The only genocides nowadays are israelis (fact) and their ilegal occupation so please take all david stars out of my sight. Jews are not the victims anymore, so please stop crying over and over again about your movie industry holocaust.
    I really think nothing should be censored, but now that nazis are being censored why not apply the same censorship to israelis that are doing to palestinians the same thing nazis did to them. And not only to palestinians, to the whole world but disobeying the UN that represents all the rest. Israelis with their forceful occupation of the Jordan river are making the dead sea descend 1 meter every year, so yes, Israel is producing an ecological disaster as well. Israel is the biggest enemy to human race as I see it here in europe.

  89. Shame on jews that are so critic to Nazis and are doing the exact same thing to palestinians. Teach with example or you will end up splitting seas again and again and again as you have done so many times during history. Make friends with the rest of us for once …

  90. Jewish Paranoia once again people. The only genocides nowadays are israelis (fact) and their ilegal occupation so please take all david stars out of my sight. Jews are not the victims anymore, so please stop crying over and over again about your movie industry holocaust.
    I really think nothing should be censored, but now that nazis are being censored why not apply the same censorship to israelis that are doing to palestinians the same thing nazis did to them. And not only to palestinians, to the whole world by disobeying the UN that represents all the rest. Israelis with their forceful occupation of the Jordan river are making the dead sea descend 1 meter every year, so yes, Israel is producing an ecological disaster as well. Israel is the biggest enemy to human race as I see it here in europe.

  91. All the “I’m Jewish and I don’t agree with Google” people… do me a favor and stop lying…
    I’m Jewish, lives in Israel and I greatly appreciate Google for removing this NATZI-ANTISEMITIC theme… although I know they also did it to protect themselves.

    how would African-American people feel if someone upload a klu klux klan theme? I’m pretty sure they’ll feel like the Jewish people, and they should, this is just being offensive and trying to hurt people.

  92. I reported the app…and I’m glad they took it down. There has to be some sort of order to the market. Good for google.

  93. When ‘freedom of speech’ = ‘bad for business’, then you can forget about your freedom of speech!

    This will offend and is illegal in a number of countries and that means less customers…so Google had to get rid of it, fairly straight forward.

  94. I honestly feel everyone should have the right to express their political views, however stupid of offensive they may be. And they should be allowed to do so with pictures, statistics and written word.
    After all, they only out themselves as idiots when they do.
    This right does not, however, extend to freedom of action. When you beat someone up or restrict their lives due to political view you are out of line.

    So, according to my views, google just stepped over the boundry there. They are actively restricting political views (granted said views are rather stupid and offensive).

    But, Google may do what it pleases with its market. I just feel there is more pressing issues with the market than the odd political hot potato.

  95. I don’t even see why this is up for discussion. Anything that promotes racial hatred should not be in the market, end of.

  96. I am jewish and i wish jews and nazis could both reside in the same place peacefully. I dont agree with the google removal.

  97. im not agree with the removal, it’s not fair. There must be phone content for anyone. This motherfuckers are not respecting the freedom of beliefs, this is censure guys.
    Why a national socialist cound not have his flag on his phone? Im sure that there is a lot of communist themes on the web. But.. communism murdered 100.000.000 people on the world and they can have a communist theme!
    The “official history” say us that 6 millions jews were murdered by the “nazis” but when we want to investigate if it is true, we go to prison, so i can say(in my opinion) that there was ANY genocide made by the “nazis”, so if 6 million jews didn’t die, the hate to the national socialism has any sense, so i want my hitler theme now. Stop censure NOW!

  98. Other thing, national socialism is not racial hatred, the NS was not racial hatred, there were a lot of soldiers of other races in the Third Recich(also jews).
    Know that, skinheads does not represent the national socialism, skinheads can not understand what national socialism is! they think that FIGHT FOR NS is kill a black or a jew, and that is FAKE.
    National Socialism is not hate, is peace.
    National Socialism is KEEP ALL races alive, NOT KILL IT!
    Obviously don’t you read from the zionist wikipedia, read on Metapedia and find videos about the truth about NS on youtube.
    Greetings :D

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