“Pimp My App” Contest Looks to Put The Spotlight on Fox’s Fringe and San Francisco


As if the spotlight wasn’t already on one of the biggest cities in this country, AppNation, Fox, and the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau are inviting developers to create apps that will not only promote the freaky show Fringe, but San Francisco, as well. What’s in it for you? A first place cash prize of $10,000 (Fringe) should motivate you to open Eclipse and hack away at your next big creation. There’s only one problem: you’ll need to learn iOS development, as well, as they’re only taking entries for apps that are made for both Android and iOS devices.


Not into Fringe? Not a problem, indeed. You can win $2,500 for creating an awesome San Francisco-centric app that users won’t be able to refuse to download should they ever find themselves needing to visit the storied city. The app would essentially need to entice someone who’s never been or hasn’t planned to go based purely on what they see in the app.

More details can be had at their official contest page. If you Android developers don’t fancy having to learn Objective-C to code on the iOS platform, why not partner up with a dev familiar with it and split the winnings? Just some food for thought from your friendly neighborhood Phandroid!

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. i freaking love that show. wish i were a developer. i would also want to meet the cast and get to watch a filming.

  2. i love the show fringe as well, but i’m not writing no ios app.

  3. Fringe rules, but iOS can suck it. HA!



    The rules don’t say you have to do both. This is what they say

    “all submitted applications must, at a minimum, be compatible with either Apple iOS or Google Android operating systems. ”

    It says OR, not AND


  5. Why San Francisco when the show is set in Boston?

  6. It’s set in Boston, shot in New York (state) and Canada… i, too, wonder what relation Fringe has to San Francisco.

  7. Maybe because lots of weird people live in San Francisco?

  8. It’s two contests.. Fringe being the main, SF being a second with a smaller prize.. Not sure what could be done here.. I can see Fringe themes, or maybe a Fringe game, but what could you do as an app ?.. maybe tie in your GPS location so that the town name hovers over pics you take ? or Fringify ™ an app with those weird pictograph icons from the show ? .. there’s an app. maybe someone could decipher what they all mean, so that during the show you could snap a pic of them and have them deciphered for you.

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