Another Look at Samsung’s Galaxy S PMP



This week’s Samsung event came and went with no mention of the Galaxy S PMP, but that hasn’t stopped the device from making an appearance. This latest image doesn’t do much to shed more light on the media player featuring Android and the TouchWiz 3.0 interface; about the only thing we can take away is the potential device name — the Galaxy Player. It will feature everything the international Galaxy S phone carries minus a cellular radio. That means front-facing and rear cameras, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, and a gorgeous Super AMOLED display. Still no word on when this might be hitting shelves.

[via Android Community]

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  1. DO WANT!

  2. about time we had an alternative to the ipod

  3. If it is anything like the Vibrant I don’t want it. The battery would have to be guaranteed to last 8 hours on a single charge with moderate use before I would buy it.

  4. This is great I’ll be getting this to trade in my ZUNE HD.

  5. Ohio droid. All you have to do is for 10-15 dollars get a phone with charger that you don’t have to charge while on the phone. Also, all you touch wiz haters get a life. Get over your biases and yes I can’t stand the iphone but if the iphone was open source it would be an awesome phone and more multi-tasking

  6. I hope the US version doesn’t say “YEPP” across the top…

  7. “If it is anything like the Vibrant I don’t want it. The battery would have to be guaranteed to last 8 hours on a single charge with moderate use before I would buy it.”

    You do realize most of the juice that get’s expended through the Galaxy S (and all phones for that matter) is through the cellular radio/modem right? So take away the modem and….

  8. This has me trully interested. Especially if skype video calls can work their way in. Plus if this thing ships with froyo and flash we will see. I’m also interested in that ten inch Motorola tablet. But owning a droid and a tablet and android mp3 sounds like a lot of over kill.

  9. david, I only understood about half of what you just wrote.

  10. I don’t know why no one ever thought about making an android PMP before.. by no one I mean a top manufacturer… I would think Sony would switch to Android for their Walkman series..

  11. @ari-free are you new here or something? i’m blown away that your calling this the first alternative to an ipod. You do realize this is a phone right? This is actually the same as the samsung vibrant but for a different country.

  12. is this ganna be like a ipod touch??

  13. hey i have the vibrant and im on it all the time and it has a great batter life just make sure you have advanced task killer and it will greatly improve your battery life also does anyone know how to convert the apple apps to android???? i know its possible i just cant figure out how to if anyone nows please email me at [email protected] it would be greatly appreciated

  14. When????

  15. Christian, yes, but with android. Ohio Droid. I am fairly confident that it will last more than 8 hours of heavy use. The main battery drain (by a huge margin) on a phone is its cellular radio. without that radio I wouldn’t be surprised to see battery life double or even triple.

  16. Well with all the replies to my comment I guess its safe to say I don’t have a clue about what I’m talking about.

    All I know is that the Vibrant that I had would eat the battery alive with no radio service on, screen all the way down, and wifi off. Playing a couple albums while washing my car the battery was dead in 4 hours, and screen was off most of the time, explain that?

  17. If they manage to get a decent battery time ( above 6 hours ) i guess it should be pretty interesting. I can already see myself watching movies during those boring classes.

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  19. I do have to agree with OhioDroid in that the battery life is deplorable even without using the phone or internet – Playing games, even with dimmed screens, kills it…

    That being said, the battery readout shows what the power is used on, and on a typical day with full battery discharge (for me on my Captivate), like 30% is used on making an hour or two of calls, 30+% is used on the screen even with dimming and optimization, and only like 5% is the standby of the phone… So I would say that without a radio, the device will manage to play music for at least 8 hours! And I play music from the SD card all the time, and it doesn’t seem to drain the battery any worse than on my Touch. :) So that’s at least a good thing for this device’s prospective battery life!

  20. Interesting reports on the battery life, I have the Captivate and checking my battery I am at 5 days, 15 hours, 32 minutes, 45 seconds since it was last charged. I currently have only 26% of the battery left, but I can easily get four days on my battery and this will be my second in a row at over 6 days.

    I use my phone what I consider quite a bit too, not sure why I’m getting such good battery life really?

  21. Not making phone calls or using data services doesn’t mean the cellular radio isn’t using battery power. Putting the phone in airplane mode would be the only way to achieve this.

  22. @OhioDriod and Karl

    I have a Vibrant too and I was getting pissed at the battery life, I couldn’t stand it not even lasting a day of light usage that would only drain my battery halfway on my MT3G. I was a day away from returning it but I didn’t want to give up the screen (it’s so beautiful) so I did a little research and tried a trick people used on the their nexus one’s. You need to condition the battery. What I mean is use it, drain it completely so it turns off, then after that toss it on the charger, turn it on immediately and let it completely charge. Basically resets the battery’s memory. Also make sure when you pull it off a charger or turn it on leave it alone for a minute so it can do all of it’s syncing in peace. So far this has worked amazingly for me, I went from it dying in 6 hours to it lasting 16 hours with 25% left after a day of moderate use.

  23. I haven’t had problems with my Vibrant. I get about a day and a half before it reaches 20% on a full charge. I use my vibrant for everything in a single day (music, watching videos, texting, and taking pictures)I’m pretty sure that the PMP will last as long as an ipod touch or so if you know how to condition the battery.

  24. The best fon i ever had

  25. @OhioDroid: To give you an idea about how this battery life might be do this: Fully charge your vibrant, then put in “airplane mode” and then play music and see how long until it dies. Granted you can’t make/receive calls or texts during it, but it will give you a much better idea how long the battery can last.

  26. Dam wish it had a HDD…

  27. @Eaton you do realize this is not a phone from another country right? dip

  28. Didn’t even notice Eaton’s comment lol. That is hilarious. People need to read an article before commenting on it lol.

  29. Nobody messes with the wise and perceptive ari-free. Especially idiots such as Eaton.

  30. Looks like the Canadian version of the galaxy S.

  31. Looks like the design Que came from the 1st or 2nd generation iPhone….don’t it?

  32. normally i don’t say things like this, but… sPod?
    this really smells like apple-copying.

  33. @Solomon it actually looks almost exactly like a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gen iPhone. The only iPhone it doesn’t look like is the iPhone4. The UI makes it even more iPhonish unfortunately.

    I love the hardware, and I’ve used TouchWiz. It isn’t really that bad, but it’s too much of a copy of iOS. I hate how it drops randomly colored backgrounds behind icons, it’s stupid! The small little quirks the UI has make me hate it with a passion. I don’t care if it looks like an iPhone really, but to avoid the fanboy “OMGz Android is just an iPhone clone” comments we HAVE to differentiate, and this isn’t doing it…

  34. @Jesse: I totally agree with you with that. An Android definitely has to differentiate itself away from the iPhone look and feel…because an Android phone DoesBetter ;)

  35. Looks nice selling my Zune HD also, anyone know a release date for the states? I was thinking of getting the Ipod Touch, but now I’m getting this

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