Verizon Posts Official Shot of The R2D2 Droid 2


Looks like we won’t be limited to just blurrycam shots of Verizon’s R2D2 edition of their newly launched Motorola Droid 2. While the phone itself isn’t pictured here (just a shot of it in front of an R2D2 silhouette) something really awesome is: an authentic R2D2 figurine. It would be sweet if Verizon included one of these with every R2D2 Droid 2 purchase, no? Would that make the special edition of the Droid 2 more desirable for you? (All feelings about the actual phone’s aesthetics aside, of course.)


[via VZWOffers’ Twitpic]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The title should not be this one, as no R2D2 Droid X is shown in the picture, just a big case and the robot.

  2. Sweet….now all they need is a C3PO version and it’s on.

  3. I don’t care what color I just want that phone cuz i have a D1

  4. Figurine? Looks like a life-size replica to me. So if it is a life size replica, and that is a shot of the Droid 2, then that is a HUGE phone. It’s like 3 feet tall!

  5. The black R2D2 in the background scares me…*hides in the closet*

  6. pretty sweet promotional site they have set up there.
    as for the C3PO version, maybe they’ll do that for the 3rd droid.

  7. Can anybody successfully scan that QR code? I could not get it to work.

  8. @Android_Jedi

    I don’t think it’s a real QR code, take a look at the pixelated droid in the middle:

  9. That’s a life-size model in front of a floor standing banner, rather than a figurine.

  10. @at first poster its not supossed to be droid x r2d2 but a droid 2 r2d2 so get ur facts straight before u complain

  11. i think the first poster was referring to the fact that there is no actual phone in the picture, just an ad of one.

  12. I want!

  13. If the UI is not themed to R2D2 I do not want, I want a Custom UI not just a sticker on the shell! HELP!

  14. @The Southland Hustla, Why would anyone want a CS3PO theme anything?

    I’d like to see a furry Droid that Wookie calls when you receive a message though…

  15. oops.. C3PO* (been doing too much web work this week)

  16. Owning this phone will become the newest number one way to guarantee you never see a vagina in your lifetime.

    This is so gay its actually funny.

  17. Will somebody get this giant walking carpet out of my way?

  18. Would be better if it was on Droid X.

  19. I second the wookie theme!

  20. yippee!

  21. They should have done c3po or did one of Darth Vader cuz nerd or not he’s the sh**!!!!

  22. Any more specifics about it ?

  23. @b1gg134
    If you were gay you might be perfectly happy never to see another vagina in your lifetime. Perhaps this is a marketing strategy?

  24. Wish the QR-code was posted… i want to know what it goes to.

  25. Great looking phone , can’t wait to get one !
    A Death Star Version would be super .

  26. @b1gg134: You’ve obviously not been paying attention to the hot chicks who dress up as “Slave Leia” at the conventions.

  27. http://SCN.BY/9T9AB0HTW8GL7
    that’s where the barcode points to.

    had to get the full-size photo from the source(link is broken here btw, it adds the actual url to the url of this page)
    and then rotate, skew, and enhance the picture to get it to work.

  28. err, link lost an F at some point. is the right one.

  29. @dagwud: You’ve obviously not been paying attention to the fact that those hot chicks are generally being paid to be there (the genuinely hot ones and not the “hot for a nerd” ones), or are oblivious to the fact that they don’t go home with anyone from the conventions.

  30. You don’t have to let the ladies know about your little secret. Or the fact that you have an R2D2 phone.

  31. “I’d like to see a furry Droid that Wookie calls when you receive a message though…”

    “that would be great…for me to poop on!”-Triumph (enemy of all true star wars geeks)

  32. @b1gg134…as if anyone on here has ever seen a vagina anyway! I kid I kid..

  33. I WANT ONE…… to give to my 5 year old sister..

  34. Isn’t that what Boba Fett lost his life to in Return of the Jedi?

  35. IG88 version of STFU.

  36. Seeing the QR code upclose. It leads to the Droid Does website for the R2D2 Droid 2.

  37. This Droid moniker is going too far … R2-D2?? really?? This is just corny.

  38. I saw the demo phone at a verizon store. What is show in the picture is the back. It is a regular sized touch phone.I know of people that will buy it to keep as a collector’s piece.

    BTW I am married to a sci-fi loving man. Believe me there is nothing geeky about him.

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