Oh, You Thought T-Mobile Was Done Racking Up Customer Satisfaction Awards?


T-Mobile’s already taken home the highest marks for customer service in JD Power & Associate’s Quarter 2 surveys, and their train continues to roll today as they’ve once again been ranked the highest in customer satisfaction at the face-to-face point of sale. Alongside reading the press release, there’s nothing to say, really, except: T-Mobile must be that damned good in customer service and satisfaction and we expect they won’t allow that reputation to deteriorate as long as they operate. Full press details below.


Highest Ranking in Wireless Retail Customer Satisfaction Goes to T-Mobile USA, Again

T-Mobile’s Retail Customer Experience Ranked Top of the Wireless Industry by J.D. Power and Associates in Third Consecutive Study

BELLEVUE, Wash. – Aug. 12, 2010 – The accolades continue to pour in as T-Mobile USA, Inc. maintains its focus on the most important contributor to the company’s success: our customers. 1

Today, T-Mobile earned the highest ranking in the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction StudySM Volume 2, the third consecutive highest ranking for T-Mobile in that study.

“Our employees are responsible for creating and delivering an outstanding experience for every T-Mobile customer, from the first moment they walk into a T-Mobile store, and we’re proud that wireless customers have rated T-Mobile highest again for our service,” said Lisa LaFosse, senior vice president, retail sales, T-Mobile USA. “We are honored to receive the highest retail ranking for the third time in a row – it’s a demonstration of the professionalism of our retail sales team and our customer service partners. Most important, it reflects our continued success delivering an industry-leading service experience our customers and their families depend on.”

Today’s honor from J.D. Power and Associates is the latest accolade demonstrating that T-Mobile continues to set the standard for retail sales satisfaction in the wireless industry. In each of the dimensions for which the study measures customer satisfaction, T-Mobile scores above the wireless industry average. These dimensions include sales staff, price/promotion, store facility and store display. The following results are indicative both of T-Mobile employees’ commitment to customer satisfaction at retail locations, and of the value customers receive at those locations:
Sales staff. T-Mobile scores above the industry average in this dimension that measures customer satisfaction with the courtesy, speed and knowledge of retail sales employees.

Price/promotion. T-Mobile scores significantly above the industry average in this dimension that measures customer satisfaction with the competitiveness of devices and service plans, as well as the attractiveness of price or product incentives.

Store facility. T-Mobile ranks highest in the industry, and significantly above the industry average, for this dimension that measures customer satisfaction with retail stores’ cleanliness, layout, convenience and variety of devices available.
Store display. T-Mobile ranks highest in the wireless industry in this dimension that measures customer satisfaction with the accessibility and ease-of-use of in-store displays, informational materials and demonstration units.

Results of the 2010 J.D. Power and Associates Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction StudySM Volume 2 are based on 7,972 Internet survey interviews conducted between January 2010 and June 2010.
In addition, only two weeks ago T-Mobile received the highest ranking in the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Wireless

Customer Care Performance StudySM Volume 2, demonstrating the company’s commitment to delivering superior customer service online and over the phone, as well as in retail stores

More information about J.D. Power and Associates studies can be found at http://www.jdpower.com.

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  1. great, now expand the 3g network coverage will you tmobile.

  2. Penis?

  3. Coverage still sucks.

  4. Coverage really sucks. I’m stuck in a 2 year contract. I would have left these guys ages ago!

  5. I can only agree with the award…have been a T-Mobile customer for 5 years now and have only good experiences with them both over the phone, and in stores. The 3g coverage is plenty fast on the Vibrant, and can only get faster from here with the changes they’re making. People discount service too much in these days of releasing new phone after new phone. Keep up the good work, T-Mobile

  6. @Slick

    I bit the bullet and paid the termination fee to go to Sprint for the EVO. $200 termination fee, plus my last bill. Total was around $293…

  7. they did have good CS, but the network sucks

  8. Ohh wow, omG!! Congratulation… I can’t believe it…….. Please! Whatever!! Who care? Is rarely I call customer service and/or going to a T-mobile store I need no smiley face.. what I need is a damn upgrade to my motorola cliq because I’m still stuck with the 1.5 and I/We (cliq owners) am/are behind.. If could cancel my family plan contract!! but paying 200 dollars for cancelation fee per line.. no way… I guess I gotta wait a little bit more time.. all the android good things are in Verizon… and that’s what I need

  9. It seems to me it is easier to have a better customer satisfaction when you have far less customers.

  10. I’ve never had a sub-par experience with T-Mobile customer service, making me a fanatical customer of theirs. Whether in person, or over the phone, they always connect you with somebody knowledgeable, considerate and patient.

    Even though I am desperately waiting on Android 2.2 phones from them, or the Streak, I’m going to stick by them. Hopefully their coverage expands, but since I’m in NYC 99% of the time that usually doesn’t affect me.

  11. How do they figure this? Any Sprint store I’ve gone into they’ve been nice and have helped me out with my problems yet Sprint is ranked at the bottom of these surveys? What is it that they do that’s so much different? Do they go to the same stores when they do these surveys? Is that why the results are like this?

  12. even though i wish they would expand their 3g coverage(i am on the edge network), i will have to say they have by far the best customer service out of all the carriers.

  13. @ MonkeyCheese, easy they go aroud and ask 5 tmobile paid customer, how sprint, verizon and at&t service and their answer is terrible, and thats how thy do it, ha ha ha.

  14. This is BS, they don’t have that great customer service. This week, I’ve spent seven hours on the phone with them to get 2 replacement phones, and one of the replacements I got had a hair underneath the screen. They better straighten their act out.

  15. I was with TMO and their customer service was unbelievable. Now I’m with Sprint and their CS is unbelievably bad. Next to Sears, its the worst experience I’ve ever had.

  16. Agreed, my CS experience with them has always been great. Every CS rep I have spoken with has been gracious and super helpful. Same in the stores. I don’t have issues with their coverage, happy customer here.

    I am curious why the people complaining about their coverage signed up with them in the first place. It has never been a secret that Verizon has the largest footprint…

  17. Hotdog eating Parking garages?!

  18. They have great customer service. Example:

    Went to Europe and had both my phones unlocked to use local SIM cards. Ended up not getting SIM cards and using the T-Mo network for data/navigation on my G1’s. Came back got the bill. $200 calls $714 data roaming, total $914. :O
    Called T-Mo and said “Hey this is a bit steep, I was expecting $300 or $400 at max”. All data charges where waved, ended up paying the $200 for calls. If that’s not great customer service I don’t know what is.

  19. I’ve been with them for 5 years and yeah their CS is beyong awesome. They help me set up 4 unlocked phones and waive a couple fees but they need better 3g coverage in Anaheim, California.

  20. CS has always been good. Sales has been mediocre and misleading. They told me I have 3G service where I live. It’s 3G for a few seconds but mostly drops down to EDGE whenever I need it. Calls that used to be clear are now dropped and garbled since going to the so-called 3G network. I used to be happier before the lame upgrade to the network. Still can’t get 3G at work. Spotty and unreliable.

  21. coverage does suck in phoenix and they will not ever update android os to 2.1 or 2.2 still rockin donut on mt3g that was not supposed to be left behind and supposed to be updated by the end of summer so they are liars and i will switch companys when contract is up

  22. What’s with all this contract stuff? T-Mobile allows you to have no contract, and even offers you a monthly discount for non-contract customers. Further, they allow you to make payments on new phones with zero interest! With T-Mobile you can have cellular service like in Europe, where you’re never locked into any kind of contract. You simply buy the phone, and select the service you want, and switch at any time. I wonder why anyone would go with a company that requires you to have a contract, that’s so 1990’s.

    As for coverage, I have great coverage with T-Mobile, even when traveling. When I happen to be roaming, there’s still coverage, and T-Mobile has yet to charge me for roaming data, no matter where I am.

    Now if you want crappy service and services, try Verizon. OMG… When you buy the Internet with Verizon, you’re not really getting the Internet as they don’t allow you to download files over the browser. And sound attachments to MMS can’t be used as a ringtone. They also limit download speeds and sizes, etc. TERRIBLE! Verizon is violating the FCC’s net neutrality rule with these limitations. Not cool!

  23. mt3g, you must remember that tmobile does not MAKE the phones, and the software updates are done by the companies that do make the phones! Not tmobile. If you want to fuss about the updates, to to the companies, HTC, Motorola, Samsung (although their new Samsung Vibrant is runing the 2.1 and it is great! T-Mobile does not control the updates!

  24. If t-mobile’s customer service is so good, then where is froyo for *any* of their phones?

  25. @Ari-Free

    Tmobile only pushes out the updates upon receipt from the handset manufacturers. Plus that has nothing to do with CS in the first place updates are a devoloper problem. AT&T doesn’t even hhave 2.2 and Sprint’s Evo just got theirs last week.

  26. Their phones suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  27. @mt3g summer is not over

  28. All those who have “Legacy” phones will likely not get 2.2 outside of the Slide & Vibrant, for now. Blame MOTO for the cliq 2.1 debacle, not tmo. MOTO is only concerned with the future & recent phones. Tmo is bringing at least, one other heavy hitter by end of Oct. Still, irrelevant to CS.

  29. I had tmobile for 4 years. Their cs is great and extremely helpful. However, their network sucked! I constantly went from 3g to edge. Now Im with Sprint and I own their evo 4g, Im always on 3g, no 4g yet..the only downside is that sprint representatives are rude! But I figured that I won’t be talking to cs unless I need anything or have any issues, and so far I’ve been fine. Lets see how my two years with sprint work out. If t-mobile improves their network coverage I will definitely go back to them, but meanwhile sprint data my boat

  30. People should quit whining about the lack of decent phones. The HD2 with froyo on it is the best phone ever made.Even with WM 6.5 it was close to the best. Sure it would be slightly more awesome with a front facing camera, but 99.99 percent of the population doesn’t have one either, so you wouldn’t be doing much video calling anyways.

    If people are unwilling to take 5 minutes to learn how to flash a new rom, and another 5 minutes to actually flash it, then they probably aren’t the type of person to use a smart phone to it’s fullest capabilities anyways.

  31. Maybe they get the customer service award, but their phones suck! I can not tell you how much I dislike my MyTouch 3G. There just aren’t words to express it. I disliked it less before the FROYO updates, but now, argh! Can’t upgrade yet, and even when I can, what do I upgrade to?? Certainly not another MyTouch – I don’t care if it IS 4G, and I hope their 4G is better than their 3G that seems to be Edge more often than not, when I have bars. I have really tried to like it, but it is just so frustrating. I lost all of my contacts with the first FROYO update, it now runs sluggish, etc. I like certain aspects of it, but it seems like mostly the apps.

    Is there something better I can upgrade to when the time comes? Or will they release newer phones a month an a half later like they did when I got my MyTouch??

    Thanks! Needed to vent, sorry for the negativity@

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