Yes, Korea Still Loves Android and LG’s “Z Boy”



Why couldn’t I get someone like Z Boy to show up at my childhood birthday parties? LG’s parading around the streets of Seoul with the LG Optimus Z and a life-sized Android robot who apparently thinks Halloween is here: he’s wearing a Zorro costume (Get it? Z for Zorro? Optimus Z? No?)

In Korea, there’s no better way to sell an Android phone than to either A) shove it into your face until you like it, or B) entice pedestrians with cute life-sized mascots masquerading with the device you want to get into everyone’s hands. We’re not sure how this’ll help them up against their direct competitor in that part of the world – Samsung – but it’s a very nice start, indeed.

[via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nice looking phone though it does look a lot like the X.

    Regarding B), you actually think it’s the “cute mascot” that’s enticing people to come over and take a look?

  2. @John of course not! That’s just the most politically correct assumption ;)

  3. Oh and not to mention the passer-byers are female, so that *might* rule it out regardless ;)

  4. Now now… I didn’t want Z Boy to show up at MY birthday parties, but the cute girls can :)

    yes… I went there… sorry…

  5. Damn, why can’t the us have hot chicks walking around with new tech?

  6. @Quentyn – LOL!! Good point.

  7. i left korea WAAAAY too early. i need to consider the move way more seriously. i love you korea.

  8. on a latter thought, i could get a job as an android mascot. just imagine inside the suit a holographic HUD, ala iron man, that’s based entirely on android.

  9. C) hot looking chicks.
    I’m guessing the one on the left is part of the group. Come to think of it, just about every photo/ad I’ve seen coming out of Korea has 1 or more beautiful women holding phones.

  10. @Aeires both girls standing next to him are. notice they are wearing the exact same outfit.

  11. Forget the robot.. send over a couple of those cute Korean reps and I will buy whatever they are seeling! I’d buy a freaking Windows Mobile phone from THOSE girls. :)

  12. Makes me think more of TMNT.

  13. This article reminds me of video of the kid who was so focused on Mario on the Nintendo 3ds that he just couldn’t notice anything else

  14. Those 2 girls beside the droid are incredibly hot.

  15. “We’re not sure how this’ll help them up against their direct competitor in that part of the world”

    I would hope LG knows how to compete there, they are also a korean company.

  16. There was a phone in that picture?

  17. I would have preferred the three cute Korean chicks to show up at my birthday party then and now…

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