Aug 12th, 2010

Vic Gundotra had his cronies– er, co-workers, rather – show us exciting things to come with the Android market back in May during Google I/O. The biggest change – outside of the already-implemented Apps to SD and Update All/Automatic Update options – was being able to browse the market in all its fullness on your desktop browser and push apps to your phone for installation.

market1 market2

According to one developer, that might just be what they’re set to announce later on this afternoon (many expect it to go down at noon PST) as well as other smaller features (alternate payment options, anyone?). If you haven’t already checked in your own Android market (Froyo only, we assume), Google’s pushed a hot update that brings search suggestions (unlike the search history we’ve known about since the beginning of time) to your queries.

That’s all we can see for now, but it suggests that whatever they announce later on today could also be related to the market. All of this is pure speculation, though, but not unlikely considering the timing. We’ll just have to wait until later to be 100% sure.

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