Google to Announce New Market Features Today?


Vic Gundotra had his cronies– er, co-workers, rather – show us exciting things to come with the Android market back in May during Google I/O. The biggest change – outside of the already-implemented Apps to SD and Update All/Automatic Update options – was being able to browse the market in all its fullness on your desktop browser and push apps to your phone for installation.

market1 market2

According to one developer, that might just be what they’re set to announce later on this afternoon (many expect it to go down at noon PST) as well as other smaller features (alternate payment options, anyone?). If you haven’t already checked in your own Android market (Froyo only, we assume), Google’s pushed a hot update that brings search suggestions (unlike the search history we’ve known about since the beginning of time) to your queries.

That’s all we can see for now, but it suggests that whatever they announce later on today could also be related to the market. All of this is pure speculation, though, but not unlikely considering the timing. We’ll just have to wait until later to be 100% sure.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Since this has to do with mobile I hope at the last minute they do a “oh and one more thing” then bam they pull out the successor to the Nexus One with stock Android 3.0 on it. ;)

  2. Saw the search options last night, huge improvement on finding those apps with tricky names.

  3. I’d be happier if it was some more GoogleTV info. They really could stick a knife into their competitors at the moment if they announced that the market will be ready for TV and tablets earlier than planned. Or at least start detailing the SDK for devs. I’m sure there are devs busting at the seams with ideas for GoogleTV that would want to know more about whats possible.

  4. @Quentyn The link you provided in the story isn’t working it says that page doesn’t exist.

  5. For start, it would be enough to allow anyone to buy applications from all over the world.

  6. this would be great. But really Google should be focusing on getting the Market to more countries.

  7. will there be live streaming or blogging from any site? Anybody knows?

  8. Some sort of sorting or filtering system wouldn’t go amiss either. I would love to filter alphabetically and with other things etc….

  9. @jdog

  10. For some reason I think the announcement will be something more than this. Don’t know why I get the feeling but I do. We’ll have to wait and see.

  11. Carrier billing and alternate payment already work on my N1 2.2 if thats what it is. Just tested

  12. Give us Scandinavians paid app access, dammit!

  13. @Nathaniel I meant for all carriers.

  14. @jdog – I hope you’re right! I dont think so, but its a nice thought.

  15. I was hoping for something more. I know it won’t be gingerbread but maybe its something to do with google music and the streaming music (from your itunes or whatever) feature that they previewed at I/O.

  16. They’ve said there won’t be a Nexus Two. At least there’s no plan for it. So that’s out.

    It’s too early (I think, but that’s me) for them to announce anything for Gingerbread. So that’s out.

    The Market stuff is the best bet. I’m hoping for the full web-based Market and cloud to device install as well as the Music store, but also I’d expect to see the bill-to-carrier payment option to become live which should open the Market wider than what Google Checkout has currently.

    We’ll see… either way it should be fun.

  17. Paid apps Paid apps Paid apps!

  18. i hope that was sarcasm because i think carrier billing is a much bigger deal than a desktop market, because im pretty sure a lot more people would buy apps if it would simply go on their bill, which is a step to getting closer to apples app store, a desktop client is nice but carrier billing is a much bigger deal and so would a music client, along with a music player that actually has catagories haha, and when the hell is the dx getting 2.2!!!! The droid 2 is already out and it has 2.2 and im pretty sure an almost exact replica of what 2.2 will be like on the dx, so get with it!!!! hopefully theyll add some new features too like the evo did, even if we already have a flashlight haha sorry for the random 2.2 rantish ha im just looking forward to it!

  19. Oh, and likely also the release of the authentication of paid apps to put a halt to the pirating of them.

  20. How about the option to DELETE my search history!!!! Who gives a Cr@P about the market place…

  21. @cbagz
    History Eraser, which is in the market place…

  22. @Greg of course there will be no Nexus Two because there isn’t a G1 dev phone 2 or a Google Ion 2 so why would they name the next phone the Nexus Two. These people weren’t born yesterday they know how to word what they say carefully. Saying that if they do bring a new phone out it, they better let the carrier handle support because HTC and Google are doing a horrible job with my Nexus.

  23. @jdog I don’t think they worded it that there wouldn’t be a “Nexus Two”, that’s what the community has worded it as.

    From what I remember the quote was “no need to follow up” which is far more definite that they have no plans to do another phone direct from them.

    So in your example of the “G1 dev phone 2” it’s just being too literal. There have been two dev phone follow ups since the G1 dev phone.

  24. I seriously doubt its going to be a huge announcement. The notification of the press conference just came a few days before it was happening. If it was that big of a deal they wouldve ramped it up a bit more.

  25. If they’re smart, they should release a new Google Calendar, Docs, and other Google Apps that businesses use to help get more businesses on Google Apps… my companies been switching over but there are so many gaps in the offerings, they need to do this to start dominating and outselling Blackberry instead of just the iPhone… I’m sure regular consumers would love a new Calendar and a Docs app as well, and a good Docs app pushes them ahead of Apple in this regard as well…

  26. tehy will anounce support for the new resolutions 1240 x 720,1240 x 600

  27. I am betting on google music service. Did anyone think about the samsung’s ipod competitor launch timing will be perfect with the music service. Coincidence???…i dont think so..

  28. any idea when this will start ? any live blog or live streaming ?

  29. Been looking all over the web for some kind of live-coverage for this. Anyone?

  30. I really want them to deploy the Android Market web site they showed off. AppBrain is broken for me and they do not respond to support requests so I have no desktop function through them other than to just look up apps. I’d prefer to used an all in one Google solution anyway.

  31. Engadget just posted that the first item they are talking about is Google Voice Search.

    No live blog :-(

  32. Second item is Chrome to Phone coming out of beta.

  33. At google io they showed off a couple features they said”weren’t finished quite yet”: streaming music to your phone,a new music player on the phone, and a web interface for the market

  34. i hate that search history, it doesnt let u delete anything you search?

  35. Anyone find it a coincidence that Chrome to Phone comes out the day before this press conference? …

    Google might be using chrome to phone to push apps or whatever to our phones… or maybe even use it for a new music service!! :)

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