Aug 12th, 2010

Two new mysterious devices have just been stumbled upon, the HTC Bee and the HTC Lexicon/Lexikon. The only thing we have to go off of at this point are some limited technical specs, but this seems to be the first time we have heard of either phone. Both look to be geared as mid-range devices, though the Lexicon features specs that could push it closer to the high-end depending on what other features are unveiled.

HTC Bee Specs

For starters, the Bee will be a smaller device featuring a 3.2-inch screen at a humble 240×320 resolution. It will also feature 5MP camera with flash and 512MB of internal storage. Android 2.2 will run atop an MSM7625 chipset clocked at 528MHz. With those sort of specs, there is no question this phone will retail on the lower-end of the price scale.

HTC Lexikon Specs

The HTC Lexikon might be a bit trickier to diagnose. A 3.8-inch screen with 480×800 resolution, 800MHz MSM7630 chipset, and a possible full QWERTY keyboard position this handset at a higher level than the Bee, but not quite up to par with HTC’s recent big boys deploying 1GHz Snapdragon chips. By the time this phone releases, 800MHz could be the new 528MHz considering rumors are stirring of 1.3MHz plus and dual-core chipsets in upcoming high-ticket smartphones.

There will be plenty more to come about these two, rest assured.

[via PocketNow]

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