Motorola Charm Priced, Will Cost $189 with Contract



I know, I know. $189.99 for the Motorola Charm on contract (after mail-in rebate) is just a bit hard to believe. And we mean hard to believe in the not-so-good way. Considering ten bucks more could net you the Samsung Vibrant, it’s hard to see how the candybar form factor with full QWERTY keyboard could justify the price considering the mid-range specs housed inside. There is a a somewhat enticing element to the pricing, however.

The basic plan you’ll need to get you going with the charm starts at $15.50. That’s a pretty low price for a smartphone contract considering some of the bare minimum fees you will pay for a top of the line handset. Oh, and the off-contract price is $309.99. That’s odd considering the $250 we saw before, but it stands as a reasonable price for the Charm without any strings attached.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. gross

  2. Yay after this comes out maybe motorola will update my phone (cliq xt)

  3. Save yourself $189, don’t buy this phone.

  4. That price is wrong… 74.99 after 50.00 MIR 269.99 full price

  5. That is wrong… Charm is 74.99 after 75.00 MIR and 269.99 full price.

  6. 74.99 is still too much for this POS

  7. Now I am completely 100% sure of it – people running T-Mobile are utterly delusional. There were many signs of that before but this just pushes my previous suspicions into certainty. They shouldn’t just be fired, they should be locked up in an institution before they harm themselves or someone else.

  8. I predict this will fare about as well as the KIN. With this, the plan pricing is better, but it’s priced right next to top-end premium Android phones from all carriers, and it just isn’t in the same class. Plus it’s ugly, and the shape is just terrible. It looks like a phone that should fold in half, but it doesn’t. Oh, and did I mention MotoBlur? Bleh.

  9. This phone is made to compete with Blackberry… Say what you want, but there are a lot of losers out there who love using BlackBerry’s. This is clearly not as good as a Droid X or the like, but it’s not meant to be… it’s meant to be better than the BlackBerry Bold and snatch some of that market away from BB and IT WILL!!

  10. I agree that this is a unique style in the Android community at this moment. The style has attracted many BB and Nokia E63/E72 fans who care less about DX / DInc /iPhone style. If they are not right they can always cut the price.

  11. stupid, if there is going to be a qwerty keyboard with a touch screen, make it slide out. this looks wrong

  12. They always start high with the pricing and then drop it.
    Considering its a Blackberry form factor with Android OS, and a touch screen, and the low monthly rate plans, this phone should do well for TMO, when they get the handset price right.


  13. I think it’s a nice looking phone for the demographic it is targeting.
    It’s not a for me, but my girl is a huge BB fan and really loves the look of this phone.
    Not to big, not to small and has a really nice keyboard.
    Not everyone wants a big ultra super deluxe smartphone.

  14. It’s the ugliest POS next to the shitty Black Flip and the price tag TOO FUCKING HIGH. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHIT HOLE.

  15. it’s android for girls! ewwwww cooties!

  16. HEY LOOK! ITS A MOTOROLA TWIST THAT GOT STUCK OPEN! YAAY! lol. sarcasm aside i also see the point they make about getting blackberry fans over to android, and i hope they accomplish that with this device.

  17. they could but probably not at this price

  18. it will be available at 0$ on amazon soon.

  19. So THAT’S what happened to the Motorola Q.

  20. I had a G1, then a Cliq XT… I moved, then had no service inside my house.. got a BB bold, it uses WiFi to carry phone calls / use the internet… IT ROCKS!! as long as I have WiFi access, I have phone service :) IF the Charm had WiFi calling.. I would get it.. but it won’t

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