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Is it the 12th yet? No…well take a gander at a 360 degree view of the Motorola Droid 2 to hold you over. Silver bezel, navy blue body, red eye staring deep into your soul. Head over to this Verizon page to check it out.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Wow. Navy blue. Deal. Breaker. They have to make one in black. For christ sake it’s a DROID, it has to come in black.

  2. Why is every Droid eye different?….I like the one on the Droid X the best….so I put it on my EVO 4G, ;p

  3. One thing I hate about the newer high end phones save for the Desire and Incredible is that they’re going away from the optical track pad. That is a major FAIL IMO

  4. I’m hoping the silver-and-blue version is the Star Wars edition and not the regular version.

  5. hmmmm…

    hey, maybe it looks better in person.

  6. At least it looks less like an 80’s camcorder battery like the original droid milestone! :-)

  7. @shawn1224

    I’m with you. I want an optical trackpad or trackball. I couldn’t imagine owning an android phone without one since I’ve gotten used to my N1.

  8. Trackballs/trackpads are for lazy ppl. You have a touchscreen for God sakes, use the damn thing.

  9. im glad the droid 2 is sooo ugly so i won’t even think of upgrading :)

  10. typical looking brick….come on verizon you keep passing up on the good looking phones for this ugly POS? you passed on the iphone, you passed on the nexus one, seems like your going to let the fascinate go…(with bing? typical verizon to fuck shit up)…….

  11. It should’ve been black. All the ads of rule the empire now the D2 is trying to sport similar colors of R2D2 kinda funny

  12. Droid 2?! old news! Show us the Droid Pro!

  13. @sokal..trackballs & tracks are much more convenient than relyingon a touch screen-this is one of the many reasons why we pay the high dollar amounts for these phones. Not lazy, just want the most for our money, moron.

  14. Track pads* compliments of a touch screen wo the above.

  15. Ewwwwwwwwww so ugly. Put same hardware into droid 1

  16. I love my Droid X!!!

  17. The design was too conservative. No different compare to first Droid. Would not attract Droid follower.

  18. track balls increase utility and the one on my N1 works great. I prefer to have the TB to ensure selection in tight spots.

  19. I love the a?? Black on my droid 1 all day bby that grey and navy blue is whack makes me feel like my phone is on top I’m not getting anything else wen my phone gets froyo its on top again. Droid 1 ftw :)

  20. god, motorola really fucked up on this one, first the efuse and blur. Come on give us the same type of boot loader as the Nexus One and Vanilla android. Second the look of the original droid was way better, should have stuck with the black the blue is dumb. would definitely never buy this phone.

  21. ok so this isn’t for Bravo TV fans. But it looks much better than the Droid with its pimp daddy gold dpad from the 70’s (can you dig it?) and the keyboard actually looks usable.
    I would also like a trackball but the keyboard is the first priority.

  22. it does actually have the up,down,left and right keys on the bottom of the keyboard so if you do want to select something small you can just slide it out and click away. it is probably more accurate than a trackball or trackpad anyway.

  23. i don’t like it. The X has a much better design.

  24. a trackball gives you 360° control. I mean, what would you rather use: a mouse or keyboard for fine grained control? This is even more important for games or graphic apps

  25. 360° control? What does that even mean, trackballs are an obsolete feature on a touch screen phone, anything which you can do with one is possible by touching the screen itself, for other uses, navigating through text files/games the d-pad (well actually keyboard navigation keys) should be sufficient.

  26. You guys are seriously stupid if the color of the phone matters.

  27. so use or dont use? jesus christ….

  28. vinnie let’s say you want to aim in an FPS game. This is why I hate consoles…so hard to play games without a mouse.

  29. @bigredhtr

    “you passed on the iphone”

    Methinks you’re in the wrong place if you care about that.

  30. All black please!

  31. Agreed. It is pretty ugly.

  32. i loved it but need gsm version,not living us.

  33. My first reaction was “meh”, my second was “blech”
    Many people call my original droid ugly, but I love the design. But this… no. Even if they’d release an all black version, that round-ish chin is plain ugly.

  34. why not get that sick like multi touch analog stick looking thing from the itouch and iphone. it’d work soooo nice with the x’s giants screen. just make a small part of the screen a track ball ya know.

  35. I think it’s refreshing when companies release phones in colors other than black or silver. I’d buy this if I wasn’t so hopelessly reliant on the look and feel of Sense UI.

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