Aug 6th, 2010

Looks like some prototype devices broke out of their holding cells and made their way onto Craigslist. Remember that QWERTY handset we saw pass the FCC not too long ago that many were heralding as the AT&T Tilt with Android? While we haven’t heard anything about that since then, the device has seemingly popped back up for sale, but probably not where HTC might’ve liked it.


We’re not sure how the phone – now being called the “HTC Paradise” – managed to get into the careless hands of whoever’s offering this for sale. Could HTC have cancelled the phone to make room for the Aria instead? (The lack of a keyboard would suggest as much seeing as the Aria looks nearly the exact same, sans that.) Who knows, but whoever’s selling this device isn’t too worried about any ramifications that might come with it.


The second device appears to be a prototype of the aforementioned HTC Aria – some are dubbing it the HTC Fiesta, though. It has a vastly different exterior, but the appearance suggests that this phone was probably used for testing and nothing more. (The fact that its craigslist listing is over 4 months old would suggest as much, as well.) What do you guys think?

[via Cell Passion]

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