Did You Manually Update Your Evo 4G to Froyo Early? HTC Working to Get You Back to Official Release



It appears it may have been jumping the gun when the blogosphere erupted at the close of last Friday with the official EVO 4G update located on HTC’s servers and instructions for manual installation. Turns out the that build carried the version number 3.26.651.3 while holding off for the official OTA would have brought your phone to 3.26.651.6. Don’t worry. If you already did the manual install, you aren’t in trouble. HTC however is fast at work on a solution to bring those with the “unofficial” official update back in line with those with the official official update.

There is exactly no difference between the two builds save for one minor bug fix. The .3 version apparently suffers from WiMAX 4G connectivity issues which aren’t present in the .6 release. If you have experienced any of those issues you should be good to go after the new update starts rolling out.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. PLEASEEEEEEEE HURRRYYYY!!!! My 4G disconnects constantly…..

  2. that’s what you get for not having the patience to just wait a few days for the official release. freakin modders..

  3. it was pushed onto my phone. now my battery doesnt last long at all. it never sleeps. how can i fix this?

  4. lmao jo! I’m not a modder, but I did DL the *.3 Friday evening. That is my only problem though, the 4G went from reliably connect about anywhere to only in a few areas – and still unreliable. Wifey’s phone has *.6 and works great, she really noticed the battery improvement even this early into it. HTC will take care of us, no worries!

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i manually updated on sunday cuz i couldnt wait and then my couis updated his the right way. made me feel like a total jackass! thanks for fixing your mistake htc :D

  6. So how do I do the .6 update?

  7. I also wanted to know if it is a bad idea to download swipe to my phone because I then have to disable my keyboard to use it. I’m new at all of this and just don’t want to do anything to cause problems I know I cant fix.

  8. @ RMC: here’s to hoping HTC will take care of us DINC owners

  9. That’s odd though. I did manually update the earlier version, and my 4g works just fine. it doesn’t cut off at all

  10. i got my official update on the 2nd so neener neener : )

  11. So I downloaded the PDA tether, and it works via the usb connection. Is this something uniqe to us .3 ers, or after I download the .6 this ability will be taken away? Does anyone know?

  12. Why would HTC leak an unfinished ROM knowing people would download it, then later make them wait as a form of punishment. Of course people will download it. EVO users have been anticipating the release of Froyo since it’s inception. Don’t leak something you don’t intend to be “Official”.

  13. @choclette63 dont download Swype till after your phone updates or you will just have to do it again.
    A while back I bought a Nexus One off Craigslist and immediately installed Swype. Then I checked about phone/system updates and noticed Froyo 2.2 update available so naturally I installed that immediately.
    Well Swype no longer worked after the Android update, I had to follow the directions on Swypes website and reinstall it.


  14. The patience of a society that is addicted to information crack.

  15. Anybody?

  16. When I updated on tuesday my battery seems worse and also my phone dose not recognize my SD card at times it says it’s being used as a hard drive when I can see clearly it’s not and my myspace app is all fuged up can’t scroll needs to be opened twice … Does anyone know any fixes ???

  17. @Jo, What exactly is it the we “get”? And “modders” WTF? I have experienced NONE of the issues a lot of people who did the “official” ota update have had, so who got what?

  18. Lets not forget that the update was on the HTC website and was named the same as on the Sprint website, many Android websites reported that this was the “official” update. So why wouldn’t people think it wasn’t ? On top of that HTC reported earlier that they would be testing out the ROM on some folks..

  19. Jo.. you’re a DB!… We were told by this site, as a matter of fact, that it was the official update… No worries.. should be squared away in a few days.

  20. Here’s a fix for you early updaters.


  21. Man.. I wish Morotola would take care of their customers as well as HTC..

    If Motorola users messed up their phones with something unofficial, we’d be SOL.

  22. I’m seen all the same info as Feech on this, I was gung ho to test it. I downloaded the early build and I have no issues.
    I did wipe my phone after so it’d be fresh and clean though.

  23. Jonathan Drake: if only more people were addicted to information instead of other mindless things…if only…

  24. I dunno about anyone else here, buy the official update has made my EVO kind of laggy. It doesn’t seem as smooth as it did with 2.1.

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