Droid X Users Getting FroYo Early September


Before I report this story, let’s make one thing clear: Motorola and Verizon never committed to a date for their upgrade to Android 2.2 for this device. Until now, it’s always been “later this summer”. Having said, let’s move on with it! In a forum post responding to users’ concerns regarding Exchange 2003 problems on their Motorola Droid X, Motorola updated those users on that issue and also dropped a quickie regarding the upgrade to Android 2.2:


“A fix for this will be included in the upgrade to Android 2.2 scheduled for deployment by early September.”

Again, there are several things to consider. Firstly, “Early September” is still “Late Summer”, and they used the word “by” so we could be seeing the upgrade sooner than that. Not the most assuring statement, but it’s a statement nonetheless.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. any word on the incredible yet? will it get it around the same time as the X or earlier seeing how the EVO is getting it sooner.

  2. That sucks, gotta love my nexy!!

  3. Boooooo…

  4. Im okay with this. Realistically, i think the phone is great and i would want 2.2 to be spot on for its release in order to make a great phone better. I just hope that the powers that be are able to get to the root of the matter soon after this drops…

  5. No matter, 2.1 is plenty quick on the droid x. Flash isn’t even available for the froyo update. In reality, that’s the main reason people are excited.

  6. Ok the CEO of Adobe was right about the release of the Flash to mobile phone in secondhalf 2010. ( the indian dude also)
    Adobe sucks motorola sucks, even samsung sucks, but somehow motorola gets the honor of releasing 2.2 device before HTC, What a Shame for Android users.
    F U C K Motoblur also.

  7. jack sounds like a loser

  8. Umm…. I know its not what we are commonly programmed to think, but summer isn’t over till September 21st or 22nd. So as long as they get it out before then, it is still late summer. Also summer didn’t start till June 21st so August would be mid summer, not late summer

  9. @jack
    jets sucks, knocks suck, yankees suck… Krypton sucks.

  10. Jack:

    If you are that unhappy with your Droid X, I’ll happily take it off your hands for a small fee…

    However, I suspect you don’t own one and are complaining becasue your HTC phone isn’t getting updated first.

    Fact is, they both need time to iron out the bugs with Blur and Sense before the upgrade. If HTC is taking longer to do it, it’s their fault.

    If you would rather suffer with bugs and frequent updates to get it quicker, be my guest.

    I would rather wait.

  11. Better safe than bricked.

  12. Hey, I’m excited to see that they’re actually talking about the DX 2.2 update! I’m looking forward to it. Love this phone. :)

  13. Froyo’s pretty neat on my Evo, but I wouldn’t say its anything you need to rush to get.

  14. I’m just finally disgusted to the point of returning my droid x because I’m sick of being lied to. “late summer”
    _low me Motorola.

  15. Oh, and I did own both the evo and the droid x and without a doubt the evo is a better phone because of their interface. Motoblur is completely obsurd and a hinderence to the phone in general.

  16. Wow you all complain about your phones small errors and faults but im still stuck with my non smartphone :( i have the Chocolate 3 by VZW until june 2011. then i can upgrade without paying a fee for the stupid 2yr contract. Think ill go with the 1yr contract this time around. By that time they should have droid 8 out lmao.

  17. Evo user here, I researched this phone for 6 months before it came out. It feels good to be right ;-). I talked about this phone so much over that period of time, my best friend and girlfriend got one ( great for me for video chat). Flash sux under 4 bars, but over that and its ok to good. I don’t even live in a 4 g area so its good to know it will only get better. This phone is better than star trek with the on the go facechat. Whatever is wrong with this can be fixed with software in the future. Which is where this phone is from anyway. Battery tech needs to catch up and a investment in the right tech could pay huge. Well um off, time to jump in my spaceship and hover.

  18. At last motorola with some updates, hope they release it soon!!..

  19. At last motorola with some updates, hope they release it soon!!..

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