The FCC Has Its Hands on a New HTC Android, But What Could it Be?


The FCC is running its tests on a new HTC handset — model number HTC PC70110 — paired with AT&T’s 850/1900 MHz  3G bands. They even posted pictures of this new touchscreen device with a full slide-out qwerty keyboard (are they trying to beat us bloggers at our own game?). Other than the row of familiar Android softkeys, little else is known about this new handset. Take a look at the pics for yourself:



As they are quick to point out over at UnwiredView, the model number will be dropped in exchange for a name that very well could be the one fans have been voting on over at the HTC Facebook page. If that is the case the PC70110 could very well be the top-voted HTC Wildfire, but the blue keyboard accent has me feeling more along the lines of the HTC Zeal.

[FCC via UnwiredView]

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  1. I was going to say it was the HTC Triumph; but then I saw the picture. The Triumph (soon to be on Telus) is white.

  2. That is hotness. A nice HTC handset with a keyboard on AT&T could sell very well.

  3. I can’t see any front facing camera. So in other words it is a no go. T-mobile or Sprint. Which of you will win my money for the next two years??

  4. Well, I really hope that this is on-par with the Incredible. I really want an Incredible with a physical keyboard.

    Also, hopefully a Non-ATT 3G version.

  5. looks ugly :|
    I was hoping the Desire would come to AT&T but this will not happen
    I’ll stick with my at&t N1

  6. I just don’t see this having a 1gb Snapdragon processor. I feel us AT&T Android supporters might still be out of luck. *sigh*

  7. Oh boy oh boy could this be the AT&T HTC Android device we’ve been waiting for?

  8. ghz*


    hopefully its high end, but telling by the screen size, its probably mid-range.

  10. What screensize do you think that is?
    Let’s hope it’s a droid killer and not a cut back toy of a phone.

  11. i looks like a desire with keyboard and bigger trackthingy
    the top front looks more like a N1, the buttons are more desire-like
    dif between the droid and this is…well, htc knows how to make keyboards

  12. SO MUCH wasted space on the bottom front. Booooo!

  13. Here’s hoping it has nice internals, is going to AT&T and can be rooted easily. At least this was AT&T subscribers can then enjoy Android goodness like the rest of the civilized world.

  14. Comparing pics this seems to have
    3.7 inch screen
    +htc incredible buttons
    either I guess based on the desire or the incredible


  16. Is that a flash at the top, back?
    with the blue cyan color it’s looks like a low end phone so I’m taking back my incredible + keyboard hopes

  17. @ Kevin Because as of right now At&t only has the poor Backflip! Also I think that Dell is going to have an agreement with At&t to release new devices threw At&t first! Kind of like the Iphone XD but that is just my guess…

  18. @ Kevin
    there is not a HTC android phone on AT&T. So not sure where that is comming from.

  19. It’s about time HTC made another Android phone with QWERTY. Hopefully this means they haven’t completely forsaken us keyboard users. Now to make one for Sprint, along with good internals.

  20. @tsanuri

    There is an HTC Android phone on AT&T. It’s called the Nexus One.

  21. WHAT THE HELL?! Why is it so hard to get an Android Qwerty Device??? It goes to At&t of All places!

  22. Who cares?


  23. Looks like a Touch Pro 2 but altered enough to be a Android phone. That second picture looks exactly like a TP2. It will be interesting to see the specs on this though. love some physical keyboard action on my phone

  24. Screen actually looks pretty small. 3.5 inches or less. Hopefully its not another 3.2 incher. Those are not satisfactory.

    Thats what she said.

  25. I want to see a Pro 2 platform with its great sliding keyboard & tilting screen, updated to a 1 GH snapdragon processor, android 2.1 OS, a capacitive touch screen and a 8 mega-pixel camera. That would be a perfect phone for me. I’d be standing in line the night before it went on sale.

  26. The new HTC phone that they are holding a naming contest for is touted to be a phone geared more for younger persons… which means that it will be texting friendly. This Phantom FCC phone looks like it has a small 3.2 inch screen. Notice how much space is devoted to the track-pad! I think a 3.7 inch screen would cut that space in half.

    Looks like a mid-range phone geared toward teens who do a lot of “text messaging” [facebook & twitter] and photo sharing.

  27. @3 Phones Jugglin

    I very, VERY strongly agree. If HTC would put a (good) physical keyboard on an EVO 4G, it would be the perfect Android phone.

  28. I know there’s a new android phone that’s coming to T-Mobile that my friend won but was signed to a confidentiality agreement. Though not this (that I know of) there could be a few android devices that are just completely off the radar.

  29. Good lord! That phone looks awful! HTC has a whole range of beautiful phones, what were they thinking when they designed this monster? It should be called the HTC Quasimodo

  30. now let’s just add a bing (yeah! not even yahoo!) search widget, some pointless bloatware, TV service everyone loves, and of course, let’s replace the default music app with AT&T music.

  31. Let’s not assume that this is what the phone will actually look like in the end. It’s apparently in the test phase, so maybe HTC just slapped a shell on it and sent it to the FCC. Who knows? Testing may reveal that the phone would be better with a different design.

  32. Oh and I don’t know what everyone’s talking about with “all the android phones going to AT&T.” AT&T has such a skimpy repetoire, only having the BackflOp to save face. Verizon and TMobile are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of the game. So AT&T derves to get this phone. They NEED to get it– and so much more– to keep customers at this point.

  33. All the good new phones are going to AT&T. It’s about freaking time. AT&T is so late to the Android party it is pathetic. When the joined the party it was with the Backflip and it’s Yahoo “goodness” built in.

  34. I’m kinda excited but it looks chunky. It really needs a bigger screen than 3.2″, if that’s what it ends up having. I’m an AT&T customer and though I am looking to drop my iPhone for a decent Android device, I don’t think this is going to be it. I’m holding out for a Samsung Galaxy S. I just wish June would hurry up and get here.

  35. I just pray that Hesse doesnt hold out too long on his TP2 Faithful and Bring an HTC made Android Slider to Sprint…PLEASE.

  36. It looks like the HTC Scorpion

  37. Well if it’s for AT&T, it will be restricted and not use google as it’s primary search engine. AT&T is retarded.

  38. This Phantom FCC phone looks like it has a small 3.2 inch screen. Notice how much space is devoted to the track-pad! I think a 3.7 inch screen would cut that space in half.

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