Droid Users on Android 2.2 Won’t Be Seeing Flash Until August 18th


Many were wondering where Adobe’s Flash 10.1 beta plugin was in the Android market after upgrading their Droids to Android 2.2. First thoughts were that the plugin was baked into the OS (like we saw happen with the HTC EVO 4G and HTC Desire), but it appears there’ll be a short delay in getting the “full” web to you guys.


In an internal update, Verizon employees are told that the upgrade to Android 2.2 will include support for Adobe Flash, but it won’t be available until August 18th, 2010. Hopefully this clears up the ball of confusion we were all faced with. There’s no word on why availability for the Motorola Droid is being delayed, but at least we know  (and isn’t that always half the battle?)

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. In the article title and the screenshot it says the 18th, but in the body of the article you have the 8th.

  2. That’s just lame, I’ve been running 2.2 (thanks to BuglessBeast) and Flash for almost a month.

  3. @Dave thanks for the spot! It can get a little confusing, these dates.

  4. still better the the Flash on iPhone ETA

  5. You can get flash by searching Google for “flash 10.1 beta 3 apk”, its the first search result

  6. I’m really waiting for Verizon/Motorola to come up with TV ads showing Flash. “Here’s a website on iPhone. Here’s the same website on Droid. Any questions?”

  7. @ari-free


  8. I thought Verizon has no say in what’s available in the Market. I guess they actually do. Also, why delay the app?

  9. I’ve been running froyo and flash for a few days on my droid

  10. I’m on this site right now on my (OG) Droid running with the manual 2.2 update and I simply downloaded the flash 10.1 apk file and installed it. Flash videos are choppy sometimes and skip really bad but other than that its smooth as butt’a!

  11. You can download the beta .apk from google and manually install on ur phone

  12. Fuckk mann there lagging itand so are we getting android 2.2 tomarrow??

  13. My Droid hasn’t updated yet… kind of annoying

  14. It is such B.S. cause you can’t throw a rock at the internet without hitting an article saying that the Droid 2 is the first phone to come with Flash 10.1 on it out of the box. But it doesn’t actually have it (Trust me. I got one and was quite upset when every flash site including the Android “Adobe Showcase” told me that I don’t have it). But if I can just get it tomorrow (the 18th) like Verizon told me when i went to the store, and this website is saying, then I will be happy to resolve this issue. Anyone else buy a Droid 2 on false pretenses like myself?

  15. WTF Man, what a bunch of BS waiting for the actual OTA!

  16. Well i just got froyo today (on my droid) and it didnt come with the flash update… Maybe take two weeks to come ota like the 2.2 update did….

  17. My droid updated to 2.2 today and I don’t have it either. Hmmm lol.

  18. I just got 2.2 on my Moto droid (not droidx) this morning, no flash 10.1. Its not a two birds with one stone thing?

  19. Just got the official 2.2 update from Verizon and there’s no Flash support. What a flying crock of shit. I didn’t root my phone so I could get the official update and it didn’t do any good fuck you motorolla and fuck you Verizon you obviously want to be just like the shitty iphone

  20. Finally got 2.2 update a week ago and as of today still no flash. Seriously PO!!!

  21. I got the 2nd 2.2 OTA update a few days ago, installed the official Flash 10.1 from the market, and I have to say, Jobs was right!!! Flash sucks. Every flash video I’ve tried to watch has been so choppy, it’s useless. The audio works okay, but the video is a joke. I tried the beta of flash a while back, and thought that they’d fix the choppiness by the official release, but that was not the case.

    That’s some nerve of Verizon to advertise the Droid months ago as a future Flash device, when the Droid can’t handle Flash for s***

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