Nationite Midnite – A 7-inch Tablet Coming August 23rd, Preorder for $199.99


Nationite’s announcing that they”ll be bringing out an Android-based tablet – called the Nationite Midnite – this August 23rd for $199.99 if you preorder before August 9th. If you preorder after that, it’ll be $209, and after the 23rd it’ll cost $219. The tablet doesn’t have much to show for its specs beneath the hood, but here’s a rundown of what to expect:

  • Processor :ARM A8 Cortex processor (TI OMAP3 3530) 600mHz
  • RAM : 256MB DDR
  • Internal memory: 2GB
  • Expansion memory : microSDHC up to 16 GB
  • WIFI connectivity – web, facebook, etc etc
  • Operating System : Android 2.2
  • Access to Android market place for app downloads
  • Supported Languages: English, Chinese, others
  • Display : 800×480 7″ LCD
  • Input : Resistive touchscreen (this is not multitouch screen)
  • Audio output : 3.5 mm jack, integrated speakers
  • Networking : 802.11 Wireless b/g – built in
  • Peripheral Support: USB HOST (mouse, keyboard, memory stick, etc)
  • Battery : 3000 mAH
  • Video formats : MKV (H.264 HP)/RMVB/MPEG-4/FLV/MPEG-1/MPEG-2 up to 720p
  • Audio formats : MP3, WMA. FLAC, AAC, AC3, OGG, WAV
  • Image formats : JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF


Nationite wants to highlight their tablet’s out-of-the-box ability to flash custom ROMs and hack the device to your heart’s content. We hear that’s a pretty nice processor for overclocking, but that would depend on any developers willing to shell out the dough for this one. Head on over to Nationite’s site now for more information. [Thanks, Raz!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It says it has access to Android market place (maybe that’s different than Android Market), but I don’t think it has the specs for it. No camera or accelerometer. I have a SmartQ 5 that google filed a cease and desist to stop Marketplace from being put on the device.

  2. Those aren’t very good specs. =(

  3. I have yet to see a android tablet that beats or even meets my android phone’s specs. C’mon guys pimp these tablets out and show us what android can do.

  4. @Ryan i’m sure it’s difficult to compete with the discounts you got on that phone from your carrier. Think if you paid full MSRP for your phone, then compare the pricing of these tablets. Hopefully you see where i’m going with that…

    Either way I agree… step it up on the tablet market. I’m considering getting one but not sure which to go for… or if I should just wait until something groundbreaking comes out.

  5. @Zach
    I do pay full MSRP, I haven’t been on a contract for years and don’t plan to. I bought a full priced Nexus One on launch day. Also the iPad is like 600$ so people are certainly willing to pay for good tablets.

  6. The WITS A81 tablet appears to have initially came out with Windows CE, according to the Google. With Android 2.1 it’s $239 from this US eBay seller:

  7. Resistive is basically a suicide at this point.

  8. Resistive screens are very popular in Asia. Can you guess why?

  9. As much as I hate Apple, the ipad has amazing specs for the price… plus all the apps.. I still won’t buy one though.. maybe a 2nd gen or if Android 3.0 comes out, blows us away, and an Android tablet with comparable hardware to the ipad comes out.

  10. Capacitive multitouch screen with double the resolution and a front facing camera would make it a good deal for $200.

  11. Not bad for the price, since it is unsubsidized. The specs are to low for me though, it needs an accelerometer, capacitive screen, and 512 Mb of ram.

  12. Just wait for the Adam. With all the news coming out of Bangalore recently, such as the ongoing meetings between the NI CEO and Chinese manufacturers, it can’t be long until we at least have a solid release date. Although, if doesn’t come soon, I may just have to get an ExoPC.

  13. Ugh. Come on cheap capacitive Android devices. I just won’t buy a resistive one, and I’m the prime target audience for these.

  14. @ari-free people have less money so they need a cheap screen?

  15. Yeah, resistive screens – I mean, heaven forbid you need to press harder to save a few hundred bucks.

    Get real guys. If you want a low cost tablet you get low cost features. If you want high end features (capacitive) you pay high end prices.

    How difficult is it to understand this?

    However, this tablet is interesting because of the OMAP processor and the openness of the design. Personally I’m glad folks are putting lots of different low cost tablets out there. Just think – when capacitive is dirt cheap then these resistive units will be about the price of a calculator and you can have one in every room of the house – including the bathroom. Just press harder…

  16. Please Choose:
    GPS VERSION ( +$15.00 )

    Now if there only was an option for capacitive touch, maybe $50 or so …

  17. Resistive means I can get back to writing with a stylus instead of finger painting. I’m all for it.

  18. oh great another shitty resistive tablet, i will just wait for this motorola verizon tablet to come out

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