Here’s a Clear Shot of the Motorola Sage and its Slide-Out QWERTY Keyboard


The Motorola Sage was introduced to the tech world in the usual round of source code diggings, data probing, and filename checking that brings about early confirmations of devices. The obligatory “blurrycam” shot soon followed, and now a clearer shot has surfaced.


This shot shows the QWERTY keyboard we mentioned in full glory: it looks a lot like the style HTC used to use back when they were releasing WinMo handsets left and right.  We can’t gather any more details from the shots Engadget’s provided (is that or is that not a trackpad in the middle? The suspense slays me!) other than it’ll come preinstalled with an 8GB microSD card.

Move on to Engadget for their full gallery of in-the-wilds.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The keyboard looks nice, but the front of the phone looks kinda ugly.

  2. Who cares about this thing? It’s just another low-end MotoBlur phone that will not receive timely updates. MotoFAIL!

  3. Why now that Motorola is back on track they completely neglect the European market. There’s not a single high end android qwerty device…..incredible….

  4. Camera has a flash. Nice.

  5. Doesn’t look to nice. Especially the front.

  6. Not a fan, but, the landscape lateral edges appear to be curved upward. Kinda think it’s a nice touch.

  7. @ Aaron, i couldnt agree with you more. I am a (more than frustrated) Cliq owner and my mind was made up long ago that moto simply does not care about its customers. I look at this phone and immediately see it for what it is, just another excuse for taking advantage of people and their money. Moto- you had a good start but your empty promisses are killing it for you.

  8. is Motorola ever going to build a nice looking phone ever?

  9. @Ed — Same here.. we’re still running 1.5 ffs. I have hope for T-mobile though. Something big is coming. It just has to!

  10. Yet another ugly ass phone for AT&t. when the hell am I going to see a 1GHZ 4″ display 720p AT&T. I’m getting sick and tired with your B.S. shitty phones from MOTOROLA. I’m leaving AT&T for good when my contract ends sick of all this nonsense.

  11. Too much trackpad..looks fugly. If the trackpad was smaller and maybe like the new Blackberrys this phone would like 10x better. Quite disappointed with Motorola but again it is on AT&T so double fail lol!

  12. moto cares for no one but droid peoples

  13. Dell’s going to make some nice curved glass android phones for at&t…don’t worry

  14. sage this shit

  15. i bet they intended to mimic the functionality of the backflip for the front. i have an i iphone 3g ( dont hate ) but i absolutely hate trying to scan the web and accidently clicking links. maybe thats the idea track pad on front that works. the rest should still be touch screen. by the way i am still waiting for the right new phone to upgarde to. i have been impressed with android growth… any suggesstions?

  16. @ jonathan-Droid 2 would probably a good phone for you

  17. yea, i like the droid 2, so far the new keyboard layout looks pretty nicely updated. i would like to view the whole screen when i am typing not have it all used up on a digital keyboard. but i will wait to go see it when it comes out.

  18. Hey guys, look its a cliq xt and a cliq combined!

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