Motorola Sage (MB508) In the Wild


Well this is quite interesting. UberGizmo ran across a blurrycam shot of the Motorola Sage – a supposed Android-based Motorola handset headed for AT&T. The device’s internals we saw the other day thanks to an FCC filing suggested that it’d be a smartphone – something Motorola’s only been putting Android on as of late. If this is indeed the Sage, then it’s running Android (2.1) with MOTOBLUR just as we expected.


The candybar handset is smallish – clocking in with a 3.1-inch touchscreen and a physical keyboard (and is that an optical trackpad in the middle?) – so we’re going to assume it’s headed for the low-mid range side of the bin for texters and tweeters to grab up in droves.  It’ll be equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, aGPS, and a digital compass, but that’s all we can muster right now as far as specs go.

I know some of you were hoping this would be AT&T’s first shot at getting a high-end Motorola handset, but it seems as though Verizon’s still going to be the only carrier with that privilege for a while yet.

[Thanks, QuantumRand!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Evo doesn’t qualify as “high end” huh? :P

  2. I think the FCC needs to investigate AT&T and Apple’s partnership again. There has to be some illegal, monopolistic contract in place, preventing AT&T to offer anything that can compete with the iPhone.

    I really can’t see any other reason why none of the manufacturers are pairing any of their top-tier devices with AT&T.

  3. @Clems
    AT&T doesn’t sell the EVO. That’s Sprint.

  4. EVO is HTC, not Motorola, which the articles states is only on Verizon for the moment.

  5. @Clems and QuantumRand

    Evo is made by HTC not Moto ;)

  6. The Evo is high-end, but it’s not “a high-end Motorola handset.”

  7. @Clems: EVO is neither motorola nor At&T.
    Quit drinking on your job man.

  8. Eww, that is ugly. I’ll stick with my Captivate!

  9. Poor Clems…probably dying for a delete button.

  10. Ah, I figured out what Clems meant. The article kinda makes it sound like Verizon is the only carrier with high-end Androids:
    “I know some of you were hoping this would be AT&T’s first shot at getting a high-end Motorola handset, but it seems as though Verizon’s still going to be the only carrier with that privilege for a while yet.”
    If you overlook the word “Motorola” the sentence means something completely different (as Clems likely read it).

  11. Sage goes in the email field

  12. Yet, another mid lvl android phone for AT&T.

  13. Why would motorola and htc make high end android phones for AT&T? Just so AT&T can block all the good features android is known for and load up all that AT&T crapware? Unfortunatly I’m stuck on AT&T and hate that there’s no good android device on there but honestly I don’t blame either motorola nor htc

  14. HTC and Motorola are just helping to sell more Captivates.

  15. lol “AT&T’s first shot at getting a high-end Motorola handset” I’ll put my Captivate against anything from Verizon. When does Verizon land a Galaxy S phone? Typical FUD

  16. Verizon supposedly gets the fascinate but when?

  17. r u kidding me? MOTO make the ugliest phones

  18. Another trash Motorola phone that will not be updated.

  19. 2.1 is old, they should release 2.2 phones.

  20. @ David,
    Because that is what many customers want of Android on AT&T? That’s why they should. Why continue to release what people don’t want?
    As for all the bloatware, you would be surprised at how little the average customer really feels about their inclusion. It’s not like Android was the first phone they bagan preloading the stuff on. Bloatware has been around for along long time for all carriers. For those that do care, root and remove. Its the Android way.

  21. @David, well said.

  22. @msgnyc Then tell me why there are not high end phones on att.(I know the galaxy s is considered high end but it’s missing key features IMO. No flash and touch wiz making the phone lag without rooting.)

  23. That does it. I’m getting very sick and tired of AT&T getting all the shitty ANDROID device. POS SAGE. Can’t even get a phone like the X or Droid 2. NO LOVE for us AT&T Consumers THAT WANTS A HIGH END ANDROID DEVICE. I’m going to wait out my contract and move to Verizon. Getting sick of this shit. I FUCKING HATE YOU AT&T AND APPLE!! Pissing me off right now.

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