Aug 2nd, 2010

Well this is quite interesting. UberGizmo ran across a blurrycam shot of the Motorola Sage – a supposed Android-based Motorola handset headed for AT&T. The device’s internals we saw the other day thanks to an FCC filing suggested that it’d be a smartphone – something Motorola’s only been putting Android on as of late. If this is indeed the Sage, then it’s running Android (2.1) with MOTOBLUR just as we expected.


The candybar handset is smallish – clocking in with a 3.1-inch touchscreen and a physical keyboard (and is that an optical trackpad in the middle?) – so we’re going to assume it’s headed for the low-mid range side of the bin for texters and tweeters to grab up in droves.  It’ll be equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, aGPS, and a digital compass, but that’s all we can muster right now as far as specs go.

I know some of you were hoping this would be AT&T’s first shot at getting a high-end Motorola handset, but it seems as though Verizon’s still going to be the only carrier with that privilege for a while yet.

[Thanks, QuantumRand!]

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