Cricket Makes Kyocera Zio Official, Announces Upcoming Huawei Android



Never mind the fact that Cricket launched the site for the Kyocera Zio last week, in a press release today they have officially unveiled their new Android smartphone. While the pre-order site and other rumors would suggest an August release date, the statement revealed the phone would actually be coming this fall. No pricing was announced.

Along with the Zio, the release also mentions a low-cost Android handset from Huawei coming to the network soon. That is about all the information that was given on that particular handset. Head over and read the full press release for more details.

[Press Release via BusinessWire]

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  1. Im guessing it’s gonna be around the $299.99 range minimum. Not bad especially if you get have an Android smartphone with UNLIMITED everything! Data,phone,text,etc for around 60 bucks! I’m all about it and their coverage is nationwide to boot. The only thing missing from their weak phone lineup was smartphones. They just came out with a Blackberry and now their moving up to Android. A “Google” phone even for the budget minded..Android is taking over people. If Boost Mobile has one and now Cricket the sky’s the limit.

  2. I don’t think this phone is that great when we have got companies like Nokia, Blackberry and Apple. Nowadays every mobile company is making these type of phones. We want something new.

  3. Cool…

    Android phone with Kyocera “ceramic-knife” and Kyocera print funktion on the back? :)

  4. I’m actually impressed. I’m glad cricket didn’t fold with the suffering economy. Hopefully this will not be a repeat of when the Motorola EVO smart phone came out. They’ve held their ground and now they can say….Look who’s laughing now. LOL!!!!!

  5. I was wonder will this phone be worth buying the features I’ve seen so far sounds good but is it a good phone would it last

  6. I was told I had one of the 52 left on the planet for this joke of an evoke phone they made. I really hope the zio is better.

  7. the real release date is expected of the 23rd of august but it could come allitle bit earlier the blackberry 8530 for cricket was suppose to be released the same date but as you can see it came allitle to early hopfully we wish the same as for therest of the coming phones including the txtm8 36 msgm8 2 captr 2 messager touch sanyo zio created by kyocera and last and definently not leat the kyocera rio.!!!!!!!!!

  8. well i belive the zio is better that the evoke , the evoke was not as good at it was suppost to be i belive zio is going to be sold for a good and desent price i work for cricket and there services has gotten better and plan prices are greate for our pockets . TRY CRICKET .

  9. this phone is horribly!!dont buy it!!!just wait a few weeks when cricket comes out with the Huawei Ascend Android phone in a few weeks.The sanyo zio feezes,it takes forever to make a call,it breaks easily,the camera sucks,the google search doesnt work,and the specs suck!!DON’T BUY!!!

  10. Yes…the woman who works at the my Cricket store actually told me NOT to buy the Zio and to buy the less expensive Huawei because the Zio has been having MAJOR problems.

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