Droid 2 August 12 Release Date Confirmed?



In preparation for the launch of the successor to Verizon’s first Android phone, the Droid 2 launch team has forwarded some slides detailing the timing of the new handset’s arrival to Verizon representatives. An image of one of the slides has surfaced and it seems to reveal Verizon is being slightly more covert with the launch of the new Droid than with others. If the slides are to be believed, the phone will launch in a little over a week on August 12th.

The interesting part is the slide would also seem to indicate VZW won’t make the phone official until merely two days before then, with an extremely limited pre-order window of just one day (August 11th). My guess is they don’t want to steal the Droid X’s thunder just yet so they are keeping the Droid 2 a bit more low-key, and previous reports indicated that promotions would ramp up for newest phone towards the end of August.

[via Don’t Hate the Geek]

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  1. Stealing some potential thunder from the Blackberry Torch possibly?

  2. gsm gsm gsm when?

  3. The Blackberry Torch is in a category of its own. Right down there with the G1 and Cliq (3.2 in screen – what the hell were they thinking? Oh well, good for Android).

  4. @Max: That’s also my question. Just hope they’ll release it before November/December. Hope it so much.

  5. So… given this pace, i can expect to upgrade to the Droid 7 by the time my two year contract expires? I had no idea that this was coming so soon, kinda makes me feel stupid for buying a Droid in March.

  6. Yes, november max, i dont think HTC will rest on their current Euro models released, there’s the Desire HD coming and the Vision with its qwerty keyboard wich im more interested but i dont think its as good as the Droid 2 from the pics released but Motorola should release it more sooner.

  7. Good news on d2. They will be up against the Torch that week.

  8. I don’t care bout the BB Torch Why would they even try to compete with that POS phone? I hate BB and I hate AT&T.

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