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The Motorola Droid 2 just loves to get around. We’ve seen so many leaked shots, dummy phones, videos, you name it. If it has to do with the Droid 2 we have probably seen it, and there isn’t a whole lot left for us to learn about the next member of the Droid family. It should come as no surprise, then, that these new images of the phone in the wild aren’t going to provide us with any insights we didn’t already have. Still, we get a nice look at the tweaked keyboard and the shiny screen bezel. When compared to the original Droid we can even get a sense of the slightly blue tint the handset carries.


We can only hope that Verizon is able to get as many of these units out to stores as were able to get into the hands of tipsters and internet denizens so they might avoid the supply and demand woes of previous high-end Android launches.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Def less clunky.

  2. Keyboard looks a lot nicer and new spacious. I hate being stuck on att :(. Verizon customers are lucky they they have a provider who gives them multiple choices of great phones

  3. Is that silver in stead of all black? Or is that just the lighting?

  4. still only 4 rows but the kb is offset. good good

  5. The keyboard looks like it will be a huge improvement!

  6. Where’s ME gold?

  7. for some reason i have bad luck with motorola or something i guess… every motorola phones i got was defective… i had cliq and cliq xt also, freezes up all the time it calls by itself out of nowhere i had to turn the phone off and on again at least 5 times a day, too many screen problems… i’m jumping over to galaxy s!!! yes!! even though droid and droid 2 looks nice and tempting… but good luck to u all who’s getting this droid 2!!! it looks awesome though!!

  8. Is this phone worth going from the droid 1 to the droid 2? Might be missing it, but I don’t see a big difference between the two. Is there something else on the horizon in the near future worth waiting for?

  9. @Dave – Welcome over to the dark side. :) (Literally. That is how awesome the screen is. When dark it truly is dark!)

  10. I can upgrade in October. This may be the phone I go with.

  11. that pic with “Rockhound’s new Droid” has been out for at least a couple weeks.

  12. Same crap haha poor droid fans

  13. I don’t really get it at all. I have the Droid 1, this looks like the same phone with a slightly improved keyboard and slightly improved specs. But if the bootloader is locked (which it very well may be), my rooted and overclocked droid will run about the same as this.

    If Moto was trying to entice current droid owners to upgrade, I don’t think they did the job. Either way though, the Droid 1 is awesome and these improvements can only make the Droid 2 even better.

  14. gsm when?

  15. @MaxB never.switch to verizon n you will be fine (mwahahahahaha)

  16. Jim i assume this is coming to europe so the never is hardly going to happen it will just be called milestone 2. The question why are they taking so much time to announce the European versions.

  17. Is this the same screen size as the original droid… if so .. I have a feeling this will be $99 with a 2 yr contract

  18. Well the big difference between droid 1 and 2 will mainly be the speed, it will be twice as fast. along with mobile hot spot, as well as functionality should be a bit smoother.

  19. sickk its silver and dark blue and they did alot of improvements i got the D1 hopefully i can jump to the D2

  20. Very nice professional build. Very greedy arrogant carrier.

  21. If they’re going to take so much time why not including the hdmi port for the Euro version?

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