See Froyo in Action on the Droid X [Video]


Ah there you are, Froyo, running on the Motorola Droid X. We were beginning to wonder when you would come out of hiding, emerge from simple still shots of “about phone” screens amid rumors that an official Android 2.2 update could be hitting the X this week.

We aren’t really sure why the latest version of Android appearing official with Blur (or whatever they call it on the Droid X) running on top is on this particular Droid X, the user who took this video isn’t either. He claims no hacking or ROM flashing, and says the OS was on the phone when purchased. Perhaps this is another case of a test unit being sold via Ebay or Craigslist? We really don’t know, but see the video below to get a quasi-blurry look at Flash running the Droid X among other things.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Nice but I will feel a whole lot better when Froyo is running on my X. Verizon and Motorola I DEMAND YOU RELEASE FROYO THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

  2. what kind of camera did he use to film this horrible quality capture?

  3. @jim: the entire time, I was thinking “Is a tripod too much to ask for?”

  4. Well I am sure hoping that moto does not cripple the OS updates…this will
    Surely make droid lovers think twice if not three times before getting a new moto droid…

  5. he would have known if the phone received an ota update. he would have had to install it. it doesn’t happen accidentally. so by saying it “must have been an ota update” is fishy.

  6. Is that the correct home screen for Froyo? I just put Froyo on my wife’s Droid (original), and it has new icons on thebottom of the screen. I don’t see the additional icons on this video. Im looking forward to 2.2 on my Droid X.

  7. Camera stability looks like a clear symptom of crack withdrawal… Otherwise looks good!

  8. I agree with one of the above-mentioned facts…OTA updates require approval to install. It wouldn’t “mysteriously” appear on his phone. I’m calling BS on the “it just happened on its own thing”

  9. possibly the OTA was done before he got the device?

  10. How is an OTA update done while shipping in a box and powered off?

  11. Well he certainly didn’t put a custom ROM on it. So it does make you wonder how it got on there. I am not familiar with that website to know if flash is required.

  12. I downloaded the .zip file that all the original Droid users have been using to put Froyo on their phone. They’re all having success but it always aborts installation on my Droid X

  13. i just bought a droid x today still says droid 2.1update1

  14. @ Jim- it must be an iphone.

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