Is this the Droid You Were Looking For? Droid 2 Launching as Early as August 12, R2-D2 Edition Leaked


So the rumors up to this point have pointed pretty strongly towards the Motorola Droid 2 launching on August 23rd, but new information is coming in that the phone we just saw leaked running Android 2.2 could hit Verizon stores as early as August 12th. This would be a soft roll-out getting little promotion up until the larger marketing push kicks in on the 23rd date we have been hearing.


And while that bit of information is pretty exciting on it’s own, this new info on the Droid 2’s release date also came with a leak of special edition of the Droid 2 that will embrace its Star Wars namesake. An R2-D2 edition of the phone will be launched featuring everyone’s favorite astromech droid on the back cover of the handset. Nerdgasm. Back with the original Droid, Verizon sent out remote-control R2D2 toys to press and media to promote the new phones launch, but little has been done with the Droid/Star Wars connection since Verizon licensed the brand from Lucasfilms. Given the choice would you want the special edition or just the plain jane Droid 2? What if the R2-D2 version required a slightly longer wait?

[via Engadget]

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  1. “Nerdgasm ” ..lol..love it!!!

  2. Damn, that is soooooooooooooooo sick. Should have had too special edition Star Wars Edition phones. The first should have been the Droid X with C3Po on the back. :)

  3. This is awesome, I want that nerdy gadget

  4. all coming moto devices are bootlocked
    no custom rom here so you become a hostage of moto
    including bug fixes and phone support
    even if devices look attractive, it’s far away from android’s openness
    if you want a locked device, better go to apple
    if you like android’s openness, stay away from moto
    … IMHO …

  5. I will take the R2-D2 unlocked bootloader version please! Obviously this is wishful thinking.

  6. Somehow I have a feeling that any version of this will require a ‘wait’..

    Seems par for the course lately with Verizon releases.

  7. I SOOOO want the R2-D2 version!

  8. I want the, if you bought an original droid you can upgrade to this one edition.

  9. What @dawabz94 said – done recommending Motorola devices until bootloaders are unlocked. Will not purchase *any* and I disagree with offering a “Pro” version or limited runs of unlocked phones.

    If it’s VZW, someone needs to speak up, but time will tell. Samsung, HTC, hope you’re listening.

  10. Plain Version

  11. Lucas has backed the Android system for some time now, cool to see Star Wars used like this.

  12. And it’s all black without the chrome. This is the most exciting news I’ve had all month.

  13. Any intel on this thing making its way to the UK?

  14. @dawabz94. Dude, get over it. You’re copying/pasting this same nonsense in every DX/D2 article. Quit trolling. If you don’t like it, buy the original Droid or N1. You can purchase the former for $79.99 at Costco right now. I think I may just do that myself. Even if Motorola doesn’t support it past Froyo, I know the hacker community will keep it alive for many years to come.

  15. @craig your solution to the lock down problem will no longer be valid on these new phones. Thats the problem, they will have 0 support after the vendor end of life. On an open OS this is redic. Please give them your money, it helps us all… =/

  16. How long is it going to take before all of the nutcases stop spamming every forum with their “it’s bootlocked so you might as well get an iPhone” drivel? PLEASE, guys figure it out: *your* purpose for this device is not everyone’s (and yes, we’re tired of debating how many of you clowns there are, too).

    If this phone doesn’t meet *your* needs, or your perception of Android’s purpose in life, don’t friggin buy it. But don’t direct others to iPhones because of it, and for cryin out loud quit spamming and make an on-topic post for once.

  17. So what if it’s bootlocked? If the experience and features are good enough, that won’t matter.

    Besides… this gives the community that likes to tackle these situations something to do. Every program was locked down until someone figured out the key.

  18. must. have.

  19. I have a feeling some of these people really are iPhone fanboys trying to use this issue to deflect attention from Apple’s problems.

  20. Standing ovation for Scott

  21. R2-D2
    D2=Droid 2

  22. Hopefully it has 3D video chat. Very wishful thinking but that would be awesome.

  23. You flamers probably dont even know what to do with an unlocked boot loader.. stfu

  24. @Paul, I do! I do! You lock them!

  25. To hell with 3D chat! If R2 is involved I want a Holo of Princess Leia in her Slave costume!!

  26. Wah wah wah all you little nerds is whine and cry over the stupidest things first it was 2.1 being delayed now its over a locked bootloader dont you nerds get it, the general public dont give a damn about rooting or custom roms and the phone will still sell look at the X sold out day 1.

  27. And another thing HTC isn’t any better they locked the Eris down pretty good it took multiple teams to finally root it and the OTA put out for the Evo closed the original root hole as well.

  28. R2-D2 version would make this launch much much sweeter! I may get sh*t from my fiancee but hey it’s Star Wars.

  29. I prefer the plain ole VZW version myself…

    off topic for a sec:

    I personally dont give a rat’s ass if the bootloader is locked. I’m not a huge fan of Custom ROMs. It looks like the Droid X has been rooted and all the major “fun” is enabled. Even if Moto / VZW stop supporting the device at End of Life, it will be pretty close to upgrade time for you anyway. If you prefer the unlocked bootloader pick a device that is unlocked. Now grow up and stop spamming.

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