Kyocera Zio Launching as First Android Phone for Cricket Next Month


A pre-sale page has gone up on the Cricket Wireless site for the first Android phone to grace the growing carrier’s line up. The Kyocera Zio could be headed to Cricket as soon as August 15th along with a rumored $55 unlimited plan. It won’t come as the most impressive Android debut on a smaller network, but for those searching for the self-proclaimed savings that Cricket offers coupled with the power of Google’s OS at least it’s a start, if a humble one at that.


The Zio will feature a 3.5-inch WVGA display, 600MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 CPU, 3.2MP camera, and Android 1.6 calling the shots. As with most phones coming out these days, software updates to newer Android 2.x versions are promised by the manufacturer, but when it comes to particular carriers there is no telling what could happen.

Expect the phone to be priced somewhere between $250 and $300 on a month-to-month contract. Cricket has recently expanded coverage to all 50 states in the US through roaming agreements with Sprint Nextel and MetroPCS.

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  1. pretty nice looking phone with mediocre specs.

  2. Well for that price I would say it is a decent device, not better than my out of date bh2 but its decent. Sucks that its out of date already but no one starts out with the best.

  3. Its cricket people this seems like a great phone for cricket people who cricket are not worried about specs there are just worried about the unlimited talk and text if i lived in a place with cricket i would but this

  4. 1.6 !

  5. The fact that you can get an Android device on Cricket at all is pretty damn cool IMO. Even Android 1.6 is far FAR superior to anything else that carrier has offered to date. If I was still with Cricket I would be very happy right now.

    1.6? Beggars cant be choosers. And Cricket is by far the best value for the money on any carrier. Its their coverage and support that sucks, not the pricing/services.

  6. I have heard that it may come out as soon as the 6th, I guess we will see. but def a step in the right direction for Cricket and the customers.

  7. if i were on cricket i would get n root it, that would make that phone the best phone not on the major networks in my opinion

  8. My wife had a Kyocera phone a long time ago. It was horrible.

  9. I don’t care if it’s running Gingerbread, Kyocera makes some of the worst cellphones in history. Literally everything is made from cheap scraps and parts of better companies.

  10. I hear crickets chirping. Just what the world needs, another basic Android phone.

  11. kyocera…not so much….why not another company????

  12. I had cricket for over a year now. I dont have any problems with cricket. The phone that I do have I never had any problems with that phone either. The coverage is great! I am excited about the Android! They are affordable for what you can get.

  13. if this one gets rooted,- i’ll use it on pageplus.

  14. At this pointi think Cricket and Kyocera cannot afford to fail with this one.Especially after Apples latest boo boo(a big one) with the iPhone 4G.Which is why I think they are taking their time getting out to the public.I relly believe they want this to work.Since this will be major step for both Cricket and Kyocera.They either have have to join the ranks of the smart phone age or get out.I dont believ they want that.i see this as a success for Cricket.I would hope that Cricket customers would want the same thing.I do

  15. besides i have noticed most geeks want more for less and are never satisfied with anything new.heck if they were as smart as they think they are? Maybe they should make their own Smart(ass) phones.nNothing is perfect mister and misses Geek.We all know you are lonely perfectionists who want total convenience.Who knows maybe they will make a Smart phone that will wipe you rear-end for you too.LOL.But then agin,you probably wont be happy that either.I have faith in kyocera,I think they learned,and this will work,after all Google is trusting them with their name.Something to say for that.

  16. I was wonder if this phone will be any good like how long will it last and is it durable the feature sound great but is it worth the buy

  17. i think that this will be another great step for cricket. i already bought the new blackberry cricket came out with and it works just as well as a major carriers. im waiting for the zio to come out so i can snatch it up and give my blackberry to my mom.

  18. for that price u can get a decent looking motodroid flashed to cricket imho :D

  19. im happy for a few reasons,

    1st this will make it easer to hack/flash other phones to cricket because some of the major problems with flashing is knowing all of the info needed to flash it, because cricket will have to set up there own smartphone server/setting the info will go a long way to making flashing easer (ie no more connecting to WAB just to get internet working)

    2nd and this is a big one if this phone does good (and i don’t see why not)it will open the door for other android smartphones makers for Cricket maybe Samsung/Htc/moto because they still make Mid level phones (to me any phone runing 600~800mhz processor is mid range 1ghz and up is High end and low end is under 600mhz ie “HTC hero”)

  20. well guys i have to say that cricket really hit the jack pot with kyocera. the price is great and their service hasn’t failed me yet. and when my friends see all i can do on my phone is basically what they can do on theirs, well it leaves them thinking why only $55.00 a month when we have to pay more for what we have. go figure and rethink. i left t-mobile for cricket and all i can say is i have more money in my pocket and can do what most people can on their phones. go cricket!

  21. this phone sucks.i have one. i cant use it in my house because it doesnt get signal in it..maybe its just cricket that really sucks in service because i really do like the phone but it doesnt get signal anywhere. and the screen frezzes and blacksout. a lot!!!

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