Over 60 Percent of Devices Now Running Android 2.1 or Higher



It’s time to check in with the Android Platform Versions chart once again, and what as you might expect, Android 2.1 continues to grow as the dominant version of the OS. But before Eclair can even reach a two thirds of devices sitting at 59.7 percent, Froyo has increased its share of devices to 4.5 percent. This number is sure to grow even larger after this weeks updates to the HTC EVO 4G, HTC Desire, and Motorola Droid. Promised updates for the Motorola Droid X and HTC Droid Incredible, as well as the release of the Droid 2 also ensure that Android 2.1’s reign as the dominant platform version may be short lived.


[via Android Developers]

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  1. Who cares, I have my EVO with froyo!

  2. Does anybody know something about the update for HTC Legend?

  3. What devices ARE still running 1.5 and 1.6? I’m just curious what outdated phones are still a third of the Android user base.

  4. Motorola Cliq, Samsung Behold 2, Motorola Cliq XT are all still on 1.5. Motorola Devour is on 1.6

  5. G1 owners are still left for dead…….

  6. Of course the My Touch 3G users still have 1.6

  7. I have an HTC Dream and I’m still stuck with 1.5. I also can’t find tutorials or anything on how to root / update this phone. This situation is ridiculous. Just because I’m an early adopter I’m left behind with an outdated OS. It’s not like HTC couldn’t release an update, they’re just ignoring people who owns older phones.

  8. These charts are always done wrong, it should be shown as an absolute number of shipped devices. that way you can see how much this effect is from upgrading existing phones vs a flood over newer deivces growing the totally number of phones. sadly i suspect it is mostly the latter

  9. Yeah but don’t forget that the entire mytouch line is getting froyo sometime this august… Who else could be on 1.6? The X10i? Yeah right those are all magic’s, sapphire’s, and dream’s. And the G1 has had froyo for a while now thanks to cyanogen…

  10. Do these charts take rooted devices into account?

  11. Regarding old OS versions: the entire X10 line, the Quench (Cliq XT), Motorola Backflip, the Rogers HTC Magic+, LG Eve, Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Spica, Dell Aero…

  12. Just took a look at the Screen Size and Density report that comes out every 2 weeks like the Platform version report, and High Density screens (480 x 800/854) have now passed up Medium Density screens (320 x 480).

    @Anon This takes into account all devices that access the Android Market, which includes Rooted devices.

  13. The only phones on that list which probably have a warranty are Xperia X10 and Backflip. If you have any other phone, ROOT IT AND UPDATE YOUR OS.

  14. X10 and DSTL1

  15. Froyo for mytouch in august? Where did you hear such a thing?

  16. MotoFAIL! Nearly all of the MotoBlur phones are still running 1.5. Never buy a MotoBlur phone. You have been warned.

  17. Behold2 has 1.6

  18. @Aaron Really? What about the DX? That’s 2.1 and is a MotoBlur phone (and already rooted).

  19. The HTC Hero on all Canadian carriers (Bell, Telus, etc) are running Android 1.5.

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