T-Mobile Teases First HSPA+ Phone


We know T-Mobile is planning to release their first phone with native HSPA+ capabilities right around the end of the summer. All signs point to it being an Android phone, most likely one made by HTC. The HTC Vanguard spotted on a leaked product roadmap and scheduled for a September 9th release seems to be the prime candidate to receive the HSPA+ treatment. It is no surprise then that the Vanguard name appears hidden in the source code of a new site T-Mobile has launched to tease their upcoming phone geared towards their enhanced 3G network that they claim gives even current 4G offerings a run for their money.


Is the HTC Vanguard actually the HTC Vision? And will it be released with the branding of the T-Mobile G1 Blaze? It’s a very real possibility but we can’t be sure just yet. From the veiled render on the teaser site it’s hard to get an idea of what exactly the phone will look like. The phone could be the first to not only introduce true HSPA+ but also a faster processor than the 1GHz Snapdragon we have grown accustomed to shipping in HTC’s high-end phones.

So how is that for a lineup that went from owning few high-end Android phones to now playing host to the Samsung Vibrant and whatever beast this new HSPA+ phone ends up being. Pretty good options developing for T-Mobile subscribers. Hey, I even heard they could be getting the iPhone!

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  1. DO WANT!

    will nicely replace my aging G1.

  2. G1 please hang in there, bud! I keep getting low disk space icon. I am about to hard reset the thing. I can wait for this phone. There is already so much hype with little to no details! This is going to be huge!

  3. Waiting patiently.
    G1 -> HD2 -> Galaxy S -> HTC Vangurad

  4. From the HTML source:

    Hostname: first-hspa-smartphone.t-mobile.com
    Server: SIDEKICK-WEB04
    Time: 7/27/2010 12:58:05 PM
    Application ID: vanguard_/LM/W3SVC/74/ROOT-1-129247203074752470
    Framework Version: 0.4.1007.439

    So it is the famed sidekick line of phones.

  5. The htc vision is one butt ugly looking device.

  6. i don’t think the htc vision and vanguard are the same thing. vision seems to be a successor to the g1, and could be the new sidekick line. the vanguard seems to be something else entirely, and would correspond with the earlier article about tmobile releasing a dual core phone with a 4 inch screen. it just doesn’t make sense to me that they would launch a new phone with hspa+ and have it have just a snapdragon processor, which iirc, the vision has been confirmed to have, as well as having a 3.7 inch screen.

  7. plus, despite phones getting thinner and thinner, that phone is too thin to have a keyboard. i know it’s just a render but it looks like one solid piece, and doesn’t look like it has a keyboard, which the vision does.

  8. Just upgraded from the G1 to the Vibrant and wow – what a difference. Amazing fun. Missing my keyboard and roller but loving Android 2.1, the speed and the most amazing screen. The Vibranst is also doing so much better with 3G then my G1 so the speed is great

    Go TMO Go, Go Go Go

  9. What is the benefit of native HSPA+? I thought there were already a number of phones that used HSPA+ so I am a little confused on what the big deal is…

  10. If I know marketing it will most likely be a 600 to 800 processor with no slide. No front facing camera. 3.5 or smaller display. Look at the slide that should of been a 1ghz 4in display with the genius button. But do they want to do that no. Especially not tmobile. Look at the galaxy s phones. Who has the best ones. The ones that come out last. Verizon and sprint have the nicest ones. They have to make a crappy one and people will want it just because it is full hspa ready.

  11. @coryc10
    install cyanogenmod and you will never suffer from the limited disk space again

  12. Like many of you, Im looking for a perfect upgrade for my g1 phone. Im hoping its the new HTC phone thats been rumored lately.

    I swear it better not be a sidekick phone :(

  13. They should be marketing this at 3G+ or something similar. I’m not sure the general public is going to understand what HSPA+ is. Anyway, I hope the HTC Vanguard and Vision are two different phones. Maybe the G1 Blaze and a second phone without the hardware keyboard.

  14. @Bob… that doesnt really mean its the sidekick family they could just be using an old server that was last used for the sidekick or an old website. I hope i am wrong and this is the next sidekick, but i wont hold my breath.

    @TMOGUY…I upgraded from my G1 also to my vibrant and am loving it.

  15. @JRDroid: HSPA+ has a max theoretical download speed of 21 Mbps. Current HSPA phones on T-Mobile are only capable of a theoretical max of 7.2 Mbps download. I noticed improved download speeds on my MT3G when the towers were upgraded in my area, but I’m not seeing the full benefit that I could be since my phone doesn’t support what the tower is capable of.

  16. Dude, you do know that HSPA+ devices have been around for almost a YEAR? I’m holding one in my hand right now. Perhaps its not an android device but you have said yourself, ” The phone could be the first to not only introduce true HSPA+…” You do realize that the Nokia N900 has HSPA+ and the only handset you can really use to test AT&Ts and Tmobile’s HSPA+ network is the Nokia N900? Otherwise, you can only use USB based laptop modems which are in no way shape or form handsets. Nevertheless, I highly recommend you do some more research before saying things like that. We all are excited to see more HSPA+ devices out there, but please take a little more time vetting your own statements.

  17. Guess who just got to play with this phone???…..THIS GUY!! Most speculation I have seen in the previous comments are entirely incorrect. Give it a little time guys….I promise you will like this phone.

  18. @Really? (Post 16) You couldnt be more incorrect in your statement. “You do realize that the Nokia N900 has HSPA+ and the only handset you can really use to test AT&Ts and Tmobile’s HSPA+ network is the Nokia N900?”…let me correct a couple things for you:

    The Nokia N900 supports HSDPA up to 10mbps. The US rollout of HSPA+ for T-Mo is a 21mbps architecture, meaning not even your beloved, and often misquoted N900 can support HSPA+ to its fullest. If you think companies like T-Mo and AT&T use either the N900 or a USB stick to test their networks you are once again entirely incorrect. I could continue to point out incorrect parts of your post, but what is really the point.

  19. @DroidDev, well, one burning question: hard keyboard or not? (Please, not. Haven’t we grown beyond thumb pianos YET??)

  20. Man my G1 is half dead barely hanging in there waiting for tmobile to finally get a good phone, hurry tmobile my G1 is on its last breaths!

  21. @xarophti My goodness. Ever heard of the Droid Incredible? Droid X? EVO 4G? Samsung Vibrant? Samsung Captivate? There are tons out there. There are more “touch-only” Android smartphones out there than ones with a hardware keyboard.

  22. @xarophti And how could I ever forget the almighty Nexus ONE..

  23. Thank you fangorious.

  24. T-mobile is stepping their game up! It would of been nice if I would of waited for this phone but I’m still loving my vibrant galaxy s and have no regrets!

  25. I don’t to see anyone complain “oh boo hoo! We can’t play all those Flash games because they require a keyboard!” Just get a keyboard and you’ll be able to do EVERYTHING.

  26. Too bad the vision has a gimpy 4-row keyboard while the Samsung Epic has the glorious 5-row everyone’s been craving.

  27. If it has LED flash and a better camera that’s enough to sell me since it’s got the snap dragon and faster internet as a given (almost on the Snap).

    Would be killer if it had a FFC for video conferencing like the EVO. Not that many do yet but we can dream :)

  28. yeah 4 rows is gimpy but the keys are offset like a regular keyboard and not arranged in a grid. It will take a while before everyone realizes that the G1 keyboard+trackball is the best

  29. That’s Huawei HSPA+ Android Smartphone


  30. ari-free…you could not be any more correct!!! G1 is king when it comes to the qwerty and trackball.

  31. They should just name it “HTC Evo [(4G – 1G) + .75G] + real speed”

  32. Great news.
    Thanks buddy.

  33. The N1 with CM shows me a H when I’m downloading stuff from the internet. Typical download speeds of 4-6 Mbps. So this thing is supposed to be downloading at like 20?! I’ll believe it when I see it.

  34. @Austin …The Nexus is only capable of 7.2Mbps when connected to HSPA+, so you will never see a 20Mbps connection with it.

  35. HSPA+ requires multiple antenna arrays, so the is little effect on current phones except one T-Mo WinPhone. Nokia is bringing out an N8 which should be HSPA+ since it will work on the AWS1700 band plus Symbian 3. Don’t see an Android for T-Mo since Verizon and Google are now officially in cohoots. Poor T-Mo, first to introduce obsolete phones.

  36. Any tablet phone with 5 inch to 7 inch screen with front face camera and 1.5GH processor and android 3.0 with hspa+ would brings lots of costumer to tmobile and I would guarantee so many will switch from other carriers to tmobile.Skype program must have too wit tmobile services.
    If this thing doesn’t happened in few month, tmobile will loose so many loyal customers who have been with tmobile for continuous 10 years

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