HTC Releases Sync for Wildfire


This smallish device has been making its rounds and HTC’s finally releasing HTC Sync for users that have gotten their hands on the HTC Wildfire. As usual, a Windows-based PC is required for use. You’ll also need your phone’s serial number in order to download this specific version, so be sure to have that handy (you can find the Wildfire’s serial number beneath the battery preceded by “S/N”). Head over there now to begin your download.

HTC Sync 3.0 ENG

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  1. Yeah ok. When they have a native Linux client then maybe. Build your product on Linux then not create apps for Linux that work with your product. OR suck off the hard work of devs who write code for Linux AND all the apps HTC use for free then don’t give back anything.

  2. @rramsdell

    you are right. I use Ubuntu and i don’t wanna touch the evil Windows (in Italian Winzozz= dirty Windows).

  3. The HTC Sync program for the Aria and Wildfire makes the one for the Incredible look like crap…mainly because it doesn’t DO much at all.

  4. I sent in a while back that this works with the Incredible, and it brings with it iTunes/Windows Media playlist/music syncing.

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