More Shots of the Droid X Running Android 2.2


If all of the images of the Droid X running Android 2.2 weren’t enough to convince you so far, maybe this gallery of Froyo-laden images will silence your doubt. Apparently purchasing a Droid X on eBay might just land you with a device running a test build of Android 2.2. Who would have thought?


The full gallery over at Droid-Life showcases the “apps to SD” function, System Info, Settings page, and the “About” screen. Flash is also present in all of (or none of, depending on who you ask) its glory.

Current Droid X owners (along with Droid Incredible and Droid owners) may only need wait until next week to be treated to an all you can eat Froyo update buffet, but for those without an X willing to take a gamble, you might turn to eBay in hopes of fulfilling your Android 2.2 dreams. Oh, but maybe those dreams aren’t quit what they are chalked up to be based on this benchmark info…curious stuff.


[via Droid-Life]

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  1. uh first?

  2. I have been checking my phone frantically…all these posts do is give me false hope. Comeon August 6th

  3. That benchmark is lower than when it has 2.1….

  4. My 2.1 benchmarks almost hit 1300… why is this so low?

  5. Im not sure it gets me any more excited, but i’ve had the X since day two and i check twice a day waiting to here a solid date and verizon makes it look like the dates been moved back ten times already so who knows.

  6. Maybe the benchmark is low because flash + farmcrap is running in the background?!

  7. …or is that an ad?

  8. Bugger, it’s an ad…

  9. If it’s that low maybe he has the phone in battery saver mode?

  10. that score is with debugging on or its not a real froyo rom. there was a guy on the other site tht supposedly has froyo on his x and says he averages 2300

  11. Um, people…look at the second blue bar graph…that says “Moto Shadow”. The DX IS the Shadow; that is an ad or something he’s viewing on the net.

  12. i got 1304 this morning and i can say with the droid x im happy to have the fastest stock android phone with 2.1

  13. You know… That’s what apple has over android.. When a new firmware update
    Is released, you don’t have to worry about getting it.. Here
    With android you do, and you usually don’t get it..:(

  14. It’s not the fastest, there is a fluke with the I/O on quadrant. Maybe froyo fixed how the I/O reports to quadrant and it’s reporting it’s actual mediocrity.

  15. Only one problem the “shadow” was the leaked rumor name of the X. I’m gonna call b.s.

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