HTC Desire Getting an Upgrade to Android 2.2 Tomorrow?


At least one Sense-enabled HTC handset could be getting its upgrade to Android 2.2 starting tomorrow. A Twitter account called HTC_NL has tweeted that the upgrade to FroYo for HTC Desire users (in the Netherlands, at the very least) will begin tomorrow with other devices to follow soon after. Mark Moon’s HTC also confirmed this, and he states that – due to bandwidth – the rollout will be staggered (as they often are) so not everyone will get it on the same day.



We’ll begin with the Android 2.2 upgraded tomorrow for the Desire, other devices will follow.

Mark Moons from HTC Europe (we can confirm the validity of his account) also confirmed this information on his own Twitter account (translated):

“Tommorow we start with the upgrades to Android 2.2 for the Desire, more devices later on”

Can’t get any more official than that. It seems HTC Sense-enabled devices (at least on the high-end spectrum) should all soon follow after learning one here in America could be just about ready to serve FroYo. Looks like HTC Sense users are getting the last laugh after everyone expected them to be out of the FroYo picture for months.

[Thanks Daan!]

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  1. Looking forward to this – I wonder when T-Mobile UK will roll theirs out.

  2. That’s great news…hopefully I won’t need to wait til oct-nov for my mt3g slide to get it’s upgrade. To bad it’s espresso and not straight sense but still it’s a big step in the right direction.


  4. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

  5. I’ll end up waiting for Orange UK to get their act together I think. Hopefully I’ll get froyo within the next three months…

  6. I’m on Vodafone UK, but it’s an O2 branded (well, “branded” – the splash screen is O2) handset. Who knows when I’ll get it!

  7. Shame on you motorola! HTC is serving froyo tommorow, while you are still “considering” it for the milestone! On top of that desire uses custom skin versus stock android on the milestone.

  8. They may get it in NZ but will be a few hundred years before we see this on Orange and by then Android 4002.9 will be out.

    God I hate Orange and i have only been with them for a few months

  9. Can’t wait to install & test it!!!

  10. Oh yes dear lord! thank you! and thank you HTC!
    make me happy ^^

  11. What if I update on rooted HTC desire?

  12. I hope it will reach Lithuania soon.

  13. If this is accurate, teams such as VillainROM will create a UK friendly version from this ROM. – looking forward to seeing if this information is accurate :)

  14. @ Tomonzo
    I have family in Lithuania! :P

  15. Cool. I have a friend from Lithuania, too! She is Lithuanian but working in a job at Reykjavik, Iceland.

  16. When will this roll out in the Philippines?

  17. I bought my phone on contract with O2 in the UK but fortunately it is unlocked and has none of their branding nonsense all over it…. Froyo here we come then (?)

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