The US Military Takes Android Back onto the Battle Field Thanks to Raytheon


Oh, Android. We love how you can break away from your phone roots and adapt yourself to many uses. You’re used in eReaders, tablets, cars, televisions, and even appliances. You once even enlisted into the armed forces, and now you’re ready, willing, and able to do it all over again.

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This time, Raytheon is back at the blueprint table with plans to create Android-based software that would allow personnel to spot enemies, pull down surveillance images from a satellite or image-capturing drone, recognize faces, and more. The contractor praises Google for their help in realizing Android’s potential which allowed them to “push the limits of the phone.”

Which phone they’re talking about wasn’t revealed, but let’s put this into perspective: Raytheon’s Android Tactical System (RATS) was in development back when the T-Mobile G1 was the lone ranger in the Android world. Looking at today’s army of phones (pun definitely not intended) we can’t imagine what kind of limits they’ll be attempting to push next.

[Reuters via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. let the droids handle those terrorist!!

  2. Think of a ruggedized hardware in a phone type formfactor with the right hardware to link into military satcom/etc. So instead of having some voice over the radio tell you where some target is, pull this computer in a pocket out and show them. Very nice

  3. The next robot infantry would be Android powered.

  4. @Inspiron41
    handle those terrorists !!! people fighting for their freedom against an invading force is considered a terrorist and the people who invade other’s lands and leave widows and orphans behind them are considered the good guys !!! go and donate your brains to a monkey or any other species that might appreciate it more than you do

  5. My bet would be the Dell Streak, mainly due to its size. Dell is no stranger to big contracts for their computers, why not phones as well? Either that or a phone that will only be released to the military due to it needing to be battlefield tough. Anyone notice a Mil spec on any of the phones?
    I’m sure the translator apps will be getting a ton of use as well, especially in areas like Iraq and Aghanistan. Android rocks.

  6. Yeah,
    let future wars be fought by google…

  7. Raytheon tends to develop their own hardware, or atleast buy parts from other OEM’s so a consumer model is very unlikely. On top of that, how many consumer cellphones have satellite communication capabilities? And for anyone getting exited that’s not in the armed forces, by the time Raytheon is finished with this flavor of Android it will be as proprietary as any Apple iProduct.

  8. Not only that I hope they make apps that are useful for everyday citizens. I’m sure the military will make apps which are marketed towards people like how the to take of yourself in case of accident stuff like that. Sure, there is apps out there in the market; but their not as useful as the apps in the iphone.

  9. i hope the apps leak…sorry…but i really do.

  10. This is a very reason why the Android platform is and will be superior to the iPhone/WinPhone platforms. The fact that is so incredibly powerful and incredibly customizable that separates them from the rest.

  11. aleis, seems like there’s a leak in your panties after experiencing the full power of Android!

  12. I work in that field and have seen some cool stuff with UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems) being controlled with the G1. I think the guys were from Georgia Tech. Neat stuff!

  13. Android should have many military applications because it is a multiplatform (x86 as well as ARM) and open source OS, mostly under the Apache license.

  14. “@Inspiron41
    handle those terrorists !!! people fighting for their freedom against an invading force is considered a terrorist and the people who invade other’s lands and leave widows and orphans behind them are considered the good guys !!! go and donate your brains to a monkey or any other species that might appreciate it more than you do”

    @Maj in response to the ill witted comment reposted above.
    Let me just break this down for you, terrorists are not race or nation, they are also not the normal inhabitants of countries such as Afghanistan. They are a group of people that mean to cause harm to “anyone” that stands in the way of whatever they want to do. The “terrorists” that are currently in the fore front of everyones mind is of course the Taliban. I am assuming your remark was stating that the US and NATO forces are in the wrong for being in the country and “invading”. Apparently you don’t watch any news because the “terrorists don’t just go after US and NATO forces they have been killing and strong arming the Afghan population for quite some time. They detonate bombs at Afghan Government buildings and functions to make a point/persuade major decisions of a political party. The Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, has been working with US and NATO forces for quite some time to help rid his country of the disease that is terrorism. The Afghan people are fighting off invaders, the Taliban,and countries from around the world have checked in to help them do it. Instead of ending this rant with some stupid “go donate your brain” comment I will simply ask that you do a little research past what the media is telling you, I have been to the country and have had the opportunity to shake hands with many of the locals. They might not all like Americans or that we are there but that ratio changes for the better everyday.

  15. @Maj Does fighting for freedom include flying planes into the world trade center?

  16. Even know military does everything by the lowest bidder and this allows Android to show Apple it just doesn’t do porn well but does serve are country well to.

  17. I think they’ll use something based on the nexus one. Its a pretty tough phone I’ve dropped it several times slept with it in my pocket let my kids mess with it. Used it at work with dirty hands and it still is the same ad when I bought it not only that bit with froyo its faster than the new iphone and is still getting a gingerbread update after they discontinued it.

  18. Linuxguru I don’t know if ur supporting android or opposing it but by all means u can give us android supporters a nice blumkin

  19. the motorola i1 is Military Spec 810F certified for blowing rain, dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure, salt fog, humidity and solar radiation.

  20. What is needed is biological telemetry application development for exisiting biosensors. Anroid HTC works you have gps. Internet and cellphone with almost any navigation. Sattelite. Application you can think of . It works doesn’t cost a billion. Now some r&d fund$ can go to people who’ve been experimented on without compensation. Also the genius button or vocal recognition could work with Darpas universal translator, as well silent speak synthetic telepathy projects.
    Investors should contact me, I’m prewired….

  21. Take Android, just take view of
    And you have the droid army ready to go.

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