What Is Google TV? [VIDEO]


If you watched the Google TV keynote at Google I/O or have been following any blogs like our very own Phandroid lately the following video may be old hat, but for the uninitaiated Google has put together a nice succinct overview of their new television/internet hybrid multimedia experience. The more I see of Google TV the more interested I get in trying it out. My most recent television set includes limited web apps such as YouTube and Pandora and they have already proven extremely useful, I wouldn’t want to use a TV without them again. A full fledged experience like Google TV can only take it to the next level. Check it out:

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  1. seems neat! i’ll definitely try it out.

  2. I see this as the return of the Home Computer, except that unlike the Commodore, anyone can make one. You can have your flash games on the TV and also games games you’d expect to find on a game console. Maybe we’ll see boxes with super killer GPU’s and hard drives since battery life won’t be an issue here.

  3. Love it, once again a demonstration of going from creating new technologies to combining old technologies

  4. I’m gonna name my first kid…Google.

  5. How much?

  6. Google needs to take marketing seriously. This seems like a commercial made for a high school project.

    Great product poorly described.

  7. They need to redesign that market app for google tv, it looks terrible!

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