Asurion No Longer Assures You an Original Droid – Production Ceased, May Have to Settle for a Low-End Device


We’ve gotten reports that Asurion’s stopped replacing broken Motorola Droids with non-broken Motorola Droids. Instead, they’ve been replacing them with the HTC Droid Eris, the Motorola Devour, or the LG Ally. I’ve never been one to be wary of device insurance – surely they must have enough stock to cover you should your investment ever tank, no?

No, indeed. After having to pay $6-$8 per month since the day the Motorola Droid came out, users can no longer get the same phone that they know and love. While we understand the monthly charge doesn’t cover the entire cost of device repair and replacement (that’s why we’re faced with those stinging deductibles), it’s not fair to be told you have to settle for something less: you did sign a contract for the Motorola Droid, after all.


Droid-Life confirmed those suspicions as their tipster shows them that the Motorola Droid is no longer in production by Motorola. Sensible considering the Droid X was just released and the Droid 2 is on its way, but there should be a hefty backstock of these devices (refurbished or otherwise) for the hefty user base Verizon adopted when it was introduced. You’re pretty much being told “be careful with your phone that you paid for and paid for insurance on top of it, or else you’ll never see it again.” That’s pretty unsettling.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. my sister dropped her Droid in the water and just got her replacement like two days ago and it was a Droid.

  2. yes….i have been aware of this since last week. i bitched and complained and they are sending me an INCREDIBLE which I guess I’ll have to settle for. and the deductible is $80 too!! There is no way I’m getting a Devor or HTC Droid over my Moto Droid!! they didn’t even offer me the LG Ally either. so the Incredible is back ordered….but they said within 3-7 days they will have it in.

  3. Isn’t this like you car insurance giving you a Civic when you crash your M5?

  4. That’s BS, I would accept nothing less than a Droid X or Droid deuce.

  5. LOL. No way in hell. My understanding was you get the same phone or equivalent. No way I’m paying $6/month to get a subpar phone. This is a situation where the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The people who will accept that BS…will be kindly ripped off. Those of us who wouldn’t settle for that would be given a better phone (i.e. a Droid X), or a full refund.

  6. I recently canceled my Asurion insurance on both my lines after seeing the deductible raised. It’ll save my $15/month for both lines and I still have an original Droid I can use as my own insurance.

  7. G@Y

  8. Just gripe and put up a stick. Tell them you are not going to accept a sub standard device as a replacement for a high end phone. Incredible, DX, D2 are equivalents. Anything else and they are screwing you.

  9. they told me they have no DX yet since they are so new

  10. @amanda what was wrong with your phone and did you go to Asurion to complain or did you do it at the store? i filed a claim and they were going to give me an ERIS and i’m like NO WAY.

  11. I just confirmed this (I think). I called VZW and had them take off my insurance, and they said once it was removed for this device, it could not be added on again.

    Maybe that does confirm this.

  12. To the person who said they are sending an Incredible but that they would not accept an HTC Droid… uhm, just thought you might like to know that the Incredible IS the HTC Droid. I think you may have and the Eris in mind when you said HTC Droid though.

  13. @amanda @tyler I am in the same boat, my DROID started to come apart at the corner (beneath the back button) and is sqeaking (very annoying) and since this was a new replacement for my original DROID (DROID+Concrete Floor=Dead) they said they would send me a Devour or “Desire” I fought and fought until they said they would send me an Incredible. Wait list of 3-7 days

  14. Glad I have Best Buy’s Black Tie Protection! I’ll just get a store credit for the retail price of the Droid, then put that toward something better, without having to wait for my upgrade. Asurion…bleh…

  15. Pretty outrageous. Only the Ally would be a suitable replacement in my mind.

  16. just finished my claim and luckily i got a Droid to replace my broken Droid. wasn’t like that last week.

  17. LOL, the Ally is not a suitable replacement. The Ally is trash compared to the droid. The GPU on the Ally is a weak piece of doodoo.

  18. Lawsuit in 3… 2… 1…

  19. I’m contemplating cancelling my insurance. I have an incredible and I’ve read threads about them not replacing the incredible but instead offering eris. Now I see they are doing the same thing with the droid. I’d rather take my chances than pay $8 a month to get an inferior replacement (after deductible!)

  20. I would rather be careful with my phone and save the monthly fee towards getting a replacement of my choice. There is no sense in getting a replacement device after it’s been out a year and obsolete. Might as well pony up the saved insurance money, deductible, and extra money to get the latest.

    If I had a job where my phone was in peril of being dropped or crushed all the time, I would consider the insurance.

  21. @timmyjoe42 can’t always be careful though. that’s what insurance is for. those “just in case” moments. that’s like saying i don’t need car insurance, i’ll just drive careful.

  22. I wonder does Asurion still has replacments for the G1 on T-Mobile.If not what will they replace it with?

  23. So if I send a HTC Droid Eris, the Motorola Devour, or the LG Ally in I get a Moto Droid , hmmmm thought not , then why are they sending sub-par replacements for the Droid ?
    What a scam !

  24. @Richard

    Not being able to add insurance back on after you have removed it has nothing to do with the Droid shortages.
    This is standard. The point is to keep ppl from removing
    the insurance, trashing their phone in a week or two, and then
    trying to add it back on to have the insurance they are not paying for cover it. Once you take it off, it’s off until you purchase a new device.

  25. @Tyler
    Comparing phone insurance to car insurance, is like saying that your annual car insurance premium is 48% of your car’s value and that your deductible is 40% of the car’s value.

    Since Verizon lets you upgrade annually at the 2 year contract price, $8.00 * 12 = $96 = 48% of $200. If my car insurance were that outrageous, I’d be paying nearly $16k per year.

  26. It’s really not that much different than how insurance works with cars. You don’t get full replacement for a 5 year old car. You get the current book value. The fact is the original Droid isn’t worth what it once was.

  27. @Dwayne

    The HTC inc is NOT a droid.. MOTO has the rights to The Droid name.

    That’s why its just called The Incredible.

    Just FYI

  28. Who in their right mind wouldn’t have a “problem” with their Droid in order to get a new D2? I’m sure that’s what is driving this, but it would still suck if you had to downgrade, especially when the original Droid is so new of a phone. Can’t help but think the “buy one get one free” didn’t help matters with inventory either.

  29. @jeep, if you have no insurance however and have to replace the device you would have to pay full retail (I’ve seen DROID as high as $600) not the new contract price of $200. Therefore 8*12=96 96/450=21.3% or 96/500=19.2% Still not great, but not as bad as you were thinking

  30. Find a store that has protect cell and purchase it, Asurion is a joke compared to protect cell.

  31. Really almost old news. I mean in the sense that asurion has been been doing this since the g1 that I know of. @Daddy Dollaz they send you a behold2 if they don’t have a g1. Or if you bitch a mt3g.

  32. @carl have you ever been under contract with full coverage and wrecked a car? You get a bit more compensation than just book value. Some cars are on 6 years of financing.

    But what we are talking about is a 10 month old device with insurance that is being neglected. If we got “blue book”….our phone would be at a higher value. Why? Because of root capabilities being removed or fought against in newer devices.

    Technology doesn’t degrade like a car. Fast DDR2 or old motherboards/processors are a fine example. They go up in value to the general public because of supply and demand.

    What you are saying is come 18 months into my contract, and my kid spills pop on my phone….I should accept a blackberry curve 8300 or a silly feature phone….plus pay my deductible? Yes that is ridiculous. I would end up with a newer Android phone or a new phone service. Smart consumers get what they paid for, not so intelligent consumers settle. Choose your path.

  33. BestBuy black tie… $10 per month and no deductable.. and its total protection for the device. It costs a bit more than the assurion crap. However, you can also go into the store and talk to a person when your phone is down. However, you have to purchase the phone at bestbuy. But I’m willing to pay a bit more for my phone to get this service on something like a phone that is prone to failure.

  34. the incredible is a better phone than the droid… I would take that unless you really want a hardware keyboard and vanilla android.

  35. The latest post on the thread that started this story was that once the original poster called the corporate office, they were happy to give him a Droid. Asurion is probably just trying to get rid of all the Eris phones they have.

  36. It’s very different than car insurance on cars. Car insurance is required because of the liability for property damage, injuries and potential lost wages caused. Fixing the car is an afterthought to those. If you throw your phone off somebody’s head and crack their skull, your phone insurance isn’t paying their hospital bills. My car insurance will if I get in an accident.

  37. @Garrett – after 1 year you can renew your contract with subsidy + $30 annual upgrade fee… you don’t need to pay full retail. Unless you’re abusing your phone or like to swim in your clothes, insurance is a scam…

  38. yes my screen on my droid is cracked, i took it to the store where in fact they have refirbished droids but wouldn’t give me one cause my screen is cracked i have to go through the insurance….but they have no droids!! oh well…..i’ll take the incredible.

  39. @Muleskinner69,
    Actually Verizon has licensed the Droid name. Go to the verizon website and the Incredible is named “DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC.” They mix and match the Droid name over phone brands.

    Droid by Motorola
    Droid Eris by HTC
    Droid X by Motorola
    Droid Incredible by HTC

  40. @Josh I have both phones, Droid for use and Incredible for work testing. The incredible is not a better phone in anyway. It has worse 3d performance, the droid comes close without overclock and with it totally spanks the incredible in CPU performance. The screen on the incredible has terrible color reproduction and that god aweful sense interface.

  41. Chris: you are willing to pay $240 for what amounts to only out of warranty replacement for 24 months? Even if you wreck the phone on month 13 you could get a new one from verizon at the 2 year price.

  42. @Muleskinner69

    I’m sorry but you are simply wrong on your contention that Droid is a MOTOROLA only name and that they have exclusive rights to the name. I would refer you to this url where you will find “Droid Incredible by HTC” http://www.droiddoes.com/, or perhaps here where you will find it on sale https://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/store/controller?item=phoneFirst&action=viewPhoneOverviewByDevice&deviceType=3G%20Smartphones

  43. @Muleskinner69 FYI the Incredible is a Droid. “The brand name Droid is a trademark of Lucasfilm licensed to Verizon Wireless.”

    Droid isn’t licensed to Motorola.. fyi.

  44. @Steve
    I don’t know about the specific Incredible and Moto Droid you have, but what you describe is not what I’ve seen in my own side-by-side comparisons. I love the Sense interface btw, better than Motoblur for sure. But in the end here is the thing: Each person needs to just look carefully and get what THEY prefer. We used to call it “different strokes for different folks.”

  45. Don’t be ignorant…you know no one in the cell phone industry signs a contract for a phone…you sign a contract for service and the phone on the line is your business…No where in your cell phone or Asurion contract does it guarentee the same phone for paying your monthy bill or deductable!

  46. @TF actually EU fee is $20 which can be easily waived with promotion or persistence, also you can only upgrade yearly if its only a single line or the primary line on a family plan.. so sometimes insurance may be a good idea.. they let you know at point of replacement what phone you will be shipped so all that really needs to be done is keep asking for the same phone or better like its always been done.

  47. In a couple of monthes it won’t matter either way. See this so called “Droid 2” is not the second version of the Droid. It’s actually the phone that’s replacing the Droid. The biggest difference is the processor. Being 1ghz it will be able to properly and efficiently keep up with Froyo. And I don’t believe the existing Droid will get the update to 2.2 for that reason. But in the mean time people will be getting screwed out of what they payed for, should they have a problem. In my opinion the Motorola Droid is the phone that realy put Android on the map. There is definitely a bit of nostalgia associated with Droid for this reason.
    I bought the Moto Droid and the Droid X release day, but before I bought the X I raised hell with Verizon about the refurbished phones the kept sending me do to the original phones issues, until they finally shipped me a brand new one in the box for me to keep for an Android back up phone. Or maybe ebay ~(-:<

  48. I can confirm, I finished my claim on a lost Motorola Droid on Monday, they said I would have it Tuesday so I kept checking the claim for tracking info of which there was none. When I called them they said my claim was canceled, EVEN THOUGH the deductible was paid and not reversed, after about 15 minutes on hold they said it was because they did’nt have the Droid and would not be getting them. They tried giving me the substandard Eris and Devour in it’s place in which I told them there is no way in hell I was gonna replace a Droid with one of those phones. I too am being sent a Droid Incredible but have to sit on the waiting list. They did call back and say they had a new shipment of Droids in and could send me a replacement out right away but after all the hassle I told them to ship the Incredible. First I can’t get over the fact they want to give you nothing of equal value and second how they would cancel my claim because they did’nt have the phone and not notify me whatsoever?!

  49. Hello! I work for a Premium Retail location for Verizon Wireless called Mybullfrog.com. Not only do we have some smoking hot deals such as our FREE netbooks and phones out the door with new 2 year activation but we also carry and third party insurance company called Protect Cell that has awesome prices compared to Asurion but also has unlimited claims and YES you will get a Motorola Droid; or with that said ANY phone you purchase insurance on. 2 years of coverage on a PDA is only $119.99 with your 1st claim at only $50. This already saves you $112 over asurion in a 2 year time frame filing 1 claim. Please at least come check out our website at http://www.Mybullfrog.com and/or call 1-800-New-Ring to get the closest store to your home. We are based out of Las Vegas, Idaho, Arizona and Utah. Look forward to seeing you soon!

  50. The shock, the shock, insurance has clauses and fine print that screw the policy holder!!! It’s ALMOST as if insurance exists on the margin of profit they can extract from denying claims and substandardly paying others along with those who never make a claim!

  51. I just replaced my Droid with the X and sold my Droid and I also have the Incredible. If any of my phones break they will replace them with an equal phone or they will talk to my lawyer. An Incredible, X or Droid 2 for a Droid is not a bad trade off anything else is. My wife has Ally and loves it but it is not a Droid. Don’t stand for this people cause it ain’t right and by the way if the Droid isn’t worth the same as it was the Eris or Devour sure isn’t either and isn’t the Eris discontinued also? How do they have those and not the Droid?

  52. That is correct Dwayne!!!

  53. WHY do we all waste money on BS like Asurion? Let’s run them out of business.. just sayin.. we COULD do it.

  54. Is is Assurion or is it the fact that a phone costs more than a notebook computer seeing the moto droid is $600?

  55. We need cheese to go with all this WHINING you guys are doing…..Does anyone know the lifespan of a cell phone? Do your homework folks and stop complaining! As soon as you bought your phone it was close to being obsolete and you can bet your bottom dollar there will be more versions of the Droid in the future. So stop blaming your insurance company and be thankful you were smart enough to get insurance. Otherwise you’d be paying close to 500 dollars for those other models that you hate!

  56. I would go balistic over that, if they tried to downgrade my droid. I would like to think that could be considered a breach of contract, and allow you to leave without an ETF!

  57. Maybe now you dipshits will learn to stop treating your phones like a toilet.

  58. Asurion sux, spring of 2006 i was trying to file a claim for my Blackberry 7105t. i was thinking i was going to pay $50 to get another phone. lol. They Told Me $100, because it was a smartphone. I was like, i can et a refurb on ebay for less then that!!!! in 2008 i think they up’d the deductible to $125. what a rip off!!!

  59. Never bought phone insurance, never will

  60. @Dwayne, it’s also the “Droid, by Motorola” for the same reason.

  61. Yeah incredible is a droid leased by verizon from lucas arts, not motorola.

  62. I broke my Motorola Droid the other day, and when I went online, asurion, they said I had to choose from a Devour or Ally. Those phones obviously aren’t as good, so I called customer care and talked to 2 people, both of them told me that they no longer carry the Motorola Droid and I couldn’t get a Droid X or Incredible because it would be considered an “upgrade” because those phones are better.
    I just went on the Asurion website this morning to see if that was still the case, and it showed that I was getting a Motorola Droid.
    Customer care did tell me that there would be a rare chance you could get a Droid if people send theirs back. So press your luck, thats what I did. I would never settle for anything less.

  63. I called Asurion and can confirm this. The representative says that it will be replaces with the Devour, Lg Ally, or the Incredible. Because of this reason I’m cancelling the insurance I will save the extra money.

  64. @amanda (post #9)…

    I have a Droid X, and I’m paying for insurance. So they’d better be able to replace Droid X’s.

  65. I just filed my claim and I’m getting a Droid back, so I guess I got lucky.

  66. I have become the latest victim of this policy and unfortunately there is not much we the consumer can do about it. My first thought was that it was a breach of contract as well, but then I read through the “Terms and Conditions” and they have a section called “Our Options.” Unfortunately, it clearly states the following:

    “At our option, we Asurion Insurance Services, Inc., may provide substitute equipment or repair the Covered Property with substitute parts, of like kind, quality and functionality, that:

    a. Have been refurbished, and may contain non-orignal manufacturer parts; or
    b. Are a different brand, model, or color”

    Based on the little I do know about legal precedent and contract law, the only argument you could make is to argue over the definition of the statement “of like kind, quality and functionality.”

    I am stuck with the HTC Droid Eris and while it isn’t a bad phone, it is about half the speed of my Droid and may have the worst battery lift of any phone I have ever used. I may call them and see if they can just fix my Droid and send it back as I would much rather have that. Any of you guys think it would be better to get the Incredible if they will give it to me rather than the HTC Eris?

  67. i remember when i got my first two cell phones. first was nextel, and the brick they called a phone. i slammed it against the ground, pummeled it with a 4×4, ran it over with an 18 wheeler, and even dropped it from the 8th floor of a building. all it had was a small crack in the screen. phones were tough, and took a beating. then when i got a sprint… it wasn’t as tough, but still was reliable. Back then, phones didn’t break down as often. you could get a phone, and have it for years. i still have the nextel i700plus, 11 years old, and after charging it, it still works. granted it’s not activated. in the past, phones didn’t need to be replaced as often, and the insurance was actually taken care of by the carrier themselves. when i dropped my sanyo in the water, sprint replaced it, at no charge. and the insurance was only $5. i miss those days. nowadays, people turn their phones for something as simple as a dropped call. it costs the companies money. that’s why carriers like verizon and sprint go through asurion. they can no longer afford to insure the phones themselves. my latest phone is the behold2, and it’s been trouble. phones do alot more now, and are used probably 100 times more now than in the past. they not only are used to talk, but text, web, email, hell… they could probably run a company if you wanted it to. because of that, we find more problems with our phones, problems we would never notice if it were used to only talk. it gets expensive, and i do feel for those that get sent a cheap knock-off of the phone they sent in. i don’t think it’s right, they should get either the same phone, or the equivelant. however, there is another option out there. look into the problem with the phone, if it’s a technical issue, don’t contact assurion. contact your provider or the manufacturer. your phones should be under a 1 year warranty, and some stores offer an extended warranty. make sure it’s not a problem that is covered by warranty before contacting the insurance company.

  68. @Al Your the ignorant one. We signed contracts with our cell providers for the service, true. But we also signed a SEPARATE contract for our insurance through Asurion! And it clearly states in that contract that they can replace the phone with another device OF THE SAME PRICE OR QUALITY. So Incredible=Droid on those terms YES Eris or Ally=Droid NO
    Do your homework before you bash everyone on here

  69. I had a HTC PPC 6800 before my latest move to a motorola Droid. The screen on my PPC cracked after dropping it on the floor from about knee height. I had been carrying insurance for 20 months. When I contacted Assurion because verizon would not touch the cracked screen issue, I was informed the only phone I could get was the PPC 6700 phone and was crap by comparison to the 6800 and I was told the deductable had increased from the original $50.00 to $90.00. Asurion is crap and should be hit by a class action lawsuit. I ended up using my PPC 6800 until my 2 years was up and got my Motorola DROID which I love. I hope they reconsider thier position on this or let them face the wrath that will pursue.

  70. My DROID got wet/destroyed in a torrential downpour Wednesday night. Asurion refused to replace it with another DROID Read my story and what I’ve done about it! Verizon Wireless was wonderful through this whole ordeal, I must admit. I did have to order – and pay for – a new DROID thru them. You can believe I am NOT insuring it!

  71. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150237247435643&comments= my link didn’t post. If it doesn’t post again, join my crusade on facebook: (Lisa Stohr, Pittsfield Ma)
    <3 DROID!

  72. Just got finished being b— out by an Assurion rep. She said Motorolla s.topped making the Droid and absolutely no shipments have been sent out. NONE!!!! I have been promised an incredible replacement since July 13th. It is now the 25th with no replacement in sight. AAAGGGGHHHH I hate ass urion

  73. @ muleskinner69 The Droid name is not owned by Motorola or HTC it is owned by George Lucas. Hence the name Droid Incredible and Droid X.

  74. I lost my droid around the 16th got a brand new replacement droid a few days later. The new phone is locking up ALOT so I caled them and theyre going to send me out a new Incredible for my troubles as soon as its in stock.

  75. I did have to fight for it though, since they obviously wanted to replace it with an eris, ally or devour.

  76. Just called yesterday (7/23) my screen is shattered and the lcd is broken underneath as well. Called Asurion, got the response i was expecting. We can’t give you a droid as it’s discontinued (even though they have new ones to sell) but they can give me an Eris,ally or the other one. After explaining that i will not accept a phone of lower quality and lower functionality i asked about the incredible and they said they couldn’t. I repeated myself and asked to speak with someone else. Got put on hold for 2 minutes, and they came right back on (same person) and said they could give me the incredible but there is a 3-5 day backorder. I said great and am awaiting my incredible now.

  77. I was dropped from aursion about a month ago because of making to many claims in a year, which I understand but the phones that they give you aren’t always up to par. But now doing this is outrageous since your sending in your moto driod to them and getting a phone crapper then the one your sending no way. I hope someones gonna make a legal claim against them and that Verizon will drop them.

  78. I am very upset with asurion i just purchased the droid and went back and got new accesories then asurion wand to send me a replacement that isn’t a droid.
    I have always got from them the same phone
    not now they have only 2 option total bs!

  79. My moto droid also drowned the other day and i told asurion that i would not accept a down grade. Now im on waiting list for incredible and not at all excited about it. MSRP of Moto droid is more than the HTC incredible so when the time comes i think i will bitch and moan until i get some settlement.

  80. Today i checked my claim to see if any changes and guess what…the droid is back. Instead of the claim saying i am waiting for the incredible it directed me to confirm address and payment section, indicating that i am getting a droid a855. I called just to make sure its not a glitch and asurion confirmed that the motorola droid a855 is in stock. Paid $89 deductable 11 minutes ago with free over night shipping so i will see what happens. I also asked if it was going to be a refurb or brand new and the woman said brand new. So if you have been waiting and you want the original motorola milestone call asurion. I sure as hell did not want to downgrade and the offer was a incredible that i wasnt too excited about.

  81. @ sean i called monday and they said they had no droids but theyd send me an incredible. I shoulda waited for tuesday :(

  82. @matt recieved droid yesterday and box looked beat up but the droid inside is brand new. I dont know how the incredible operates but if you like your original i would do what it takes to get your milestone back. I personally do not like HTC, what they did to the eris was horrible and i can only assume the incredible would be the next step to CRAP. Motorola droid full retail $559.99, HTC incredible full retail $529.99 so i wouldnt settle for less. And if they say no more milestone the droid x is the only thing i would accept.

  83. Made my Asurion claim yesterday, got replacement Droid this morning. yes, its refurbished, but better than the water-logged Droid I have. I’m glad I didn’t get the Eris, Incredible or HCT. I wonder why some people get those?

  84. My Droid was run over by a car and cracked the screen.asurion was gonna replace it with the incredible.I said hell no.anyway I called Motorola and they said they do still produce the Droid.well I just sent my Droid to them and they repaired it for 75.00.

  85. That is the out of warrenty repair price

  86. This is complete bullshit. I’m being offered an Eris to replace my Droid? I can’t wait to call them and ask how this is acceptable.

  87. As a follow up, I did call them and they’re completely useless. This is a complete and total scam and I can’t begin to figure out how this is acceptable.

  88. I just filed a claim for D1 and they are going to send me a D1 so i guess they have some in stock for now

  89. Just bought a Motorola Droid A855 for $185.00 on eBay…the cost of insurance plus deductible. Insurance is a waste!

  90. Killed my droid in the kitchen sink. Called claim number and was offered devour or Eris. I asked for droid 2, as my verizon sales person told me they were being offered in place of droid. They told me the droid 2 would be considered an upgrade and they wouldn’t do that. i said the devour and the eris were downgrades, so how was that ok? At this point the rep said they could give me a droid, but they are back ordered and i will have to wait. So im waiting…..PS go look online for the article where the feds have caught Asurion distributing refurbished blackberrys with counterfit blackberry batteries that catch fire……

  91. I ran over my droid 1 today and call asurion after looking up this thread. I asked the lady, “am I going to get a droid just like the one I have been paying insurance on for over a year or some cheep imitation.” She told me that there stock changes week by week and I would indeed recieve a true droid 1. So I guess the lesson here is hope your phone breaks on the right week. Does anyone know if my phone will be a refurb or not?

  92. The Eris even brand new was half the price of the Droid. How is this honorable in any way? What is another option for phone insurance?

  93. After my refurb droid didnt work they sent me a new droid 2… I think it just depends on who you talk to…

  94. Just what in the heck are you doing to your phone to have to require multiple replacements? I’ve had my phone over two years and it still runs like a top. You can’t play basketball with your phone, your phone doesn’t know how to swim, smarten up folks. And yes, if you wreck your car, lets say total it, they’re not going to give you a check for what you paid, they’re going to give you a check for what its worth, so how is it your phone should be different?

  95. @deborah, the batteries weren’t Asurions fault and they immediately started to fix the problem, I guess so much for your smear campaign.

  96. I just filed a claim for my lost moto droid and got a replacement moto droid 2 days later!

  97. @Billy – The cynical insinuation that everyone needing multiple replacements are purposefully destroying their phones is insane. I’ve had my D1 for over a year and the screen is now only partially responsive to touch. No damage was ever inflicted, not even a careless drop. Bugs are a facet of technology and some people are unlucky….or careless, but that’s beside the point. Your comparison to auto insurance is flimsy since Asurion has a responsibility to provide paying customers a replacement phone of AT LEAST equal value. If I wanted an older phone as a replacement, I would just reactivate my Razr. Given my past positive traction with Asurion, I hope this saga will have a happy ending.

  98. @Andrew, By all means no, you are not going to get a phone that will equal to $399.00 or more. Insurance saves you at least $200.00 or more on a D1. Asurion is not an exchange program. While you are entitled to a device that works correctly, you are NOT entitled to a brand new device. Read your terms and conditions.

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