Jul 22nd, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:49 pm

[Update]: Well that sucks: the file’s already unavailable for download. I guess some of you might have to take a look into the original forum post at ModMyMobile to see if the file’s been mirrored.

[Update 2]: Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Motorola Cliq users (that are savvy enough to put this information to good use) are in luck today: MOTOBLUR with Android 2.1 has been leaked in ROM form for you guys and it’s just sitting out in the wild for the takin’. Prerequisites are root access, of course, as well as the ability to install custom ROMs through a recovery of some sort (make no haste in visiting Google to see how you can go about getting this out of the way).


While we’ve heard of a 2.1 ROM being leaked before, this is the first time that the CLIQ’s actual 2.1 ROM has gotten onto the web. If you feel T-Mobile and Motorola are taking way too long to get this out, then you’ll definitely want to take matters into your own hands with this. The ROM file can be had here. And if you’ve done enough of your research, you already know – or will soon know – how to apply it to your phone.

[ModMyMobile via Android Central]

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