[Update] Motorola Cliq’s 2.1 Update Has Been Leaked – Come an’ Get It!


[Update]: Well that sucks: the file’s already unavailable for download. I guess some of you might have to take a look into the original forum post at ModMyMobile to see if the file’s been mirrored.

[Update 2]: Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Motorola Cliq users (that are savvy enough to put this information to good use) are in luck today: MOTOBLUR with Android 2.1 has been leaked in ROM form for you guys and it’s just sitting out in the wild for the takin’. Prerequisites are root access, of course, as well as the ability to install custom ROMs through a recovery of some sort (make no haste in visiting Google to see how you can go about getting this out of the way).


While we’ve heard of a 2.1 ROM being leaked before, this is the first time that the CLIQ’s actual 2.1 ROM has gotten onto the web. If you feel T-Mobile and Motorola are taking way too long to get this out, then you’ll definitely want to take matters into your own hands with this. The ROM file can be had here. And if you’ve done enough of your research, you already know – or will soon know – how to apply it to your phone.

[ModMyMobile via Android Central]

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  1. Why is everything but the firmware and kernal whited out?

  2. Haha, the file is gone already.


  4. I’ve been waiting so damn long for this update that I didn’t even get excited when I read this post….Just give me the Epic 4G release date so I can drop T-Mobile and Moto for good already.

  5. Motorola has taken SOOOOOooooo long getting this update out that I’ve already decided to switch carriers and either get the Incredible or the Evo 4G. Buying Motorola’s first Android phone was the biggest phone purchasing mistake I’ve ever made.

  6. I’ve tried it and while it is a nice improvement over the Cliq’s stock firmware, the previously released Eclair2Cliq beta 5 blows this out of the water (unless you really need the camera). The leaked 2.1 is pretty buggy still – lots of force closing in the market, some orientation problems (my screen flipped upside down) and definitely more laggy than Eclair2Cliq.

  7. Edit: Sorry, I meant alpha 5. I was thinking about the soon to be released Eclair2Cliq beta 1!

  8. This release is not buggy AT ALL. Chances are the person stating this is buggy did not wipe his phone prior to installing. The first boot up is extremely laggy but after that it gets a lot quicker. Everything is snappier, and I can finally type with the new and improved on screen keyboard (both vertically and horizontally)

  9. excelent

  10. @Andy. Now that they have the official 2.1 ROM, and the necessary drivers for the missing hardware support that was in Alpha 5, expect Eclair2Cliq Beta 1 any minute now…


  11. @Andy. Nevermind. Just saw your follow-up post. ;-)

  12. @Kris. It is not super buggy, and surely better than the stock 1.5 that it comes with, but the Alpha5 Eclair2Cliq runs a lot smoother than this. Of course because of the camera and sensor issues with that ROM, I’d probably still recommend this official leaked ROM until Eclair2Cliq beta 1 is released, which as Craig points out is very soon!

  13. I’m running said leak right now and I’m loving it. However, I think this was an earlier build than what motorola was planning on releasing, and if not, I can see why they wanted extra time with it before releasing. It is kinda slow but I installed launcher pro and that fixed it up right away. Also, it does not have suport for live wallpapers but the folks at M3 already have a fix for that

  14. While it’s a leak, it won’t be the first time I wanted to take a leak on my cliq.

    Downloading now.

  15. The leak is not buggy for me at all and seems much nicer than the ancient 1.5 cupcake. Too bad live wallpapers don’t work. Maybe when T-mobile releases the update they will? I doubt it though. Waiting to get a new phone later in Q4… in a month froyo will be out and awesome.

  16. Eli…can’t find the fix for live wallpapers you are referring to. Do you have a link? Would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks

  17. this build was supper buggy. i did do wipe and experienced issues (phone would reboot when going into market). i was however able to go into update software and update the build (Blur_Version.2.0.25.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US.zip). Since doing this it has not crashed.

  18. OK @Jason , howd u do that update . i tried , it downloaded the update, rebooted the phone to apply the update then it wenmt to the recovery screen and it sed there wus some error, like it couldnt be installed or something.

  19. screw tmo and moto

  20. If you want the link to the upgrade 2.1 go to Handler Exploit twitter. He got it posted. I downloaded it and test it out. It don’t have tither and no radio. It also don’t have ringtones but you could put your own ringtone. Everything work good so far.

  21. Links removed! new mirror?

  22. Need new mirrors still!!

  23. from the comments it looks as though nobody backed this up to a REAL mirror. im so glad I wasted the time getting my pc ready to do this before I checked for a valid mirror….crap

  24. http://www.mediafire.com/?mqnkh6tfmc2kzj7

    Use the latest version of rsd lite and make sure your cliq is in bootloader mode.

  25. you know what Awais khan? you fuckin rock thats what!

  26. ok downloaded your link. but how do i install it on my motorola cliq?

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