T-Mobile Acknowledges their First HSPA+ Device to be Available This Summer!


After all of the rumors surrounding T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ device – with just about everyone taking it to be the HTC Vision – T-Mobile’s official corporate Twitter account (for the United States) has given us reassurance that there will be a device out to take advantage of their marvelous new network later this summer.

hspa+ phone this summer tmobile

More details will be available in the coming weeks, you say? Well I certainly don’t mind if I do! If all of the rumors surrounding the HTC Vanguard/HTC Vision turn out to be true, then this will be the high-end, subsidized smartphone from HTC that a lot of you on “Magenta” have been waiting for (the Nexus One doesn’t count for various reasons, and I guess some of you just aren’t too big on Samsung’s Galaxy S phone for the carrier: the Samsung Vibrant).

We can’t wait to see what T-Mobile has to offer us as we head into August and expire the summer with September.

[via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I hope this will finally be the phone that I will make me upgrade my G1!

  2. what if it is the IPhone 4 he he

  3. I hope this is the phone that will make me finally want to upgrade from my Nokia dumb-phone. Guess we’ll see. And what exactly does Later this summer mean?

  4. They have had their hspa+ usb modem for a few months now, so it really isn’t their first “device.” It should read their first “phone.”

  5. I’m actually hoping that the Iphone doesnt come to T mobile.I have a feeling that it will strain their network.

  6. @William, I’m speaking in the context of Android.

  7. It’d be awesome if T-mobile had a scavenger hunt kind of like big red did for Droid X… only thing I’m concerned about is if tmobile doesn’t make it to 2011 I would not want to go to sprint

  8. Wow, so that means the Samsung Vibrant will be completely outdated in a month. Glad I didn’t pull the trigger on it.

  9. There is nothing wrong with the Galaxy S people!!! If the rumors are true then it should be a phone of similar specs but with a different form factor (with a keyboard). Probably better in some ways because that’s how it works in the land of mobile devices. That doesn’t oust the Vibrant in any way and my Vibrant already claims I’m on HSDPA network type so technically that would be the first true HSPA device (well phone).

  10. With another T-Mo iPhone4 rumor out yesterday saying an 80% chance of this happening in the 3rd qtr of this year, who knows. It might be an iPhone4 and not Android at all. Apple’s next big show should be in Sep 2010 for their iPod line up debut and old Steve might have another announcement up his sleeve. Tmo already has an advertisement about the new upcoming mystery phone. Think about it, why wouldn’t the iP4 have HSPA+ on it’s Tmo debut. They should be all about using the most popular phone ever on their new American carrier on their new upgraded network. Everybody wins, except ATT. Which is fine by me.

  11. Also, the Vibrant was outdated as soon as it was unboxed. Cheap plastic design, no FFC, no flash, no HSPA+. Wait for a new Android with all of the bells and whistles or the iPhone4 on Tmo.

  12. @Sam I Am
    And this phone will be outdated a few months after that.. and on and on.. I remember people who went years without getting a PC, because they just couldn’t stand the thought that something better would come out a couple months later.. Eventually everyone has to come to a point where they realize that they just are not ever going to have a (whatever technology) or take the plunge on what is currently available so that they actually can be using a (whatever technology)

  13. HTC Evo 4G rebadged… that’s my guess.

  14. I hope it is this dual processor 4.3 inch touch screen they are talking about. I want a camera as in depth as the droid x!

  15. @Maximus

    What the hell are you talking about? The Galaxy S is far more powerful then any Android device on the market.

    1. Hummingbird CPU similar architecture as the A4 Chip
    2. 16 gig on board storage and sd card expandable (up to 48 gig)
    3. Better graphics processoring then HTC’s current stock of high end android devices.
    4. S Amoled screen far improvement from to the current stock of oled screens.

    Yes the device could have more metal then plastic. Yes touchwiz 3.0 requires a little adjustment. Lack of a flash is also a little annoying. However, make no mistake this is the most powerful Android phone (hardware wise) on the market (again will probably change in a month).

    To your FFC comment only two or three devices (Iphone, Evo, and one other I think) currently have FFC.

  16. The vibrant galaxy s is the best phone on the market until this comes out

  17. @Rob Schoenfeld

    Well said, best hardware currently in any phone, period. Wait til the sprint version -Epic 4G comes out, with slideout keybaord and 4g chipset, that will be the best phone out for awhile. App developers will have a lot more options with 10mbps speeds at their disposal, im hoping for a multiplayer Madden game or Tiger woods game !

  18. I think the Vibrant is a great device, but having a higher quality build in the Nexus One, I sure as heck wasn’t using my upgrade on something that feels cheap. We’ll see what this new offering in HSPA will be like. If it’s a quality build with a real keyboard, I’ll seriously consider it.

    This is why I mentioned these new devices to come in earlier threads about the Vibrant. Figured people would want to make the most of their upgrade.

  19. Verizon already has L.T.E 4g towers up and running here in Fl. for testing. Keep in mind Sprints 4G technology (Wimax) will not be nearly as fast as Verizons L.T.E. technology in the end. Boasting 10 to 15 mbps to start and eventually climbing to 50mbps, and still climbing to an ungoldly 100mbps according to my dad who is a Verizon cell tech. When Moto releases the 2 ghz phone coupled with Verizons network on Android 2.2 or 3.0, then we’ll see who top dog. For a month….

  20. i hope this phone has everything i want. at least 1ghz chip, 512 ram or more, ffc, physical keyboard, flash and able to handle android updates for years to come. thats what i want and i wont upgrade my G1 for anything less.

  21. I doubt it is the iphone4 because this device will come this summer. Apple still needs to fix their antenna and t-mobile would have to swallow lot of the subsidy.

  22. Dell Streak????

    The Streak uses a QSD 8250 processor and operates on UMTS 2100/1900/850MHz bands, GSM/EDGE 1900/1800/900/850 bands, and HSPA/HSUPA/HSDPA 7.2Mbps/HSUPA 5.76Mbps networks.

    There is another one that passed FCC sme time ago that included 1700/2100MHz

  23. Ive been following this phone for a bit now. my G1 is on the fritz and i really dont want the vibrant. may get a my touch slide till this puppy comes out if it is the vision.

  24. Ah never mind. No info on Streak supporting HSPA+

  25. @Rob Schoenfeld: Agreed the Vibrant has some great features, but out of the box, it was already behind the iP4 and the Sprint Galaxy version. I realize FFC is new, but Apple keeps re-inventing the wheel and everyone plays catch up. Imagine where the smartphone market would be today if the iPhone never came out? Would Android even exist? All of I’m saying is that you can’t argue with the iPhone’s success and mass appeal. The numbers speak for themselves. Sadly, the Vibrant is the best phone Android or other Tmo has had in years. They need to up there game and keep coming out with phones that people want and Android needs to stay as similar as possible from device to device.

  26. I’ve been using an Iphone 4 for a few days now but honestly haven’t had any problems with signal strength!either way i’m glad i bought it! and thanks to aneesoft iphone4 apps now i can watching my dvd on my iphone4 now

  27. all of you are wrong ! so wrong ! the iphone isnt coming to tmobile its a rumour and will remain one until tmobile officially announces that it will bring it in.

    the first hspa+ phone is gonna be the next mytouch phone, thats my guess. everyone has gotten caught up on the iphone hype so much that they completely forgot about the next mytouch thats supposed to come out august 2010! sad how absolutely no blogs have written about the next mytouch thats supposed to come out next month

  28. @dannyboy, you gotta lot to learn about HSPA BUT thanks for playing.

  29. If this phone has super amoled, world phone capability, gorilla glass, 720p video, gps, 1 ghz, not larger size than galaxy s, android 2.2, led flash light, 512 Mb ram, ready for android 3.0, no antenna problems, great audio, tethering, fm radio, and a 2nd front facing camers, then i will consider upgrading the nexus one and or the galaxy s.

  30. maximus: SGS already has ffc and 6 axis control without being prompted by Apple. The only unique feature of the IP4 is its revolutionary new antenna design…they can have that all for themselves.

  31. Maximus,

    Agreed about IPhone impact, but Google bought Android before IPhone was released. The only real innovation by Apple was the awesome touch interface. Nothing else was a great innovation. Everything else was built on top of it. If IPhone did not have a great touch interface, there would not be so many apps for instance, as customers would have been less. That is why Apple has the maximum patents in user-interface. So dont give too much credit to Apple. Without Apple, mobile revolution would still have happened, as Android would have probably sold a ton of blackberry like devices. Mobile phone sales have been increasing all the time and in 2009 due to recession mobile phone sales went down and guess what Apple IPhone sales went down too.

  32. Maximus,

    who copied multitasking from whom? without android, IPhone would never have got multitasking and I can list various other features too.

  33. @ari-free: I posted the SGS for Sprint has FFC and all of the other goodies people want. I just wish TMo didn’t gut it so much and have as many bells & whistles possible because it could have been the total package instead of just a good Android phone.

    @Ben:All of the manufacturers “borrow” ideas from each other, I’m just saying Apple started the revolution and the others have done well to catch up and surpass Apple in some areas, such as multi-tasking. No one can doubt Apple is still the bar they are trying to reach & pass. Android may have been bought before the iPhone but no one heard about it until Apple came out with the iPhone, then the challengers started to show up.

  34. Lol I have the g1 for almost 2 years already (time to upgrade)
    FYI tmobile has the fastest network out now period (run a speed test at full bars with 3g I’m getting average 2.5 mbits per second peek 3.5 mbits per second) and we still didn’t upgrade HSPA+ network. I compared my speeds to verizon, att, and sprint ( from the same spot and time my frineds barely got 1 mbit per second lol) t mobile is cheap and is the fastest network out ( spring has 4g lol where not in my city, NYC that is the centel of trade and business where fast network is in demand!)
    I can’t wait for this phone!

  35. Edit ^^^*friends *sprint

  36. What is HSPA+ and why should I be excited about this? Is it a lot faster than normal 3G?

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