No Surprise: Development Community Gets Android 2.1 to Motorola Cliq First


As seems to be the case more often than not, if you want OS updates for your Android handset, you may be better served turning to the development community if you are the risky type that likes tinkering around with your phone. This time a band of ROM-smiths over at ModMyMobile have built up an alpha release of Eclair for the Motorola Cliq from the source. The ROM known as Eclair2Cliq is stock Android without any MotoBlur on top.


Notable is the generally difficult process of hacking Moto’s Android handsets. Motorola doesn’t make it easy for users to load unapproved software onto their phones, but seeing as the anticipated Q2 release of their official 2.1 update for the Cliq is quickly closing in on its deadline and is nowhere to be found, the extra effort isn’t surprising. Of course, Motorola goes through several more rounds of quality control than a rogue group of hackers putting out an admittedly fragile alpha release.

[ModMyMobile via Android Central]

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  1. when it comes, it comes. only thing i want is to have a hot battery when it comes, so it will complete.

    if a UMA android drops b/4 c-ya, otherwise i’m here waiting.

  2. excelent, i think this has to be rooted first.

  3. I have it on my phone and use it daily. Its really stable for an alpha build and i recommend it to anyone with a cliq

  4. Someone share some love with the Backflip….

  5. I’m sorry I just couldn’t wait anymore and purchased me a N1 over a week ago, Motorola’s procrastination is simply horrendous…

  6. Screw MOTO! Eat @#%&

  7. I’m sorry, Motorola does not have a good Quality Control process for their updates. I was one of the many lucky people to get the last update that totally borked my phone and that Motorola didn’t get a fix together for for at least a week. I ended up rooting the phone because I needed it, and motorola had a horrid support program in place. If you only get forum only support for complex issues from the OEM why not root? At least in the root forums you’re going to get answers even if you don’t get fixes.

  8. Join the fight! The only way I know to get back at Moto. Popularize tthis Facebook group in an attempt to hurt their profits! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=129646190409226. As the creator said, it worked for getting Betty White on SNL…

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